Time really flies... It's been almost a year since I joined DBS~
N also almost 3 months since Natsu practise started~

The long awaited Natsu is next week...
And we are in final preparations for the performance next week le..
Praying hard that everything from weather to venue, from dancers to transport, from cd to timing , will go according to plan..

And of cos, school is finally starting on Sept 1, all the best to myself on that..
Qi has already started on her bridging modules too.. All the best to her..
Little updates~~~~
1) We celebrated Leeny & Cheryl's birthday on Sunday..
Suppose to have dinner at Tanjong Pagar but we ended up at Boat Quay instead..
*Tanjong Pagar is so quiet on weekends now..*
Nothing fantastic to mention abt dinner... as food was not realli up to expectations..
Desserts was worse thou~

2) Goin down to Simei tml..

3) Dance pract on thurs~ (I'm claiming my National day off.. So i'll most probably be going down..)

4) Friday is still unknown @ the moment....

5) Natsu is happening on Sat~~~