Children's day was spent waking up at 1plus pm cos i work till 1plus am the day before.. exact details cannot be said.. so ya..

Went online and the first conversation, was Xx askin why i never reply her sms.. haha.. After arrangement, we met up at Island Creamery at Serene Centre.. We settled dinner at the french restaurant next to Island.. I forever can't remember the name.. haha.. Food is the nicest there.. At least that is wat i feel la..

Following which, is our fav dessert at Island Creamery.. ICE CREAM~~~~ HAha..
As usual, we camwhore and took tons of pics.. Kekez.. Pics are on mine and Xx's facebooks.. Kekez..

Conclusion: We had great FUN! and of cos, relaxing activity is a must in the midst of our own busy lifestyles, working and studying at the same time..
Assignment is due on monday.. and I'm not even half way there... HOW?? Muz do more.. do more.. and do more...

Tml, having lesson from 2 to 5.. Afterwhich, it's the long awaited even ----->>>> AH MEI's CONCERT at Kalland Indoor Stadium!!!!!!

Next sat, it's mid term exam for ER~~~~~~
If u guys see someone on the streets that look like me.. but she is in specs, it's probably me.. cos i'm having eye infection at the moment.. so NO contact lenses for at least the next 2 weeks... =(

So, i will be wearing my new specs for the next 2 weeks..
But if i dun recover by sunday, it would probably turn to NO contact lenses for the next 1 month i guess~~~~