The 338th post on this blog.. Lol..

I remember deleting quite an amount of blog entries sometime ago... Hahahaa...
Whatever it is, that's not my purpose here today...

Pple on my facebook would probably be getting updates on my life..
Yesh, I changed department.. N office..
Currently, working at Technopark @ Chai Chee... Yes, it's nearer to my hse as of now..
Cos as u guys might know, I need to move hse.. To where exactly, I still dunno.
So how far would it be from my office currently, I also dunno..

Colleagues over at Hong Lim side have more or less been redeployed...
They started temp placement at different branches today.
All the best to them.. Cos I heard from 2 at least, that it's NOT GOOD..

I myself, is not in any good situation either.. HAIZ..
I haven't told anyone whom I know reads my blog, what happened last friday..
It is fruitless to say anything now..
Afterall, i can only blame myself.. Bcos I made e choice myself. Now, I can only hope that things will turn out ok.

It's not a good dec this year.. Nothing is good.. Not even Xmas..
I got e chalet.. But plans didn't turn out the way it shld be..
I'm hopin that tml would turn out ok...

Merry Christmas to all!!
Do you ever have a day that u hav been looking forward to, became a day you don't look forward to?? I do.. N the day is coming on Tuesday.

Dec is usually the period that everyone looks forward to bcos there is Christmas, the time where we meet up with friends, when there is an extra month of salary for some.. It's a time of gathering, giving and enjoying. For some, like me, is exam period.. But that also means e ending of a semester.. =D

But, for this year, i'm not looking forward to it at all..
As of Dec 1, I'll be transferred to another dept, away from pple that I'm familiar with, away from pple that i'm comfortable with, away away away...

In that place that i'm goin to be, is a mixed emotion for me...
Look, i did make it as one of my choices but that is bcos, it's a must to input...
I do not exactly know what is ahead of me.. N more things are coming my way..
Projects deadline are up next. One tml and one on Wednesday.
Exams are after, on 12th Dec & 12th Dec.
AFter which, would be e biggest issue. HOME.

I'm hoping that things can get settled as soon as possible. That's bcos, bcos, bcos...........
It's affecting everything that i'm doing.
I'm gald that things at work are still alright.
I'm gald that things with some friends are ok already.
BUT things at home are NOT!

Who goes home and almost everytime, it's empty.
Home no longer seems to be a home.
No longer... =(

Aside to LiQi: I'm not goin to bring food.. I dunno wat i'll be bringing yet. I onli know i'm appearing. Tat's all =P
Thought when she call for a meeting yesterday morning, she already have an answer..
In e end, was jus a meeting to tell us that our boss will be coming down on Mon talk to us, and some other day, some others will be coming down to talk to us as well. LOL.. After that sentence, all of us broke out laughing.. Not much openings are available at the moment but she assured us that we will all still remain in one dept or another. Also that we have to have an open mind no matter whether we are staying or transferring..

Moments of ups and downs have come.. We are all feeling it.. Afterall, we have been in the same place for 2plus years.. Some of them hav known each other even longer.. let's jus cherish whatever have been left and who knows, we might meet again!

Project due date are coming again!!!!
All due next week!!!!! OMG!!! I haven't done any yet!@#$%^&*
It's time to stress again.. HAIZ..

Exam is coming too! AGAIN!
Yesh, again!.. This time round, exam is on 12th Dec n 14th Dec...
But at least, it didn't crash on Yuherng's wedding day..
Still can go.. hehee...

Off to bed! Tml got work and class after tat... =)
Good Nitez!
the msg came.. decision has been finalized.. where to go, where to be?? I also dunno..
After being here for so long, we are already a family.. Suddenly say we hav to leave.. Feelings are weird and confusing.. Everything jus seems not to be goin my way.. No matter is at home, with friends or at work.. Nothing is goin my way..

I dun tink there is any words that I can use to describe my feelings at the moment..
E kind of emotions i am feeling.. sometimes or at least for the next few weeks or months cannot not be described with words.

I hav absolutely no idea, what would be my decision..
I dunno what i shld do..
I no longer know wat is the correct thing and right thing to do..
I no longer know where is the correct place to be..
I no longer make my own decisions..

I live everything in your hands
Trusting tat u will tell me where to be
what to do
what decisions to make..
it's been so many years since i know u..
it's been soo long since we talk.
it's been so long since i seek comfort in u..
For years, i've been askin myself if i've been worthy of wat u've done..
Till now, i still do not hav an answer..
Probably only u know. =)
I've been wanting to catch up with someone..
But u've not been free..
Wait till u're free ba..
N when u are free, remember to text me..
So tat i can cry out loud to u..
With no one else listening..
N i can lean unto u..
For ur listenin ear n comforting shoulder..

But of cos, tat would be hard..
Since ur hand is taken up..
So I guess, I onli hav my own shoulder to lean on for now...
Till i find someone whom i can lean on..

Till then...

Nitez pple..
I never knew uncertainty can bring abt so MUCH unhappiness n hurt..
Everyone is afraid of uncertainty.. I know that..
But I never had so much uncertainty in my life.

As at this point of time,
- I do not know where I will be stayin at next year. Yes, the current hse is sold and we will hav to move out by Mar next year. Where to?? I also dunno.. Probably like what i told some people --- Under the bridge ba..
- Changes are underway at work too. ALOT of changes. N for all u know, i might not be doing the same thing in 3 mths time..
- Degree studies is ending soon.. 1 and a half more semesters, i'll be done. What's next??

As of now, whenever my parents bring up e issue / matter of this hse is being sold, we will be moving or whatever so ever things related to that, I will jus keep my mouth shut and not said a thing. Reason??

Thanks to all who showed concern. Very much appreciated even thou at this point of time, I still VERY affected by that. It is already a fact and i can only accept it. Jus Praying hard that everything will turn out good.

Recently, office have this campaign of "SMILES". Smiling to all pple that u see, to all pple that comes into ur sight as well as smiling to all who helped!

So here,

What do u do when u are upset?

I ate tempura ice cream @ Sakae today.
I ate an ice cream cone early in the morning yesterday.
I also ate quite a big cup of ice cream on Sunday.
Happenings is something we see everyday.. But until tat day when things happen to us or on us or near us.. then we feel it..

Whatever it is, the only thing we can do is to look forward i guess.. Haha..
Abt my own life, I guess it's not exactly something i wanna say to everyone..
Afterall, it's world wide web isn't it.. Hahaa...
For those who know, u know lo..
For those who don't, mean you don't lo...
For everything tat u guys know, it's shared only to u..

Well, tat's abt all.. Let's share abt some happy happenings ba..
We visited Hsiao Ling on Sat, to visit her and of cos her son, Evans..
When I said we, of cos other me, there was Ashley and Myrtle!!
It's been very very long since we last saw each other.. All 4 of us.. Haha...

We talked quite a fair bit, including recent happenings and everything tat we've been thru these days.. And yes, Hsiao ling is carryin her 2nd son.. Haha... Her EDD is early next year.. so we told her, the best date to give birth, is 1mth or more before CNY.. So tat she can eat all e good n nice food.. Hahaaa... We entertain Evans for awhile before he went to nap..

We left ard 3plus n headed to town.. Waited for Yvonne n Bryan to end movie before heading to dinner.. Yes, i waited for them since it was an a unplanned meetup.. Seat at starbucks for say.. 2 n half hrs ba.. Kekez..
Tat's all for this weekend.. Things tat are suppose to plan to happen on Sunday did not materialize afterall. Some decisions were made and probably nothing will change all.. All i can say is: It's over. Everything is going back to normal le.

Going to SLEEP le.. Tml still got work and class.. Anything looking for me, text me ba.. NITEZ friends! =)
The past few days hav been quite a torture for me..
Not that i hav not gone thru this before but during the previous times, I was too young to understand anything..

Yes, a couple of pple know already... Yvonne, Maryanne, Jeslin n Mana..
I will be moving hse due to some issues in the family..
Not to sure where I would be movin to as of now.. Or rather, I have no idea where I can move to.

No doubt, I am worried. Not exactly abt where I am goin to stay in the future but more for us, together. I wan to keep us together. Even thou at this point of time, we don't exactly see each other much, we know that we care. I know that when I wake up, come back or lying in my bed, I am at home, comfortably. That i dun hav to worry abt alot of things bcos i have the 3 of u to help me take care of stuff. I hav no idea how are things goin to turn out in the future but I really hope that it would be the best.

I was texting Maryanne while on my way home today n I said," There is always a saying that goes: When you hit rock bottom, there is no where else to go except up." I believe in it n I am goin to leave everything to God. That He will make a way when there seems to be no way.
To that person:
"Why did u do it again? Why was lesson never learnt?? I treated u with absolute respect, thinking that you probably after so many times, would not do it again and the question of "Where are we going to stay?" would probably not appear again. But u failed to keep ur promise of staying away from all these. Instead, u carried on and everytime, issues jus get bigger and BIGGERR.. N ur option when it happens? "We are going to sell the house."

That was the first statement that came out of your mouth. I am upset. Veri veri upset bcos u never tried to keep us together. I am upset bcos here I am trying my best to keep things going and there u are pulling things apart. WHY?

School work is piling up. Projects n assignments are due-ing soon. Focusing on my study is only thing I can do now to take my mind off what is happening at home. N talking to pple do help.

Thanks to those who listened... I believed that I'll be fine. =)
Hey pple.. Haha..
First n foremost *Sweep**Sweep*

It's been quite a long while since there is updates on this blog..
Not tat I hav been really busy..
It's jus that there is nothing much exciting to be shared with you guys..

Well, jus a little update,
August came n left..
So did Zuzz's birthday, lionel's birthday, ryan's birthday, vanessa's birthday, cheryl's birthday, Aileen's birthday and many more..

A couple of happenings:
1) Celebrated Zuzz's birthday with dinner n dessert @ Dempsey Hill
2) Celebrated Aileen's birthday with dinner @ Clarke Quay
3) Celebrated Cheryl's belated birthday @ Tanglin Mall
4) Went for Natsu Matsuri 2009
5) Met Eugene for movie (FD 4)
6) Met Yvonne for movie (G-force)
7) Met Lionel, Zuzz, Max, Jervin n Vivien for dinner @ Suntec..

I'm seriously too lazy to blog everything in details.. Photos wise, it's up on fb.. Details wise, it's for me to know n remember.. Lol..
Then then then, there are more events coming up..

1) Emily's birthday bbq..
2) Yvonne's birthday dinner
3) Cozycot's event @ expo
4) Assignment due dates (LOL)

Work wise, more or less is abt the same. More n more changes to the system are implemented as the days goes by. Everything else have been pretty alright.

School side, NEW SEMESTER jus started again.. For now, lessons are on mondays only.. The wednesday class will start on the 23th according to my classmate. With school starting, assignments are on it's way into my pocket.. Exams are in Dec but dunno when yet.. *Praying hard* that it would not be on Dec 18th..

Relationship wise, still pretty much the same.. No change to status although some of u might know there was a little hump in the last couple of weeks but now, everything goes back to normal... No change no change no change.. Hahaa..

While talking to YH last night, he decided to get me Krispy Kreme from KL over the weekend when he goes back.. WOoHOOO... YEAH!!!

N, Jus to share a little, the things i wan n wish for..
1) Iphone!
2) Hongkong trip
3) Crumpler bag..
4) New wallet
5) More time with frenz
6) Passing the last 3 modules to my degree!

LOL.. Tat's all for now.. Bye n take care my friends!
Pass weekend was alright..

After 2 weeks of what seems to be endless work, I started going home earlier.. Haha.. Not exactly veri early la but still earlier.. =)

Complete the final assignments for both modules that I am taking this semester. What is left now is exams that falls on 20th & 21st n that would conclude this semester of studying..

Next semester is starting in abt a months time.. Exact start date: 07 Sep..
2 weeks break from exam and it would be time to chiong again...
After the coming sem, would be 1 semester break for me cos there is no modules that I can take in Jan..

Would be a good time for a break during that time I guess cos it's a new year afterall...

So fast, school would be coming to an end.. Lookin ahead, it would be jus another year or so, provided that everything goes smoothly, before I end my part time studies.. =P

Met up with Qiqi after such a long time, even thou we are in the same school but we hardly hav time to catch up. Dinner @ Waraku was not too bad and of cos, chit chatting with her is always the best time. =)

After dinner and rounds of walking, we settled at starbucks for more talking before Eugene came to join us. Shortly after, we left for home, with Eugene joining his frenz for some drinks..

Hurt some "not-so-shocking-neither-surprising" news that confirms what I was thinking.. =(
Celerated Zuzz's birthday on Sunday and was also a meet up session for me, Xx, Zuzz & Aileen..
Meet Zuzz n Jervin earlier for a little walk around before meeting the rest..
**Orchard Central have such nice Mos Burger & Urban White!**

Dinner was at Dempsey Hill! For the first time after it has opened for SOOOO long that I went there.. Dinner was awesome, food was great and dessert @ Ben & Jerry was of cos, GREAT as well.. The whole day ended with us takin cab home separately of cos. =P

Hope Zuzz like his pressie!

**Photos will be up after I get them from either Zuzz / Jervin!**
POst... More words after the pictures..
Had a great night on Sunday celebrating Lionel's birthday...

Started of the day with dinner @ a Jap restaurant @ Odeans Tower..

Me, with Max, Lionel & Ryan..

Me n Max..

This is my 2nd time meeting Ryan.. but he didn't remember at all.. LOL..

All of us.. Ricky, Ryan, Lionel, Max, me, James, Sam & Vivien..

Before entering into Zirca, we had dessert!!

I look weird in this pic.. N if u are wondering.. NO, Max is not my boyfriend...

N ended it with celebrating it at Zirca..

the beginning..

N near to the end..

Some of my fav...

4 of us..

With Lionel..

Ryan.. I know i look damn drunk in this pic.. BUT I was not..



N lastly, the nice bouncer.. Didn't get to know his name thou..
Everything ended ard 3 cos I had to work e next day.. Wpuld wan to step there again but the next time, would probably try clubbing there on Sat or mayb Butter Factory would be a good try too..

After 3 days of late night, today i can finally go sleep early!! Wohooo...
Mon was still alright as work ended ard 8plus..
Yesterday, I stepped out of my office at 11plus!
Wheww.. N I am glad, this is going to end SOON!

Natsu is coming again.. Would be going as an audience this year, lookin at performance instead... Hahaa.. All the best to those performing >> Dan, Itsuki, Trix, Gerry, Jasmine, Cindy, Steve, Oz, Lue Song, Ban Theng and Jia huii... >> Not sure who else is in.. Anyway, all the best..

As Natsu is approaching, meaning this semester is coming to an end soon for school as well.. This semester's exam schedule is BAD for me.. 2 papers right after each other.. N it's jus happening in the 2 days before Natsu.. So while they are busy preparing for the performance, I would be busy studying for my papers..

All the best to those taking exams... Specifically >>> Qiqi, Sarah, Damon, Shenna & Andy... JIA YOU..
Off to sleep soon!
My ipod is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell jus now and e stupid water bottle broke and soak my whole bag.. including my ipod, laptop and handphone..

Everything else is ok at the moment but MY IPOD IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a fren askin me this question a couple of weeks ago when I met him on my way home..

"You are studying degree?? I thought u dislike studying alot?? Why subject yourself to the agony of going lectures, attending classes, meeting deadline of assignments and studying for exams??"

At that point of time, I was too sleepy to realli tink so I answered him "Bcos the society requires me to do so."

Tinking back, I would say that it's bcos I wanted to study while I am still fresh ba.. N be able to stay employ-able ba..

Of cos, studying part-time and working full-time at the same time, as all of you will know, would means that certain sacrifices have to be made.. I wouldn't say that I gave up alot of things.. but would rather put it is as that I turn myself into a loner ba..

Almost everyday, after work, destination would either be school or home... I kind of stop socialising and meeting people for activities.. but rather starting doing things alone.. like watchin movie by myself and swimming.. Group activities was last time thing.. Even the usual group are not meeting up as much as last time due to personal committment...

I am not grumbling here.. I understand that totally... Jus some feelings that I need to express ba.. Somehow or another, I am wishing for someone right now.. Not being desperate but jus a simple wish that i will have... Haha.. What a weird me today...

There are a couple of people that I know, are goin thru a rough patch at the moment.. In relationship, in school, at work or for what-so-ever reasons... Jia you people.. Jus remember that there are always people by ur side... Accompanying you, helping you and listenin to you..

TOMORROW will be a better DAY!

I know, i hav been neglecting some people due to other committments.. I will try to catch up with them, know what is happening to them.. N people, feel free to ask me for lunch (areas restricted la..), dinner, supper or weekends outing if u need to talk, share or whatever...

I hope everything for this sem will go well.. With new processes at work, assignments to rush and exams to study for..

Jus as the saying goes: "When the going get tough, the tough gets going!"

Wow.. It's been veri long since this blog has any updates.. So it's time to clean up the spiderwebs.. Lol..

Life has been kind of up n downs.. But most of the things were fun..
Work has been alright, as usual with more n more new things on its way here..

Rena mummy gave birth to a veri veri cute boi.. At a blink, his full month is next Sunday.. N of cos, I'm goin...
School has been a mad rush, into the 3rd sem now.. doing International Management & Advanced HR Perspectives.. Jus finished one of the individual assignment n a proposal.. The other assignment would be due next week... I'm halfway thru tat assignment thou.. Hai hao.. Whew~
This is the first time in my school life, that i handed up my assignment a day before due date.. Usually, it would be on the day itself.. Haha.. So proud of myself, for now.. Kekez...

A couple of sundays ago, went clubbing with Zuzz, Jervin, Max, Lionel n Vivien @ Zirca.. A nice place generally.. We had lots of fun.. Pics are up at FB. That night was simply crazy.. Haha..
We left ard 3plus in different cabs. Realising tat my keys was with Zuzz, we met up again near Vivien's hse before heading home.. =P

After tat night, illness came.. Sore throat, running nose, cough and fever (No H1N1 thou..) N it is on for one week plus and counting..
(till published date, 14 June, I'm 80% recovered..)

At the blink of an eye (ok, not realli a blink..) it's June again.. Hahaa.. Shah's birthday came n left, so did Jasmine's & XM's..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRENZ!! Hope u enjoy urself on ur birthday n that u like the card / gifts.. XM, urs is still with me.. Haha.. will pass u soon..

Mine came and left too..
I jus came back from Batam ytd afternoon, photos and another update will be up as soon as i get the pics from Maryanne n Jesslynn..

Oh.. AND,
Thanks Xx, Aileen and of cos, Zuzz for the surprise last night and Jervin for buying the lovely cake (although u were not there..)
Being with them jus feels GREAT! Lets meet up more soon..

N thanks all listed for the wishes and gifts..
Face to face (before n on tat day..)
Sharon Choo
Jervin (thru Zuzz..)

Via Sms / Call..
Kiat Soon
Xiao Hui

Via FB
Sharon Heng

Thanks guys.. =)
I'm not sure any of you guys are required to put on masks at your workplace.. Cos now, the level is down to "Yellow".. Nurses and doctors? When I accompanied my fren to the company doctor the other day, there was a signage that says "Do request a mask from us if you have any of the following symptoms." Following that, is for sure the list of things like sneeze, cough and others..

Well, today, as I was goin for lunch, I spotted these..

These lovable dolls put on masks too.. But there were pple who said they look cuter w/o those masks on.. bcos they look more like bad guys now..
Another long weekend is ending...
Nothing much this weekend as plans went a little hay-wired..

Was suppose to play badminton at Chong Pang but in the end we didn't..
Was suppose to meet a fren for a swim, in the end was me swimming alone..
Was suppose to do a couple of other stuff but didn't managed too in the end..
But did unexpected things as well..

After shopping with Xx at City Link for some stuff n headin to Suntec to buy food for her mum, we went down to find her mum.. Under her mum's suggestion, she went back to put her stuff and we went over to Sembawang beach for some sea wind.. Then after which, went Sembawang library for some leisure reading..

As I forgotten to bring out the money tat i was suppose to pass her ytd, I met her today at the airport before she flew off, to pass it to her... Met her and the holiday kaki there for lunch as well.. Popeye still taste veri veri good.. Haha.. They were almost late for their flight lo.. Hai hao they make it in time..

Me? I went swimming after tat.. Was suppose to meet LC to swim n lunch n stuff.. But in the end, we never.. N i slept the whole afternoon off cos i was so tired from all the walkin yesterday, today and swimming..

I'm lookin forward to the coming week.. Especially Wed, Sat and Sun...

Satuday is JMD's anniversary.... People who are goin, wanna meet and go together?? I went there before but I have no idea how to get there again as the last time we went, the rest lead the way...
YEAH!!!!! Exam's over... Now the torture is waiting for results.. =(
This sem's exam paper was a big joke..

First paper: Workplace law..
There was 2 exact same questions as the last paper.. N I meant exactly the same.. Word for word.. I attempted the question.. But didn't had the answer for it.. So i literally wrote whatever I wrote previously back unto the paper.. (of cos I re-read my answer and change a little..) Hmph... But anyway, I jus wrote whatever that I can.. =)

Second paper: OTB (Organizational Theory & Behaviour)
When I went in, I already has 44.5%. Meaning to say, I onli need 6 marks to pass.. Yes, 6 marks from this paper would equal to the 6% that i need.. After Damon stepped out of the exam hall, the first sentence that I told him was that I am not even confident of getting that 6 marks that I need...

What a joke u would say.. it's onli 6 marks.. BUT i realli had no confidence..
The paper was 45 marks (which equals to 45% of the whole module..)
N I left 16 marks empty.. Yesh, i mean empty, blank, never do, never attempt at all..
So that is to say i onli have 29 marks left and also means that my HD is out of my sight..
N after discussing some of the answers, I realise that there are more wrongs.. Which means that even my hope for 'D' might be out of my side~~~
Whatever it is, the paper is over.. I shall jus patiently wait for my results and see.. I'm praying hard that I will pass both modules.. I dun need flying colours.. Jus 'P' will do.. I do not want to spend another 2k sitting thru Workplace law or OTB anymore..

Next up,
New semester is starting mid next month.. Sounds a bit far but actually it's jus 2 weeks from now.. Will be having school on Wed n Thurs.. 2 tougher modules, lecturers still unknown yet.. Hopefully would be better than so and so...

Meeting up with Shenna, Damon n Sarah for dinner on Tues, Meeting Xx for lunch tml (not confirm yet..) JMD anni celebration is on the 9th of May then school will start on 11th..

I'm lookin forward to JUNE~~~~~~~ Hopefully, everything will go as planned..
Went for my appointment with my eye doctor, Dr Tony Ho jus now at Eastern Specialist Centre..
He said that my squint condition is getting better.. Which is good.. But when he was checking, he announced another not so good news..

He said that my eye lids, are kind of folding in and rubbing agst my cornea.. (Jus in case u dunno, I have single eye lids which i LOVE.. Cos it's unique.. Haha.. Tink onli i tink so la..)

N it's not good.. So he recommended me to do a surgery to correct it.. Nono, not double eyelid surgery.. He said it's something like he will do a surgery at the eye area, extract the extra muscle and tissue and after which stitch it back... At the end of the day, i will get double eyelid cos of the surgery... After he finished tat sentence, I was telling him I like my single eyelids.. Hahaa.. Weird right?

Whatever it is, the surgery still cost a bomb.. Remember the lasik was $1,118 per eye? This is $1,300 per eye, + $450 surgery fee + $1,000 anaesthetic fees.. So total is like ------ $4,050.. Out of which onli $1,600 can be claim via medisave.. Meaning, I still need to fork out another $2,450... WOW~~~~~~

Haiz... Hai hao my next appt with him is in 3 mths time.. Meaning to say, I still hav time to consider, to meet up with my agent to check and of cos, to seek for opinion....

Any opinion my frenz?? Pls comment on the tag board.. I am in need of advice and opinions...
lots of thoughts are flowing thru my mind.. post was edited time and time again.. bcos certain things are not suitable for posting to public view..

Let's jus put it as "other than workplace law and OTB in my mind, there is a number of other things that is bothering me now"

By now, some of u might know, I have the intention to change phone again.. Yes, I jus brought my LG Viewty and honestly, it's realli not a bad phone.. N I am starting to love the pinkish look.. =P

Hahaaa.. But of cos, I wanted to get a phone that has wifi.. Who dun wan a better phone? Tell me.. Hahaa.. BUT I now found more reasons to hold on to my current phone.. Reasons?

Me, Zuzz n Xx were walkin ard Causeway Point jus now and we happened to see BlackBerry Storm on M1's poster.. The picture jus look awesome la.. But there was no price cos it's a pre order phone.. As u might know, blackberry phones are well known for their prices.. So we didn't ask la.. But I was browsing Cnet jus now.. N I found even MORE exciting phones... Below are jus the pictures, credits to Cnet of cos.. For review, pls go to

BlackBerry Storm!

Toshiba Protege G900

Sony Ericsson Idou

LG GM730

LG Arena

HTC Touch Pro2

HTC Magic..

Acer M900

Isn't these veri good reasons to jus wait for awhile?? Hahaaa.. Wish me luck in waiting..
Celebrated Xx's birthday on Sat night at Clarke Quay.. Dinner was bad in terms of food but was good in terms of atmosphere tat was filled with laughter.. Everything after tat was alright..
We had extra food at Alegro, coffee and uno and Starbucks @ Liang Court..

We took quite a number of pics i would say, the most in the past few months.. Shall post more pics up after i get them from Zuzz..
Meanwhile, below are some..

This weekend was a fruitful and 'eventful' one...

'Evenful' in not a good sense of course... 2 incidents that leads to explain why sometimes, even if bus rides take super long, I will still take them instead of trains...

1) I was on my way to meet Xx on Sat afternoon on a train.. There was this couple, already on the train, guy sitting and girl standing.. I was reading my notes cos Adrian mentioned that today, we will be discussing prev yr exam qns..

The girl was getting down at the next stop so she walk pass me.. Then she was standing on my left and was talk to the guy who is sitted on my right?! So naturally, i moved to let her talk and she move back to talk to that guy and showed me a black face, which i obviously dun understand..

N then, I turned over to the other side cos there is more space there and my file accidentally knocked unto her.. So I apologise since it's my fault..

You know what she did when she got down at the next stop??

She actually "knocked" into me from behind.. which seriously felt like someone hitting u that kind.. N I looked back at her then she looked away quickly.. I was like Huh?! But thinking that she probably also accidentally knocked unto me, I focused back on my notes feeling weird...

Incident 2..
Was taking train today to dhoby ghaut and was trying to get down when this whole BIG group of foreign workers was trying to get in.. So I said excuse me with my friend, trying to get out and pushing a little.. But it failed.. We were being pushed back into the train..

Being pissed and wanting to go out, I shouted excuse me and pushed hard to get thru my way, pushing a late 20s beng on the way at the same time.. Then he shouted at me," Oei why you pushed me?" in chinese, loudly and threatening..

Was already out of the train so I looked back N he came up to me and ask me in the threatening tone why i pushed him. I was shocked for awhile before telling him that cos I wan to get out of the train.

Then he turned to my guy friend and in the same threatening tone, asked him,"WHAT!"
At one point of the time, he look like he wanted to beat us up lo.. Then my guy friend told him that he should have let us out ma.. Then, with his girlfriend calling him, he turned and walked away..

Then me and my friend was like,"???????" Feeling confused by his action, we jus proceed on with our journey..

On my way back, I was thinking like it is kind of my fault first cos I pushed him quite hard that he might be thinking that I wan to fight or something.. But then I have never met him before lei..
What's more he is taller than me.. But was still in kind of shock for awhile after this incident, thinking that this is the first time, a guy talk to me in such a threatening tone... =(

Enought of incidents.. Now, on to the fruitful part...

Attended Adrian's 4hrs law class on sat.. At least i managed to understand some parts of the lecture that I actually missed and a bit on how those exam questions should be tackled.. Lesson ended at 6pm and I went over to meet Xx at the old Le Meridien which is now known as Concorde Hotel for massage and dinner.. We wanted to eat dinner at this Jap restaurant next to the massage place but that place was crowded.. So we settled for Spices Cafe which is one floor above.. Food there is nice~~~ I had sirloin steak and some other stuff which filled me to the brim.. Total cost for 2, $40plus.. Not exactly veri ex was the first impression when the bill came.. Which is not probably what I expected since I was eating at a hotel restaurant.. Jus do a check on the price of eating at some other hotels and u will know what i mean...
As what I mentioned in my prev post, caught a play with Max, Zuzz and Jennifer today at National Library's Drama Centre today.. The play was good and nice.. Entertaining and definitely interesting.. Shld watch more plays with them soon..
Name of Play: The importance of being earnest...

After which we went for dinner at the myammar restaurant at Marina Square which is also very nice.. Throughout these 2 days, didn't had the chance to really take pics cos I was kind of lazy..
Food was great and then Max went off to meet his friend and me & Zuzz, while waiting for Jervin, walk walk ard and had ice Cream.. =)
Afterall, everything was alright.. Will end here.. Tml still got work~~
Presentation is over... Hahaa...
Everything was good except for one part.. =p
17 more days to Workplace law paper~~~~~~
Will be in studying mode from next week onwards.

Adrian (yes, he is my lecturer..) was saying that he is having a hard-core revision class next week, from night to morning..
Venue, either somewhere convenient for us or Changi Airport T2 mac.. -___________-"

Not confirm if i will be attending yet.. Waiting for Qi for let me know her decision and pending me to ask Sarah, Damon, Shenna and Andy if they wanna go..

I'm waiting for exams to be over so that I can take a break from school before starting a new sem and all the rush again...
Upcoming plans / class / events for the month...
- Workplace Law class from 2 to 5 (tml, 4th)...
- Go for the long awaited play (The importance of an earnest) with Zuzz n Max (5th)..
- Meeting Yu Herng for dinner (8th)..
- Celebrate Xx's Birthday with Zuzz, Aileen and of cos, Xx (11th)..
- Attend talk @ Park Royal wth James (15th)..
- Workplace Law paper.. (20th)
- OTB paper.. (25th)
- Dinner with Damon, Shenna & Sarah.. (28th)
Presentation is coming in another 3plus hrs time.. N i'm totally not preared...
Let's wait and see ba..

Got the results for the 15% quiz for OTB and 30% test for Workplace law...
Got 12.5% out of 15% >> which translated to 5 mistakes out of 30qns!!!!!
For Workplace Law, got 21 out of 30...

Not too bad ba.. The avg is 11.7 for OTB & 16.9 for Workplace law...
Never waste my nights of studyin at night and stayin up late..
However, i'm still way far from my Distinction..
By advice, u are suppose to aim higher in order to get what u wan..
SOOOO.. I'M aiming for High D.....

Last sem's results was not exactly good.. onli got a pass n a credit.. this sem i wan a DISTINCTION!!!!

Muz jia you le~~~~
I admit to the fact that I've been spending a substantial amt of $$ last week and this week.. I brought ALOT of things... The most expensive de.. Is my SPECS..

My new specs itself cost me $350.. All bcos it was progressive and transition lens in one..
I would say that after all, it was worth it..

Now, it's time to start saving again for my taiwan trip during yr end... =P
Current situation of mine doesn't seems that fufillin thou.. Juggling study and work at the same time..

Looking back, I was never realli the smart kind of student.. In fact, I belong to the not so smart kind.. I have never, in my entire life, thought that I would be taking degree.. Somemore, in business... HR, in the past was something that I never thought I would wan to do.. Banking was also, never a part of what I wanted to do..

WARNING~ Emo post below.. Do not continue if u dun like emo post..

I would say that God have been really kind to me by bringing me thru my 20 plus yrs of my life.. With bumps here and there.. BUT generally, it is still smooth sailing..

I remember time and time again when I look up to the sky or starin into space, looking for comfort, seeking for directions, asking for guidance, courage, looking for shoulders and listenin ear... He always provided someone, some answers in some ways..

I truly know that I hav lot of people ard me who truly care. I really know..
By words, I thank you guys, for times when I was down and you were there.
When I needed the comfort, you were there.
When I seeked companion, you were there.
When I seeked answer and guidance and courage, you were there.
All of you guys left a footstep in my heart, making me remember that in this world, I mean something to someone.
Even if I were to leave this world today, I hav no regrets.

Issac, Zuzz, Xx, Yvonne, Gerry, Mum, Dad, Gin, Qiqi, Jasmin, Kenneth, Xiao Hui, Wern Ming, Allan, Maryanne, Jesslynn, Rena, Jeslin..

(Even if not mentioned, doesn't mean u are not important to me.. =P)

Disclaimer: Do not worry.. I'm perfectly fine.. Jus wanna thanks pple who listened~~
Went over for pre-lasik evaluation today at the clinic next to Mount E hospital..
Seriously, I did thought over whether I shld consider getting the lasik done.. But the cost of it was one issue...

The same optometrist that checked my eyes yesterday was there today.. So, ya.. I ask him quite a number of questions like whether changing of glasses helps, whether wearing contact lenses would help to stop degree from goin up.... Basically, asking him and clearing all the myths that I heard before la.. N he told me that degree can go up to 2000 plus.. N these 2000 plus degree cases, can't do lasik at all..

After all the checking....
Saw a counsellor regarding the Lasik Surgery and gain alot of knowledge on it.. Like how exactly does lasik work, what does it do and how it is done.. N.. To me (yes, I said to me.. So it is my opinion onli..), the whole process jus sounds scary to me.. N the price, like i mentioned, is 1118 per eye, before GST..

N when I saw the doctor (yes, the same doctor from yesterday..), he said my cornea is unexpectedly thin.. Saying that the usual cases that he saw, is ard 540.. Mine?? one side is 487, the other is 491 only.. So he don't recommend me to do Lasik and that it is just too dangerous and stuff.. So at the end of the day, he told me to go make new glasses and progressive lens, according to his prescription and go back and see him again in 6 weeks...

May all be well... Oh, did I mention? The optometrist's name is Martin..
Oh, I was on half day today, with Maryanne.. So after we had lunch with Jesslynn, we went over to Suntec, for a couple of purposes..
1) For IT fair,
a) to get brochures for Jesslynn to get her LCD TV..
b) to look at photo scanners..
c) to look at headphones &
d) to look at broadband on mobile..

2) For other Sales
a) Burberry Sales,
b) Crazy Warehouse Sales
c) Bodyshop Sale..

I would say that the IT fair visit was fulfilling as well as the others except burberry as we were jus there to take a look..

Would be goin back there to sign up for the broadband on mobile.. With which subscriber, I haven't decided yet, as well to go take a look at more scanners..

End purchases:
- Audio Tech headphones,
- Maxtor harddisk,
- Chocolates
- Camel Active pouch,
- Laptop screen cleaner,
- Keyboard protector,
- Puzzle
- N lots of papers..
Total damage: Almost 300 bucks..
Dinner with Jesslynn and Maryanne was good, filled with laugher..
Test is on Sat.. So tml night will probably be a late night... Need a good sleep today..
Alright.. I'm done with the consultation with Dr Tony.. (Nope, not Tony Tan.. It's Tony Ho..)
According to him, it's a Squint condition.. Not a serious one thou..
BUT.. I have 3 choices to cure / improve the condition..
1) Wear a 800 degree glasses -> Which I shake my head super violently.. Cos he said tat it might or might not help..
2) Go for Lasik Surgery -> At his clinic of cos, cost is $1118 per eye.. To get rid of the glasses and at the same time, improve the condition...
3) Go for Squint Surgery -> Price unknown (probably a few thousands of cos..) , Benefit unknown..
After 2mins, he ask me to go for the pre-Lasik evaluation tml first to check and confirm whether i can or rather is suitable for it.. N yap, I agreed to go take the test.. N appt is tml at 630pm at Mount E..

Thank God that the condition was not as serious as my GP make it sound.. PHEW~
Also, thanks all for the concern on my condition.. As to whether which option of the above i would be taking up is still unknown until I finished the evaluation tml and ask the doctor more questions on all 3 options..

Meanwhile, I will be workin double hard for my test on sat cos tml, after evaluation, I will be having blur near vision for 3 to 4 hours.. Quote my classmate: Oh my TIAN~~~
I'll be on half day tml, to go for shopping with Maryanne.. She wants to go to the IT fair.. As well as other Sales that are goin on at Suntec at the same time.. After which, I'll be goin for the evaluation and she will meeting Jesslynn and I'll probably join them for dinner after tat..

It has been realli long since I met up with that lady for dinner... Tink it has been since she gave birth to her baby boi..

Saturday, after test, if no class, would be meeting Zuzz & Xx (Not sure if Jervin is joinin..)... I can't remember when was the last time we met up...

Alright, OFF TO STUDY..
As 7pm draw closer, my fear became greater... Supposedly, maryanne wanted to come wif me but boss last min gave her something to do. Goin alone is something tat i fear for i do not know wat to expect. Maybe tat it is planned to be. Tat i will have to be brave enough, placing all my trust in God tat everything will turn out alright...
I hav made the appt for the consultation... It's tml.. at 7pm..
Scared to go alone.. Even thou i know i will still hav to make it there..
Hoping that it will not be as serious as wat Dr Chan said..
Pray for me... Tat everything will be alright..
Leaving everything to God, placin it in his hand and trust in him is all that I can do now..
I did a post.. but deleted it cos i decided, no one shld know what is happening until i'm sure myself tat it will be alright.. For now, let's enjoy life as it is for no one will know what will happen tml..... =)
He told me It's veri serious... Referring me to another, sayin an operation might be needed... :-( What should i do?
I wan to get a new wallet..
I'm looking forward to this Sat..
I need to log into HOTMAIL urgently.. Yet it's down..
Tml is project due.. BUT it has not been completed yet..

I got myself a new phone today, after my V9 refuse to let me hear pple when I pick up the call..
Despite havin said how much I wanted a Samsung Pixon, the price is still too high.. Was havin a hard time to decide what phone to get at the Singtel shop..

U see, I wanted iphone / Samsung Pixon but it was above budget.. Thinking of Samsung F480 but they onli had pink and it was baby pink.. Then thought of LG Viewty but they also only had pink..
In the end, I settled for LG Viewty cos i tink it look less girly..

I know i know, pink is jus not me, but I'll probably be getting some sort of cover for it.. I heard, it's prone to scratches.. Anyway, since i've already got it, i've got to stick with it.. Hehe..
I was suppose to meet Damon n Sarah for Sakae buffet but we decided not to for Sarah has a wedding dinner at night n our meet up time was too late to have buffet.. Futher more, I was late.. Since phone cannot call (the new phone was still charging at home..) we sms here n there.. by the time we found each other, it was almost 4 already..

Settled lunch at Raffles City new Food Court (The food place).. Lunch was alright, with Sarah having Scissors Cut mix veg rice, me havin western food and Damon having Teppanyaki..

After which, we settled at Starbucks at City Link.. OHHHH.. I met Jennifer there.. She is back in SG to help her Dad out.. Haha.. It has been really really long since I saw her.. (Which is probably after she grad from NYP ba..) Shall ask her out sometime soon man.. hahaa..

After finishing our discussion, headed back to mrt station to go home.. On the way back, met KL at city link HMV.. Also, met Jason at Raffles City.. Jason still looks as good as before.. Even thou it has been 2 yrs since I last saw him.. Haha.. I kind of want to see Adrian as well.. N Ben.. wonder how they are now..

A good day meeting frenz..
Tml got Workplace law class from 2 to 5.. Then meeting Yvonne in town..
All in all, I still miss u.. Although u didn't fulfill wat u said.. U still stands a place..
Wishin all friends and readers a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~~~~~

N to those whose birthdays fall on this festive season..

Zhi Sen (24 Jan)
Gerry (28 Jan)
Gin (27 Jan)
Jacye (28 Jan) &
Ellis (30 Jan)


xmas was my last post..

2009 has been a hectic year so far..
With new process n procedures to pick up and handle over at work..
With pdts closing n launching at abt the same time..
As well as handling emotions, relations among many others,

It is and will continue to be a stressful period at work as we all learn to cope with the many new changes..
2nd Sem at SMa has started, with OTB (Organizational Theory and Behavior) taught by a lecturer that spend 1 hr out of the 3 hrs lesson talkin abt himself & Australia Workplace Law taught by Adrian, the lawyer that looks more like a beng.. Haha..

No more early release as both lecturers are pretty long winded this sem.. N the worse thing, Workplace law has saturday classes.. Meaning, less play time..
I missed JMD's performance @ NYP Open hse 09.. due to some reasons.. N i miss the chance to meet up with the girls as well.. Shall arrange a day to meet them again..

Trix n GErry!! When are u girls free??

Something is brewing in the pot.. N i'm waiting for it to happen~~~

Ending here for now.. I've got class tml... Nite frenz!