It's 3am finally.. Will be heading to airport in abt one hr.. flight will start in another 4 hrs..
Would be back on the 6th..
It's thursday already.. hehe..
It's comin soon...
Counting down part 3..
It's Wednesday finally.. 3 more days.. to be exact, actually is 2.5 more days..
Continue from ytd..
Met up with Decheng on Mon after work to head down to Sim Lim to buy my digicam.. Before that, I asked for a couple of opinions from frenz n colleagues..

Zuzz: Panasonic for Quality, Sony / Canon for design
Lam: Either Sony / Canon
Moses: Casio / Sony
Natalie: Nikon / Sony
Shiyong: Sony
DeCheng: Sony

Met up wif Zati at Sim Lim since she is working there.. Afterwhich, proceeded with my digicam shopping.. Budget: $400.
Walk into this shop, I told the uncle to introduced some cameras.. n told him my budget is $400.. the uncle introduced quite a few cams.. He said must be reminded tat Olympus uses XD card which is not so convenient.. He showed me the Nikon Coolpix, S200.. Veri slim.. At first, he wanted $445.. Then I told him I onli have 400.. after a while of bargin, he finally agreed to reduce the price to $400.. even got a free 2GB memory card.. Hehe.. =)

Satisfied with my purchase, went to shop around for the game tat decheng was looking for.. but couldn't find it.. then, we headed to heerens to meet Zuzz.. Seat there and talk till abt 11 before heading home..
The camera, still in it's box, together with the rest of the presents, is sitting on my table.. I haven't have the time to go pack my table yet.. Haiz..

Am currently tinkin of a name for my camera... Ava sounds quite nice.. Haha.. shall go back n charge the battery n start packing a bit for my trip when I get home tonight..
So excited.. Hehe.. =)
Counting down part 2..

4 more days to flying off..
This weekend has been busy.. After dance on sat, met up with Ashri n Aileen for dinner @ Newton.. After which, we headed to Spinelli for coffee till abt 11.. Super tired..

On Sun, went for dance practise.. Then, met up with Decheng n Zuzz for dinner@ KFC where we talk abt everything tat has happened these few days.. AFter which, it's a visit to Spinelli again..
rushing off frm work now.. Will post more tml..
It's friday already.. One more week to go..

Gettin all excited.. =)
I have decided.. And it will happened right after I come back from the trip..
I dunno how I shld put my words.

Since it has already been said, there is no way I can take it back.

Apologies for acting like a immature small kid..

Time n time again I gave problems.. It's time to grow up Wendy!! And stop acting like a small kid!
Will be in HK next weekend..

Feeling excited!!
Thanks Emily & Lynn for the belated birthday wishes..
As I had chicken pox.. 21st Birthday = stay at home.. No birthday cakes, No party, No cards, No going out.. However, I still had quite a wonderful birthday.. Thanks Zuzz, for the call.. Being the first.. to wish me Happy Birthday.. thanks him oso, for the card tat he made for me.. I can't wait to see it.. =)

Thanks Xiao Hui, the brave gurl... who came over to do a surprise visit, with flowers n cookie.. Thanks alot gurl for the surprise.. deeply touch... ;-)

Thanks Albin, for the encouraging talk tat we had over MSN.. I did learnt something out of whatever tat has happened.. Will remember what you said.. tHanks alot.. =)

Thanks all those who bothered to call / sms / MSN me.. thanks alot.. It was the most memorable birthday i guess.. (with chicken pox.. n bo bian but to stay at home..)
I believe friendster is realli useful.. Haha.. alot of people said friendster reminded them.. Ooh.. Mayb I shld enter down what they said to me in the birthday wishes.. of cos, due to chicken pox, more than half of those wishes contain either take care, hope you fast recover or remember not to scatch ur face if you wanna stay pretty.. thanks for all the take care and get well smses.. Veri much appreciated..
Through these 2 weeks at home, I've done alot of things..
1st and foremost, I cleaned up my room.. Threw away clothes.. n tml, I'm goanna packed my books..
Then, I played with the lastest gadget tat got into my hse... PSP.. I shared cost with my bro..
3rdly.. I confirm my oversea trip tat will take place from 30th to the 6th..
4thly.. I did a relook to my resume, updated it and searched jobs..
5th, I did readings.. from magazines, to newspapers, to books..
6th, I am hooked on neopets again..
7th..I planned for the trip, where to go, wat to pack, etc..

Last and most important, I rested and ate medicine..

At this point of time, I'm 90% recovered.. and will be goin back to work on monday.. (not bcos i am willing.. but bcos MC ended le.. So, no choice..)
As for dance, most probably will be goin back for practise on Sat.. (I guess..)
Thanks to the following people for their birthday wishes...

Albin, Jae, Selphie, Jasmine, Qiqi, Lifeng, Suya, Vanessa, Zuzz, Aileen, Ashri, Khar Eng, Faylene, Pei Jie, Jun Quan, Jia Yu, Evelyn, Lianchun, Zati, Vanyce, Adrian, Debbie, Pearline, Melissa, Hsiao Ling & Xiao Hui..

Much appreciated for the thoughts, gifts and words..

It's wasn't exactly a horrible birthday.. but neither was it a happy one..

Not realli in the mood to blog abt it now.. will blog more another day..

*Wishes didn't come true.. u didn't remember... =(
I'm waiting.. waiting for that particular sms to come..

I dunno if tat person has forgotten or chosen to forget..

I am still waiting.. And we'll see... if it comes...
6th day in to my MC n still counting..

Been catching up on my reading and also, my walk with God.

When was the last time I mention abt how wonderful he has been?

I oso dunno. He has been always in my life, creating miracles for me. Yet, last than a thousands time, I gave thanks to him. He gave me friends who care, he gave me colleagues who cared. He gave me a super supportive family. And most importantly, he gave me life..

I always tell people. God is fair. When he takes something away from you, he will give you back something else that is either the same or even better.

- he took away my freedom of going out for these 2 weeks but he showed me that my friends care. Even though I can't leave my hse, I hav people talking to me, askin me how i've been..
I've been playing neopets again.. realising that I have like 3 accounts.. At least it keep me entertained.. I've been tryin to watch some music videos on Youtube.. But quality abit CMI..
I miss Zuzz... I miss Qiqi n the rest.. I miss Xiao hui, Khar Eng, Fay, PJ, Sharon, Joyce, etc etc.. And I will be missing Serene's wedding.. Oh.. Haiz... I miss chocolates!!!!!

Somemore, it's coming in another 5 days.. N I will hav to stay at home! Haiz...
Congratulations to Serene... Happy Wedding!!
I'm currently, tryin to recover from Chicken pox..

Will be at home for 2 weeks.. Haiz..

Will be spending my 21st birthday at home, most probably alone..

If things could take a change, what would I have done??

For these 2 weeks, I will be keeping more to myself I gues..

So pls dun blame me when I dun reply smses..

Have a good week people..


Happy 21st Birthday to Jasmine in advanced..
Happy Birthday to Itsuki as well...

I'm havin allergy on my face.. n it looks terrible now.. Haiz... dun tink will be able to go out these few days... Haiz...
Random thoughts
I don't like this.. Seriously.. Why do I always hav to here this from others??

Why izzit that I when I thought we are veri close.. Yet, a few days later, I hear tat you actually don't like me??

Why izzit tat since I always piss u off yet u are willing to come find me??

WHY? Why be friends when u can't even stand the way i talk?

I care for u for sure.. but I expect u to understand tat I can't always be there to accompany you when you want to go out or go shopping or go dinner.. BUt I will definitely be there when you need someone to talk to.. when you need someone to listen to you.. Tat's a promise, N will not be broken.. I will do things to the best of my ability...