Here is the breakdown to my life for the past few weeks..

80% - Work.. No matter izzit ST or 7-11.
10% - Sleep, Personal time cum Meal times..
05% - Meet ups with Frenz (Qiqi, Xiao Hui, Annie and more)
05% - Travelling time..

You might wonder why is so much time spend on work.. Total no life right? Its true.. I am not realli enjoying now.. Cos nobody is free.. Everyone is busy wif their own things.. Enjoying their own life..

I'm in such a situation whereby I'm indeed enjoying what I'm doin.. but at the same time, trying to find time to enjoy myself.. But when I hav the time, people wouldn't be free..


My office is moving.. Moving from 1st floor to 4th floor.. Hehe.. But not sure when yet.. Might be End of Oct, might be end of Nov.. Its not decided yet..

Even though life has been pretty boring.. Cos it work, work and more work, I would say that this period of time, I am quite alright.. Thanks to those people who has been accompanying me.. Simply love the time I spend with all of you.. Although you people has been saying tat I'm not myself anymore.. Thanks for the concern.. Rest assure that I am still the Wendy that you all know.. When you need my company, I'll try my best to make it.. Distance are not really taken into consideration as long as it is in Singapore.. Hehe..

End with a quote that I love..
Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods. -- Nichomachean Ethics