Wishin all friends and readers a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~~~~~

N to those whose birthdays fall on this festive season..

Zhi Sen (24 Jan)
Gerry (28 Jan)
Gin (27 Jan)
Jacye (28 Jan) &
Ellis (30 Jan)


xmas was my last post..

2009 has been a hectic year so far..
With new process n procedures to pick up and handle over at work..
With pdts closing n launching at abt the same time..
As well as handling emotions, relations among many others,

It is and will continue to be a stressful period at work as we all learn to cope with the many new changes..
2nd Sem at SMa has started, with OTB (Organizational Theory and Behavior) taught by a lecturer that spend 1 hr out of the 3 hrs lesson talkin abt himself & Australia Workplace Law taught by Adrian, the lawyer that looks more like a beng.. Haha..

No more early release as both lecturers are pretty long winded this sem.. N the worse thing, Workplace law has saturday classes.. Meaning, less play time..
I missed JMD's performance @ NYP Open hse 09.. due to some reasons.. N i miss the chance to meet up with the girls as well.. Shall arrange a day to meet them again..

Trix n GErry!! When are u girls free??

Something is brewing in the pot.. N i'm waiting for it to happen~~~

Ending here for now.. I've got class tml... Nite frenz!