Do you ever have a day that u hav been looking forward to, became a day you don't look forward to?? I do.. N the day is coming on Tuesday.

Dec is usually the period that everyone looks forward to bcos there is Christmas, the time where we meet up with friends, when there is an extra month of salary for some.. It's a time of gathering, giving and enjoying. For some, like me, is exam period.. But that also means e ending of a semester.. =D

But, for this year, i'm not looking forward to it at all..
As of Dec 1, I'll be transferred to another dept, away from pple that I'm familiar with, away from pple that i'm comfortable with, away away away...

In that place that i'm goin to be, is a mixed emotion for me...
Look, i did make it as one of my choices but that is bcos, it's a must to input...
I do not exactly know what is ahead of me.. N more things are coming my way..
Projects deadline are up next. One tml and one on Wednesday.
Exams are after, on 12th Dec & 12th Dec.
AFter which, would be e biggest issue. HOME.

I'm hoping that things can get settled as soon as possible. That's bcos, bcos, bcos...........
It's affecting everything that i'm doing.
I'm gald that things at work are still alright.
I'm gald that things with some friends are ok already.
BUT things at home are NOT!

Who goes home and almost everytime, it's empty.
Home no longer seems to be a home.
No longer... =(

Aside to LiQi: I'm not goin to bring food.. I dunno wat i'll be bringing yet. I onli know i'm appearing. Tat's all =P
Thought when she call for a meeting yesterday morning, she already have an answer..
In e end, was jus a meeting to tell us that our boss will be coming down on Mon talk to us, and some other day, some others will be coming down to talk to us as well. LOL.. After that sentence, all of us broke out laughing.. Not much openings are available at the moment but she assured us that we will all still remain in one dept or another. Also that we have to have an open mind no matter whether we are staying or transferring..

Moments of ups and downs have come.. We are all feeling it.. Afterall, we have been in the same place for 2plus years.. Some of them hav known each other even longer.. let's jus cherish whatever have been left and who knows, we might meet again!

Project due date are coming again!!!!
All due next week!!!!! OMG!!! I haven't done any yet!@#$%^&*
It's time to stress again.. HAIZ..

Exam is coming too! AGAIN!
Yesh, again!.. This time round, exam is on 12th Dec n 14th Dec...
But at least, it didn't crash on Yuherng's wedding day..
Still can go.. hehee...

Off to bed! Tml got work and class after tat... =)
Good Nitez!