Till now, half of 2007 has past.. How has this year been for u?

For me, this year is a memorable one.. Alot of things happened.. got good, oso got bad..

Whatever that has happened, it's over.. The past has past.. May all things be good for now on.. =)

The past week has been a week of issues.. For Zuzz, for me, for DC and mayb for u too..
Hope that all these issues have more or less been settled..
For mine, I believe it will be settled soon..

I went for a few intvs.. but unsucessful.. Probably, I'm destinated to stay in my present job for the time being ba.. Well, at least the people ard are nice...

Well, like the saying goes, "If you look at what you don't have in life, you don't have anything. If you look at what you have in life, you have everything." It's being contented I guess... I must learn to be contented.. Life might not be smooth.. but at least I'm still alive n well, with frenz ard..

Take care frenz... =)
My dream bag is sold out in Singapore... =(
It was a love at first sight.. I saw this bag in HK.. Tried it n fell in love with it..
I didnt manage to take a pic of it then..
When I came back to Singapore, XX found this pic for me..
I did a search, found out tat Blackjack, @ Forum, level 1 have it..
I was so excited...
Then when I went down today, it was sold out already... Haiz...
It's her last day in office today..

I will miss the times where we work till 7plus or even 8pm... Then Moses will come to pick her.. and we would go dinner together.. They were simply like my mum n dad.. Takin care of me.. Haha.. Then, they will send me home if possible.. if not, to the mrt.. If not for KE, I dun tink I will be stayin here for so long.. Let's hope things will get better for my dept..

I'm back from my trip.. Generally, it's a veri fun n exciting trip..
will update more when i'm done wif packin up..