Wendy will be out of action for awhile..

A couple of days ago, while alighting from Sandra's bike, my leg accidentally touch the exhaust pipe.. Without guessin, u guys should know wat happened..

Tat was Monday.. It was only until Wedesday tat I went to my doc.. N he says it will take a while to heal.. N while I can walk normally.. I probably can't walk for veri long period of time, can't jump ard & can't dance for a while..

So, I'll be restrictin myself from doing those, at least for the next 1 or 2 weeks..

*Thank God that there wasn't any infection (tinkin tat I delayed treatment for 2 days!) & that Natsu dance pract doesn't start till mid May (after anniversary celebration)...*

For now, the skin is peelin off slowly.. n healin at the same time I presume.. *I am a medical idiot..* It's not really the very very painful kind.. but it still hurts..
Tat's all for now..
He's coming back either tml or 29th.. =)
Today is the day.. where people term it as black day.. While i term it as jus another day where all the things jus somehow, happened together on the same day..

1st.. I left my hse early, 7.20, to go work.. Intending to go office by bus.. The feeder bus was late.. by 15mins.. So I still took a train in the end.

2nd.. The worse of the day, I fell, down the down riding escalator, face first..
(Ya, go on, Laugh as loud as u wan. I can't hear it anyway..)
Thanks to my vain-ness, i turned, went half my way down the escalator n landed on my butt.. So besides some minor scratches on my legs, not much injuries.. Thank God for tat..

3rd.. I went out for breakfast wif Jeslin & Rena n we bump into Lawrence, Wern Ming & Allan.. That was when, my boss came lookin for people n ask, where are we..
Conclusion? Kena scolding lo..

4th.. I covered my shifu's port today, covered Wlds.. N it turned out to be.. Super PROBLEMATIC..

5th.. Last but not least... I reached home, realising tat I forgot to bring my keys.. N I was locked up of my hse for 2hrs.. So NEar yet SO FAR..

What a day ManZ! Thank God it's all over.. Tomorrow will be a better day! =]
I know, some of u are tinkin, what happened to the previous post tat was up.. I took it down, for the purpose is no longer there..

Chingay is over for nearly 2 months.. Not much new things comin up except mayb Natsu, which is in August..

Everything has been more or less the same..
Went K-ing wif some colleagues on Fri, after meetin Stella, Dan, HsiaoLing n Mingde separately..

It was really fun n funny singsing with them.. Especially de duet part.. Kekez.. Tat shall be kept between us...