D&D was awesome.. It was great.. All of us had fun.. Saw lots of Movie Stars.. Haha.. We had cleopatra, Matrix, Batman, Students, Harry Porter, Knights, Princess, Vampire Queen, Cinderlla, Snow White, Men in Black, Witch, Samurai, King and lots lots more.. However, majority of them dress as per normal.. Oh.. Before I forgot, there was a pilot.. and a few angels n fairies.. I was waiting to see Santa Claus.. Haha..

The performances were great from both my company n Info Comm.. All sang songs... We had Ben Xiao Hai and yong xin liang ku.. Nice songs.. Hehe..

------------ HR Meeting in Progress --------

------------ End of Meeting-----------------

Emotions came and left... Now I know what make me wanna stay here.. Its bcos of the people.. the people here are realli nice.. No matter what happens, there are people who stand by you...

I move office le.. Went up to the 4th floor.. I changed my office number as well.. Now, sitting together with my colleagues and my HR Manager.. of cos, words were exchanged before we move up.. and of cos, there were good and bad... Things, I would say was not exactly good.. You see, whenever we get together for meetings, there is bound to be some arguements to correct things.. and my HR Manager has never sit together with us since she came in.. so.. I dunno what will happen.. haha.. Lets' hope that things turn up fine..

5th December...
Happy Birthday to Khar Eng...
May all your wished come true..


Today.. Office got veri veri veri veri few people.. On usual days, usual months, There will be 11 people in office.. Today.. There is only 4.. And in the afternoon, it will only be 2.. Haha.. Wat a day.. yesterday, there was 6.. Bosses are not around today.. Yippeeee.... I am looking forward to Saturday n sunday.. its gathering.. hehe..
Hehe... I manage to get into Blogger from office.. Yeah!! I will try to update as often as I can.. Lets start..

Remember I mentioned that I will be moving office? Yeah... Official Moving date is on 1st Dec.. Next Fri.. Will be changing office number as well.. Hmm.. Excited..

Company's D&D is on this fri.. Yeah!! Veri veri excited.. Especially bcos there is a theme to it.. Movie Magic.. All have to be dressed up in costumes of the characters in movies.. Waiting to see fairy tales, movies like Star Wars and more.. Heard that Snow White is coming.. Programme is supposedly exciting.. Can't wait for it.. Hehe..

*The present is still in my office drawer.. It has not been collected yet and the owner dun seem to be interested in collecting it.. Wasted effort.. *Sob Sob*... Haiz.. *

*Its finally 5.30pm.. Leaving office le.. ByeZZZZ!

a little update..

Taking a little time to blog a little before I rush off to meet Annie at Toa Payoh.. For those people who want to know I haven't been blogging.. Tat's bcos my hse Internet is down.. n my bro hasn't decided which subscriber to take.. so no Internet at Home.. as for office, I can't access blogger.. so no hope.. anyway.. I've been living well.. have been busy with work.. I will be updating more of my life soon, I hope.. anyway.. you guys can tag at my tag board.. although no access to blogger.. I still can read my own blog.. so do tag.. Good Day!! Enjoy!!