Link to the pics..
Pics are up.. On my photobucket album..
It's a long long story on the trip..
Photos tell a thousand words.. So do look at the album.

Cutting long story short short,
All 3 of us had a great time shopping, taking pics, relaxing, walking and talking..
Haha.. Below are some of the pics..

Hey people!!!

I'm back~~~~
It was a extremely fun n exciting trip with tons of exciting stories and pics..
Pics and stories to be up soon.. Meanwhile, i will be resting my feets from the tons of shopping...
My trip is in another couple of hours.. but i dunno why i can't sleep..
I realli dunno why..
I will be flying off soon.. in another 20hrs.. Haha..
By now, most of u shld know where i'm goin. So I don't hav to say it here again ba..

I'll be back on 23 again.. Dun miss me ok..

I've yet to pack my bag for the trip.. n i dun feel like doin it yet..
Meetin Yvonne for dinner later.. so it means tat either i pack it before i meet her.. if not it's after i meet her..

OOh.. I know.. I'll do half half.. Kekezz..
Let's hope everything turns out well by the time i come back..
- For studies (the staff loan to be approved)
- For friends (the misunderstanding will be solved)
- For self (between me n him, things will be better...)
I saw this poem on Dasmond koh's blog n took it here for sharin,
A good one to remind us that everything happens for a reason~

For Everything There’s a Season
By Joy E. Walker Steward

We may not know the reason
For all of life’s suffering and pain,
But we know everything has its season,
So the sunshine will follow the rain;
There are even times when the sun shines
While the rain is still pouring down,
Those moments of grace God sends us,
Reminders that He’s still around;
So when adversity’s fire is burning,
Expect a cooling breeze;
Know that God is right in it with you
As He moves your growth to achieve;
Embrace His tender compassion
But yield to His discipline too
For the father loves each of his children
And knows best how to nurture you;
When life’s pruning is painful,
Don’t let bitterness enter your soul,
For when pruning is done you’ll be better,
Your heart and your spirit whole;
So if this is your season for weeping,
Know your tears will end with the night,
For joy always comes in the morning
When faith gives way to sight.
Nothing much hav been happening recently.. I haven't been goin out recently except to work n for dance..

Life haven't been to well either.. I jus received e rejection letter from OCBC for my loan.. Which means that I wouldn't be able to study this year... After tryin 5 banks, i feel like giving up.. I no longer know wat to do.. I know I shouldn't be draggin the whole study thing but I don't have any other ways.. Will hav to wait till next year before I can try again..

Bkk trip is up in another 2 weeks..
Natsu is in another 5 to 6 weeks..

Praying hard that everything will go on well..
Also, like what Gerry always say..
"Jia You!"