Well well.. this weekend was fun...

Sat was Natsu dance practise.. n it was fun.. although e dance steps were hard..
I want the song tat we dance for DK's cheorgraphy.. But no one seems to know.. n DK is so busy.. Haiz.. *At least I've got funky town for Hamtaro.. *

After dance was dinner at KFC.. it was indeed a laughin session..
In the end, besides our body being tired.. our mouth was tired as well.. Haha..

Met up with Zuzz on Sun to window shop... He accompany me to walk from around Taka, Heerens n Cine.. Was lookin for track pants, bag n many more.. Finally, I found the track pants at Heerens.. Will go down n buy this weekend.. *Praying hard that it will still be there..*

Went subway for dinner.. Followed by ice cream at Master Bistro..

How much did I enjoy my sun?
I shall let the pics speak..


We love chocolates..

Alien Touch***

And lastly.. we simply love e candle..

JMD 5th Anni...

It was another great weekend..

Sat started with me rushin to sch for the 1st Natsu practise.. I guess most of us are getting rusty.. Took a while before I managed to catch up.. End of session, exhausted...

Sat night was JMD 5th Anni Celebration.. It was great and we for sure have a great time mixing with the rest.. Alot of people was there and we had a great bonding session.. 5 batches of JMD people comin together... DK, Jae, Zat, XM, Qiqi, Selp, Jas, Cindy, Yaya, Gin, ML, SH, Jess, Elmo, Ziru, Steve, Leon, Jennifer, Albin, Gab, Melissa, Lynette, Chermaine, Yvonne, LS and many more.. But i can't remember all names in one day.. At e end, reached home at around 1plus am..

Sun was 2nd round of bbq near DK's place.. Although the group was small, we realli had fun laughin n talkin.. Watched our performance videos that was taken last time.. Those dances were realli not easy.. N i simply love lookin at them.. *Steve.. mus burn for me those videos.. I wan...*
Ended everything near to midnight before cabbing home with Qiqi, Gin and XM..
Everything was great this weekend.. May all weekend be this great!!

Cooks of e night.. Jess, Zat n SH...

from e left. Gin, Cindy, Qiqi, Jas, me, LS, Yaya n ML..

The Paparazzi picture.. Guess who is this??

What are we pointin at??
Stress is all tat is felt at work..
And these stress and heavy workload that get even heavier day by day, are makin the 2 of us exhasted... And I know that people ard me are getting it cos i tend to get irritated easily... till the extend tat I can't even stand myself... Thank God I still can control myself to not blow up at people.. If not, I can't imagine what will happen...

What's happening Wendy??

I told PJ the other day...

"The happier I am that you see, the worse I'm feeling inside..."