Merry Xmas to all..

I had quite a good christmas this year.. Slept at like 5am after packing the things..
Probably would not be goin out later since there is work tml..

I still hav not finished my santa's duty.. Trix, Jessica, Gerry, Qiqi & Yvonne's presents are still with me, in my cupboard.. Shall meet them some day.. =)

Oh, Thanks all for the pressies n wishes...
Changes for sunday...

Will be meeting gin and the rest for K on Sun in town, at the same time, returning cindy her comics that hav been at my hse for at least 2 - 3 YRS (OMG.. N I'm not the borrower..) .. N passing them their xmas pressies as well..

Tml, me will be meeting xx to go for some hair spa at Tanjong Pagar after goin down to Singtel to see what they can do regarding my motorola.. Hehe..

Sunday would hav to go get the rest of the chocolates form Cocoa Trees @ Raffles City as monday, would be bring them to pack in office..

*P.s: Tuesday would be fun after people in my office hav left... Hahaha.. Jus a little surprise for them..*

Now, it's time to go wrap all the presents.. I've alot to go.. Haha..
I missed Valley Chef's hotdogs by Ben's maid, Jon's mum Shepherd's Pie, and many many more..

Ok, That is random.. Haha..

I've been busy shopping for xmas pressies.. STill left with a couple of people to buy.. N these people, I realli dunno what to buy for them... 3 guys, 2 girls... It's jus so hard la...

Target: To complete shopping by this weekend...

Agenda on Sat: Unplanned~~~

Agenda on Sun:
1) Head to Bugis village area, the temple there to get a ring for dad..
2) Head to Marina Square, Minitoons...
3) Head to Raffles City, The Cocoa Trees outlet...
4) Head home to wrap presents..
My V9 has been giving me a little problems since I took it to the care centre.. Mayb, I should consider sendin it in again... Hmmm..

Was looking at quite a number of phone models recently cos some frenz are considering changing phones.. I myself, fell in love with Samsung Pixon (M8800)..

A phone, i thought looks not bad and the functions are good too... A 8 Megapix camera phone that is newly launched by Samsung.. Looking at the way my fren holds omnia, i tink that phone is not exactly that fantastic as well.. (Or mayb, it's jus her.. she was the one who constantly say that ipod is not good too..)

It's a nice phone.. N i tried the set at the Samsung shop at PS the other day and it was ok.. Haha.. Anyway, as i was saying, I've been looking at quite an amt of mobile phones these couple of days.. Was reading a handphone review mag and I saw Nokis 5800 Xpressmusic.. N it looks exactly like an iphone in the book.. But the picture on nokia website look so different...

Then, there is also Nokia 7100 Supernova.. Don't quite like the look of the back of the phone thou.. Looks a little weird.. Also, Samsung Innov8 that is quite thick in real..

Was lookin at LG KF350 Ice Cream & LG KC550.. Both phones looks good.. A shade of nice pink for girls and black for guys.. Especially the Ice Cream phone.. I haven't read the specs yet but the appearance of the phone is already attracting a number of my girl friends..

For LG wise, or rather a 8 Mega pix camera phone wise, comparing to Samsung Pixon would be LG Renoir, which Dan is holding.. Good thing, it supports WiFi.. Which Pixon don't..

Then, there is also Nokia E66, a phone which many of my colleagues in office wants to buy.. They are saying that it's a good phone.. N it's Nokia.. User friendly for them...

SO MANY NEW PHONES~~~~~ Ahhhh.. BUT, I'm still happy with my V9... Hehe...