YEAH!!!!! Exam's over... Now the torture is waiting for results.. =(
This sem's exam paper was a big joke..

First paper: Workplace law..
There was 2 exact same questions as the last paper.. N I meant exactly the same.. Word for word.. I attempted the question.. But didn't had the answer for it.. So i literally wrote whatever I wrote previously back unto the paper.. (of cos I re-read my answer and change a little..) Hmph... But anyway, I jus wrote whatever that I can.. =)

Second paper: OTB (Organizational Theory & Behaviour)
When I went in, I already has 44.5%. Meaning to say, I onli need 6 marks to pass.. Yes, 6 marks from this paper would equal to the 6% that i need.. After Damon stepped out of the exam hall, the first sentence that I told him was that I am not even confident of getting that 6 marks that I need...

What a joke u would say.. it's onli 6 marks.. BUT i realli had no confidence..
The paper was 45 marks (which equals to 45% of the whole module..)
N I left 16 marks empty.. Yesh, i mean empty, blank, never do, never attempt at all..
So that is to say i onli have 29 marks left and also means that my HD is out of my sight..
N after discussing some of the answers, I realise that there are more wrongs.. Which means that even my hope for 'D' might be out of my side~~~
Whatever it is, the paper is over.. I shall jus patiently wait for my results and see.. I'm praying hard that I will pass both modules.. I dun need flying colours.. Jus 'P' will do.. I do not want to spend another 2k sitting thru Workplace law or OTB anymore..

Next up,
New semester is starting mid next month.. Sounds a bit far but actually it's jus 2 weeks from now.. Will be having school on Wed n Thurs.. 2 tougher modules, lecturers still unknown yet.. Hopefully would be better than so and so...

Meeting up with Shenna, Damon n Sarah for dinner on Tues, Meeting Xx for lunch tml (not confirm yet..) JMD anni celebration is on the 9th of May then school will start on 11th..

I'm lookin forward to JUNE~~~~~~~ Hopefully, everything will go as planned..
Went for my appointment with my eye doctor, Dr Tony Ho jus now at Eastern Specialist Centre..
He said that my squint condition is getting better.. Which is good.. But when he was checking, he announced another not so good news..

He said that my eye lids, are kind of folding in and rubbing agst my cornea.. (Jus in case u dunno, I have single eye lids which i LOVE.. Cos it's unique.. Haha.. Tink onli i tink so la..)

N it's not good.. So he recommended me to do a surgery to correct it.. Nono, not double eyelid surgery.. He said it's something like he will do a surgery at the eye area, extract the extra muscle and tissue and after which stitch it back... At the end of the day, i will get double eyelid cos of the surgery... After he finished tat sentence, I was telling him I like my single eyelids.. Hahaa.. Weird right?

Whatever it is, the surgery still cost a bomb.. Remember the lasik was $1,118 per eye? This is $1,300 per eye, + $450 surgery fee + $1,000 anaesthetic fees.. So total is like ------ $4,050.. Out of which onli $1,600 can be claim via medisave.. Meaning, I still need to fork out another $2,450... WOW~~~~~~

Haiz... Hai hao my next appt with him is in 3 mths time.. Meaning to say, I still hav time to consider, to meet up with my agent to check and of cos, to seek for opinion....

Any opinion my frenz?? Pls comment on the tag board.. I am in need of advice and opinions...
lots of thoughts are flowing thru my mind.. post was edited time and time again.. bcos certain things are not suitable for posting to public view..

Let's jus put it as "other than workplace law and OTB in my mind, there is a number of other things that is bothering me now"

By now, some of u might know, I have the intention to change phone again.. Yes, I jus brought my LG Viewty and honestly, it's realli not a bad phone.. N I am starting to love the pinkish look.. =P

Hahaaa.. But of cos, I wanted to get a phone that has wifi.. Who dun wan a better phone? Tell me.. Hahaa.. BUT I now found more reasons to hold on to my current phone.. Reasons?

Me, Zuzz n Xx were walkin ard Causeway Point jus now and we happened to see BlackBerry Storm on M1's poster.. The picture jus look awesome la.. But there was no price cos it's a pre order phone.. As u might know, blackberry phones are well known for their prices.. So we didn't ask la.. But I was browsing Cnet jus now.. N I found even MORE exciting phones... Below are jus the pictures, credits to Cnet of cos.. For review, pls go to

BlackBerry Storm!

Toshiba Protege G900

Sony Ericsson Idou

LG GM730

LG Arena

HTC Touch Pro2

HTC Magic..

Acer M900

Isn't these veri good reasons to jus wait for awhile?? Hahaaa.. Wish me luck in waiting..
Celebrated Xx's birthday on Sat night at Clarke Quay.. Dinner was bad in terms of food but was good in terms of atmosphere tat was filled with laughter.. Everything after tat was alright..
We had extra food at Alegro, coffee and uno and Starbucks @ Liang Court..

We took quite a number of pics i would say, the most in the past few months.. Shall post more pics up after i get them from Zuzz..
Meanwhile, below are some..

This weekend was a fruitful and 'eventful' one...

'Evenful' in not a good sense of course... 2 incidents that leads to explain why sometimes, even if bus rides take super long, I will still take them instead of trains...

1) I was on my way to meet Xx on Sat afternoon on a train.. There was this couple, already on the train, guy sitting and girl standing.. I was reading my notes cos Adrian mentioned that today, we will be discussing prev yr exam qns..

The girl was getting down at the next stop so she walk pass me.. Then she was standing on my left and was talk to the guy who is sitted on my right?! So naturally, i moved to let her talk and she move back to talk to that guy and showed me a black face, which i obviously dun understand..

N then, I turned over to the other side cos there is more space there and my file accidentally knocked unto her.. So I apologise since it's my fault..

You know what she did when she got down at the next stop??

She actually "knocked" into me from behind.. which seriously felt like someone hitting u that kind.. N I looked back at her then she looked away quickly.. I was like Huh?! But thinking that she probably also accidentally knocked unto me, I focused back on my notes feeling weird...

Incident 2..
Was taking train today to dhoby ghaut and was trying to get down when this whole BIG group of foreign workers was trying to get in.. So I said excuse me with my friend, trying to get out and pushing a little.. But it failed.. We were being pushed back into the train..

Being pissed and wanting to go out, I shouted excuse me and pushed hard to get thru my way, pushing a late 20s beng on the way at the same time.. Then he shouted at me," Oei why you pushed me?" in chinese, loudly and threatening..

Was already out of the train so I looked back N he came up to me and ask me in the threatening tone why i pushed him. I was shocked for awhile before telling him that cos I wan to get out of the train.

Then he turned to my guy friend and in the same threatening tone, asked him,"WHAT!"
At one point of the time, he look like he wanted to beat us up lo.. Then my guy friend told him that he should have let us out ma.. Then, with his girlfriend calling him, he turned and walked away..

Then me and my friend was like,"???????" Feeling confused by his action, we jus proceed on with our journey..

On my way back, I was thinking like it is kind of my fault first cos I pushed him quite hard that he might be thinking that I wan to fight or something.. But then I have never met him before lei..
What's more he is taller than me.. But was still in kind of shock for awhile after this incident, thinking that this is the first time, a guy talk to me in such a threatening tone... =(

Enought of incidents.. Now, on to the fruitful part...

Attended Adrian's 4hrs law class on sat.. At least i managed to understand some parts of the lecture that I actually missed and a bit on how those exam questions should be tackled.. Lesson ended at 6pm and I went over to meet Xx at the old Le Meridien which is now known as Concorde Hotel for massage and dinner.. We wanted to eat dinner at this Jap restaurant next to the massage place but that place was crowded.. So we settled for Spices Cafe which is one floor above.. Food there is nice~~~ I had sirloin steak and some other stuff which filled me to the brim.. Total cost for 2, $40plus.. Not exactly veri ex was the first impression when the bill came.. Which is not probably what I expected since I was eating at a hotel restaurant.. Jus do a check on the price of eating at some other hotels and u will know what i mean...
As what I mentioned in my prev post, caught a play with Max, Zuzz and Jennifer today at National Library's Drama Centre today.. The play was good and nice.. Entertaining and definitely interesting.. Shld watch more plays with them soon..
Name of Play: The importance of being earnest...

After which we went for dinner at the myammar restaurant at Marina Square which is also very nice.. Throughout these 2 days, didn't had the chance to really take pics cos I was kind of lazy..
Food was great and then Max went off to meet his friend and me & Zuzz, while waiting for Jervin, walk walk ard and had ice Cream.. =)
Afterall, everything was alright.. Will end here.. Tml still got work~~
Presentation is over... Hahaa...
Everything was good except for one part.. =p
17 more days to Workplace law paper~~~~~~
Will be in studying mode from next week onwards.

Adrian (yes, he is my lecturer..) was saying that he is having a hard-core revision class next week, from night to morning..
Venue, either somewhere convenient for us or Changi Airport T2 mac.. -___________-"

Not confirm if i will be attending yet.. Waiting for Qi for let me know her decision and pending me to ask Sarah, Damon, Shenna and Andy if they wanna go..

I'm waiting for exams to be over so that I can take a break from school before starting a new sem and all the rush again...
Upcoming plans / class / events for the month...
- Workplace Law class from 2 to 5 (tml, 4th)...
- Go for the long awaited play (The importance of an earnest) with Zuzz n Max (5th)..
- Meeting Yu Herng for dinner (8th)..
- Celebrate Xx's Birthday with Zuzz, Aileen and of cos, Xx (11th)..
- Attend talk @ Park Royal wth James (15th)..
- Workplace Law paper.. (20th)
- OTB paper.. (25th)
- Dinner with Damon, Shenna & Sarah.. (28th)