I'm missing people that I ever thought I would miss them.. I miss the times I'm with them.. Jason, Adrian, Ashley (RIL), Daphne, Lynn, Ashley, Evelyn, Zuzz, XX, Albin, Zat, Dan, Jas, Qi, Mabel.. People that tolerated my nonsense..Much appreciated.. I know alot of times, i pissed you all off with my crap.. Thanks for everything.. the gifts, the words, the tolerance, the shoulders..

I had a realli bad weekend... but i'm gald that I had frenz with me.. Dan, Zat, XM, Jae and Qi. although Qi wasn't there physically, she was the one tat encouraged me the most.. Thanks to Dan, knowing tat i need the company.. as the for the other 3, i believe they didn't know wat happened.. but thanks for the company..

I didn't know the decision that i hav to made will affect so much things.. honestly, i'm realli upset.. upset over alot of things... but in general, disappointment in myself are the words to describe my feelings..

在我的欢笑背后,带着不想让你们看到的悲伤与痛苦。。。 拥抱是我现在最想要的东西。。 让我抱着哭。。 把所有的悲伤与痛苦都哭出来。。 这样的人要到哪里去找? 为什么那些有人拥抱的人却感觉不到幸福?我要拥抱,也要哭,也要幸福。

*my apologies to you.. u know who u are.. i know u are angry.. haiz.. dunno how i shld put it.. but in simple words, I'm sorry.. Realli sorry...
11 days of life.. Life has been alright... sometimes boring... Meet up wif Qiqi today.. went hougang for a little walk to look for the bakery shop tat she was talkin abt.. n oso for dinner.. before headin home, onli to realise tat nobody is at home..

I had a good talk wif Dan on Sun.. We were talkin abt knowin wat others hav to say before they even finished their sentence.. Haha.. weird.. but we seems to agree on some stuff.. I met up wif him at Orchard wif Jae n Jessica.. As usual, we went to Forum's coffee bean.. Dan jus seem to like it there.. Well, tat place is jus quiet, good for talkin.. We were there for around 4 hrs.. Jae n Jessica left at around 8plus.. me n dan left at 9plus.. to go find Jas.. On the way, we talked abt quite a few things.. I believe he knows wat he is doin... Erm.. Wat am i talkin?? of cos he knows what he is doin.. haha..

I was talkin to a few people abt the matter tat I am leavin my current job.. reason.. I dunno how i shld put it.. U see, the people there are nice and friendly... they are realli fun people.. people tat u can learn lots of things from.. people that hav veri different opinions but yet, they are veri united.. working wif them for these months hav been fun.. I learn alot of things from them n they taught me alot.. Like I told Khar Eng, I felt that they need someone more capable than me.. not tat I'm not capable.. but they jus need someone more capable than me to produce the work tat they want at a faster speed.. my working speed might be a little slow.. but the quality is always satisfying for them... I feel veri bad thou.. cos i did promise Hwee Min that I'll work more than 6mths.. I'm tinking of tendering my resignation next mid month.. advise anyone?

I'm lookin for a new job already.. so if u guys got any lobang, can always call me, sms me or leave a msg at the tagboard..

Whatever written below is random...

U know.. Readers.. Humans are weird.. Alot of times, we know the person is makin use of us.. but we still let they do it.. Why? haha.. I do tat sometimes too.. Stupid right? but it jus seems tat we are jus willing to close one eye.. bcos of the friendship or shld i say for the love and care that we have for them.. They start to take us for granted.. like we are obligated to do things for them.. Why ah? haha..

Another thing.. why izzit that onli when we are bored, we tink of our frenz? why izzit tat when we are busy or when we are resting, they hav never come across our mind? Or worse.. why izzit tat onli when we are realli bored, we will start smsing those frenz tat we hav not seen for a long time? What happen to them when we were keepin our other closer frenz accompany? Haha..

I'm missing alot of people.. missing the chocolate boi, Jason... my ex-boss, adrian.. Daphne... Ashley.. Lynn.. Missing the long lunch break that we take together.. missing the craps n gossips that we talk abt.. missing the time tat i had wif them when we celebrated birthdays or even last days.. or even jus simple dinner.. I still remember how i met adrian.. the 2nd person that i know from Raffles.. first was Benedict lah.. Adrian was a guy that was shy.. haha.. mayb to new staff lah.. then erm.. a week after i came in was his birthday... me n lynn made a card for him.. haha.. tat was when we became closer frenz.. Lynn was on the 2nd day of work.. i know her le.. veri friendly.. next was Jason.. when he came in as an outsource staff from CPR vision.. another boss of mine.. we both love chocolates.. haha.. then was Daphne.. came in to cover for Bee yan who left.. lastly, was Ashley.. came in to work wif Sharon, the accountant.. Oh.. I almost forgot, still got raymond.. Rose, our ig boss's secretary's temp.. veri blur guy.. haha.. in between, we hav people comin n goin.. let me recall... erm.. Geri, Spencer n... Can't remember le..

I miss NYP frenz.. Mabel, Mervin, Jeraldine, De wang, Marcus, Zuzz, Cheryl, Aileen, Rosalyn, Phally, Yin Lu.. and many more.. some like XX, Huey, Zati.. its not like i dun miss them.. jus tat i saw them a few days ago.. so it was still alright.. it has been long since i saw some of them.. There are more people that i miss... Yvonne, Winnie, Ari, Emily, Lifeng, Bryan, MeiQi, Hong Hong n many more..

Miss the times tat i could skip class like nobody's business.. takin excuse letter.. which to me means skippin class wif official reasons.. also, performin for JMD.. e place tat i once love.. thou not anymore.. performin wif JMD dancers.. learning new dance together.. haiz.. also miss the times tat i rush project like crazy.. never sleep jus to finish up the report n ppt slides.. then next mornin presentation.. after tat, head home to sleep n skip class for the rest of the day.. haha.. fun right..

*Too long liao.. update again next time..
after 3 posts of photos.. come a normal post. hehe.. those are recents photos that i took.. for the past weeks, besides working.. i was busy wif my life too.. many times, wanted to blog.. but stupid blogger ate up my post...

today, i went school to collect my cert.. finally.. i got my cert.. after tat was lunch at Marina Square's KFC.. followed by walkin around there n Suntec.. (btw, jus in case u were wondering why i had so much time, I'm on leave today..)

Ytd was simply a lunch cum walkin around trip wif Eugene.. more for catchin up then realli shoppin..

Sat was dance practise as usual.. I feel stress.. cos i couldn't do wat Elmo wanted me to do.. Honestly, i felt angry wif myself.. n at certain point, i simply wanted to give up... I jus thought tat i realli can't do tis.. but i'm still tryin thou.. After tat was lunch at mac as usual... then, we went K again.. Me, Qiqi, Dan, Zat, XM n Albin.. Apollo as usual.. It was fun.. Following was dinner @ liang court's mac n a walk to city hall MRT..

Fri.. celebrated Evelyn's birthday at Fish n Co.. Char couldn't make.. Huey didn't go.. so it was me, Zati, Karen, Phally, Yan Long n her.. We had reali fun.. especially e surprise part.. After tat, was K-ing at K-box... yes.. i know wat u tinkin.. I went K twice.. we K till 2 plus.. followin tat, I went in a cab wif Karen, she went home... then my friend called.. n ask me to go down.. haiz.. i went.. so in e end, not much sleep again..

Mon to Thurs.. Nothin much.. Life as usual...

Wat was before, i can't realli remember.. all i know is Graduation came n left.. n i didn't attend.. n work was as usual...
Ready... One.. Two.. Three.. *Snap*, *Snap*, *Snap*.. photos...
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Recent photos...
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One of my precious one.. Evelyn.. Happy Belated Birthday gurl!!
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What are we scared of??
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More photos to come..

This is wat happen when u are veri free, nothin to do.. n u hav a camera phone wif u..
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Mac at NYP.. has a hole in e roof!!

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Guess, Guess.. who is who??
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Whose legs are these??

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Paper Flowers...
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Lost n Found.. anybody wan to claim??

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NYP Pal Model, ADC Dancer.. Albin...
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Bears from Value Shop.. Available at NYP onli...
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