I'm having my week break from work from 3th nov to 11h nov..
Yes, I onli started work on 26th Sept. But all who join before 1st Oct hav to take 1 week block leave. so i dun realli hav a choice since i can't in dec.. (There's a lot of mums at my workplace..)

So if u guys are free, call me to go out.. k?? Haha
Sat happened as per normal... addin in saboing my kor, jaeson..

Met Leeny n XX for dinner n soup before goin back to amk to meet Ls, BryaNn, BT, ZS n KK at the arcade.. took cab home with LS as it was already midnight...
Goin for Stella's wedding dinner later.. CONGRATS gurl!!
Before I end,

Happy Belated Birthday to Kenneth!!!

Happy Birthday to Jae!!

Happy Birthday to PJ!!

Happy Birthday to Debbie!!

Happy Birthday to Ah Long!!!!
I'm in the midst of preparation for the wedding tonight n some other stuff.. Shall stop here.. ByeZ!!
Weekend is almost over...
Had pract on sat, finally saw Qiqi n Cindy after so long.. chatted quite a bit..
It's been really long since we chatted so much.. Kekez..

After running, we did stretchHHH-ing.. After which was practising of dance for NEA performance..

After practise, went makan wif Trix, Dan, Sok Hiang, LS, Shu Herng & Yvonne.. Bryann, BT and ZS came too.. but midway, they went arcade.. While Erica met up wif her ben ben..

Went kino wif LS n Yvonne after dinner cos kino was havin sale.. Then was HOME SWEET HOME as we are veri tired..
Today, met up with James to celebrate Lianchun's birthday together with Tyrone... as per normal. we were supppose to meet at 7.. but we onli met up at 8... Haha.. had V8 Cafe for dinner... (food there is not exactly fantasic.. but we definitely enjoyed the movie they were showing... *they were showing fantasic 4*)

*Happy Birthday gurl.. Hope u like present..*
Life hav been pretty good for me.. for the least, everything is normal already..
2 more months to go..

Work is startin in a few hours.. So goanna catch my sleep..

Ytd, went Sentosa with some frenz since it was a public holiday.. Expected a huge crowd.. but in the end, there wasn't much people.. It drizzled a little n stopped.. =)

We build sand castle, played in the water, played ball..

I chatted with Dan a little, abt things tat are happening.. Somethings i wanna do, his life, my life, etc etc... Then Gerry joined us in the talk.. It was a great bonding time...

After all these activites, we washed up n headed to Harborfront for dinner.. Me, Trixy, Dan went to hawker centre where we met up with LS for dinner... Gerry n Sok Hiang went LJS while SH n Bryan went Carl's Jr..
We chat a little over dinner before meeting up with the rest to head off to amk for some gaming session (they went, I didn't)..

I had a last min change of plans where I met up with Zuzz n XX instead at our fav handout, SPinelli, for chatting session.. I had my regular dose of Mango-T twist.. Finally after so long.. We chatted all the way till abt 10plus before heading off...

I was a bit burnt....
Met XX for gymin session.. It has been long since we gym together cos we had some minor disagreement..
We gymed till 12plus.. before relaxin in sauna n bathin.. was suppose to meet kor, jess, dan n trix for k-in... but i last min put them aeroplane cos XX was not feeling veri good today.. (in short, emo-in..) So i accompanied her for lunch before walkin ard cathay aimlessly.. n headed to play arcade n headed home after tat.. Hope she is feelin better now.. Zuzz too..
Zuzz is flyin off to Australia for training on Tue early morning.. All the best to him.. Hav a safe trip..
*Wait u come back, we go Spinelli for our Mango-T twist again..*
Hav to go sleep liao..
Sentosa pics will be up soon... already uploaded to photobucket.. but too lazy to post it after typin such a wordy post.. Will put them up soon... meanwhile, click into the link to see ba..
I went sch today.. suppose to be for pract lah.. but we ended up sittin there n talk abt a lot of things... Then, me, trix, dan, Lue sOng, went Clarke Quay for dinner first before meetin Itsuki to sing k.. Follow which, Zato n Gin joined us.. It was fun... but not shiok enough.. Kekez. But i did left them wonderin wat happened between me n Lue Song... Kekez.. it was jus for fun.. Not for real.. REalli.. (Thank God Dan knew roughly wat is happenin...) When I find myself a real boyfriend, i promise.. u guys would be the first ones to know..
Meetin Zuzz tml.. For k-ing again.. Kekez... then after which, shld be meeting dan n the rest for chillin.. tat depends on him lahz..

Next Mon to fri will be workin as per normal..
I've got somethin to say..
U are blowin hot n cold..
I dunno if u are jus bein nice.. or are u tryin to tell me something..
I admit i like u.. but does tat means anything??
Nothin lorz..
I know u are being scared..
I know u hav no faith anymore..
But i jus wanna say..
No matter wat, I still like u..
I will still be standin beside u n appear when u need me to..
I jus wish to be part of ur life.. Tat's all..
Take care frenz..
范玮琪 - 你只有一个




A nice song tat I like..