The 338th post on this blog.. Lol..

I remember deleting quite an amount of blog entries sometime ago... Hahahaa...
Whatever it is, that's not my purpose here today...

Pple on my facebook would probably be getting updates on my life..
Yesh, I changed department.. N office..
Currently, working at Technopark @ Chai Chee... Yes, it's nearer to my hse as of now..
Cos as u guys might know, I need to move hse.. To where exactly, I still dunno.
So how far would it be from my office currently, I also dunno..

Colleagues over at Hong Lim side have more or less been redeployed...
They started temp placement at different branches today.
All the best to them.. Cos I heard from 2 at least, that it's NOT GOOD..

I myself, is not in any good situation either.. HAIZ..
I haven't told anyone whom I know reads my blog, what happened last friday..
It is fruitless to say anything now..
Afterall, i can only blame myself.. Bcos I made e choice myself. Now, I can only hope that things will turn out ok.

It's not a good dec this year.. Nothing is good.. Not even Xmas..
I got e chalet.. But plans didn't turn out the way it shld be..
I'm hopin that tml would turn out ok...

Merry Christmas to all!!