Wow.. Kekez..
Amazingly I manage to not blog for 3 weeks.. Haha.. Considerin I use to blog every week..
Well.. After so long, jus updating on some random happenin...

Let's start back tracking..

29 Nov, Ytd..
After work, met PJ, Fred, Fay, Shawn, Alex, Lam, Clarence, Joseph, Garvin & CF for dinner & Ktv.. Even though it was not as fun as the one tat we had before, it was still great.. I guess the group was a little too big..

Well.. I got a surprise sms from Jon Lim.. a lost touch fren.. although i wonder how he got back my hp number since i dun realli remember givin it to him.. Chat quite a bit before he went to sleep.. Hope he is doin well now.. (*Although long over due.. I was surprise u still rmb tat u promise me a drawing done by u..)

26 Nov..
Kids@work, a company event.. Was volunteered by my boss to take part to help look after the kids.. Pretty fun.. especially when u see how parents dress up their kids to win the best dressed award.. Took a pic of this gurl tat looks pretty & cute..

It was a enjoyable event..

After tat, suppose to pass the cookies to Cindy so I went to look for her, according to her instructions.. Reach Redhill, proceed towards the market, take 63 from the bus stop there, alight at the last stop, a small terminal..

The terminal turns out to be jus a single parkin lot.. -_-"

After helpin her arrangin some of the stuff, we left to Bugis Junction for dinner..
Met Albin along the way.. (*Albin, next time, u can give me chocolates instead of always givin me bread.. I tink I'll love it more.. Haha..)

Had dinner @ V8.. then we went to take neoprints..

A plan-less sat.. details over @ Zuzz blog.. Took neoprints wif him as well..


Met DaN, Trix, Sok Hiang, BryanN, Alvin, Kim Kai, Fook Yu, Jae & Jessica for Steamboat @ Marina Bay.. Had fun talkin n eatin.. *We sang birthday song for one of the servers there.. Kekez..

17 Nov..

Met Aileen & Xx for dinner followed by chillin out @ Starbucks.. Drank Chocolate Cream Chip~~ Simply addictive.. Jus like how they love Toffee Nut...

Toffe Nut met Chocolate Cream chip!!

15 Nov..
Met Jas for gymin.. It has became a weekly activity for the 2 of us.. Took some pics @ The Cathay while we chat..
Messy Hair...

Bright bright lights..

Enough of back trackin.. now to something else..

Well, I dunno if it's coincidence.. 5 times in these 2 weeks, people who talk to me, touch on the same topic..
1) while gymin, jas ask me what kind of guy i like..
2) at work, Bee geok ask me wat kind of guy i like.. Izzit A kind, B kind or C kind... (*A, B & C are the 3 guys over in my team at work..)
3) while chatting, Jess & Maryanne ask me wat is one thing tat abt a guy tat attracts me & wat is 1 thing tat turns me off a guy immediately..
4) while on the way home in cab wif Rena, she ask me whether I prefer A or B??

Today, Bee geok was askin me why i tink me & B is impossible.. I told her cos I'm not e kind tat he likes.. Then she say nothing is impossible.. Hahaha..

Haha.. Weird lorz.. N out of 4 of them, the 3 from my workplace paired me to the same person after hearin my answer.. Kekez...

Tat's all for now.. Goin to cut my hair tml.. Nitez~
这个blog, 从今天开始会空白很久。以下是一件令我很痛心的事。
8 yrs of friendship ends today!!!

This opening line might sound harsh.. but i'm not jokin.. I'm endin this friendship...
It's not jus bcos of wat u said today. It's all tat adds up since I knew u..
But wat u said today, triggered it..

I know friends dun come easy.. N i do treasure them..

I speak up for u, bear with ur nonsense, listening to u criticize me n my frenz, wait for u like an idiot, accompany u walk to n flo the same shop for dunno how many dozen times.. Even though there wasn't any thanks or apology, I didn't take it to heart, bcos u were my best fren.. It doesn't matter bcos to me, to be a fren, u hav to accept everything of theirs, good or bad..

From this moment onwards, u are no longer someone tat i consider a fren. No matter wat happens in future, concerning u, it's not my problem anymore... I DON'T CARE!!
NEA performance is officially over~
Photos will be up soon..
I'm on block leave.. n being sick at e same time is no fun at all..
After this week, life will be as per normal till dec 13..
Everyday work n go home, work n go home..

Will update more on my block leave next time as I'm running for time.. Cos I promise him to sleep early but it's already 3am.. Jus came by to post this pic..
After waiting for 15mins, stupid blogger onli manage to get 1 pic up.. so the rest, i'll post again tml... I goanna run.. it's 3.20...
When was the I was in a dress?? at least 10 yrs ago.. Kekez.. Mostly for weddings, I wear a skirt n a long top... Tat's all.. But for stella's wedding, i brought a dress.. Wore it.. Look below.. The pretty bride is Stella.. The other pretty lady is Ivy.. How does it look?

alright.. tat's all for now..
Oh, below I end,

Happy Birthday to DaN!

WARNING!! Super wordy post...

Zuzz is back from Australia.. (He went for army training..)
So is Adrian, back from Japan.. (He went holiday..)
I oso wanna go overseas!!!! Kekez..

Met Zuzz n XX jus now for dinner n chatting.. We had a interesting conversation.. from relationships, to frenz, to study, to news, to currencies, to gossips, to future to jokes..

Told the following interesting conversations that me, leen n Xx had on sat night to Zuzz..

Interesting conv 1:
Happened @ Spinelli on Sat night, I wanted to eat some cookies.. Spotted Oxford Ginger.. Was wondering together with Xx n Leen, wat does oxford ginger taste like.. So I approached the server..)
Wendy: Erm, in the Oxford Ginger, is there ginger taste??
Server: Erm, nope. It has cinnamon taste.
Wendy: HUH?!
(Brough a piece of Oxford Ginger n a piece of chocolate chip, back to seats..)
Wendy: Oxford Ginger, according to the server has cinnamon taste. No ginger taste de.
Xx: Then why it's call Oxford Ginger? does it like has any ox parts or something??
Leen: I know.. Maybe Oxford & Ginger made it together..
Xx n Wendy: -_-" ES..
After a while, Xx ate a bit of the Chocolate chip..
Xx: The chocolate chip is a bit sweet today..
Wendy: Tat's bcos Ginger added sugar but forgot to tell Oxford, then Oxford added another spoon of sugar..
Xx n Leen: ES...
I broke the Oxford Ginger cookie easily as it was soft...
Xx: Eeeee.. Why Oxford Ginger soft soft de??
Leen: Cos Oxford added water but never tell Ginger.. then ginger added water again..
Wendy: double ES!!!
Shortly after, Leen said she's craving for soup, we left for soup spoon..
We were talkin abt the nice table soup spoon have.. N tat I want it to be my dining table next time..

Leen: I dun need a kitchen in my hse next time, cos I dun cook.
Xx: Me too.. but hse w/o kitchen very hard to sell.
Wendy: I will need a kitchen cos I cook.. Haha..
Leen n Xx: Then we'll go over for dinner.. Hahaa..
Wendy: We shld buy flats next to each other next time.. Then my hse will be for food.. (Cook hse.)
Xx: My hse, will be the mini movie cinema.
Leen: Mine will show french movies.
Wendy: Zuzz's will be the emo house.
(We all broke into laughter...)
Interesting conv 2:
(Still at soup spoon, talking abt living next to each other..)
Wendy: Imagine, next time, if my friend come find me n knock on my door, no answer.. Then she call me, askin where am i. This is how I'll answer..
Wendy: Erm, can u walk to the corner hse, I'm there.
Fren: What are u doin there?
Wendy: Oh, I'm having dinner & watching movie at my frenz place. We live next to each other.
Fren: Huh?! Orh.
All of us laugh realli hard.. Haha..
It's been a long time since we have this kind of talking.. Since we were all pretty busy currently.. Jus pray hard that we will get to spend more time together..

Oh.. it's 1st nov... Kekez.. I'm in the midst of preparing.. But dun tink I'll finished on time.. Hop it will turn out ok lahz.. Every year, I oso late de.. This year, probably will be late as well.. hope u dun mind..

See ya on sat!!