Alright.. Let me backdate a little to half a month back.. Qi's birthday chalet..

Not tat i didn't want to blog abt it.. Jus bcos when i thought abt wat happened tat nite, it jus still upset me a little..

It lasted 3 days for me.. was there to help her do a little of deco n stuff on fri afternoon..
Sat, as more n more people arrived.. the place got a little over crowded..
Of cos, majority of JMD n ex-JMD people were there except for those who were either not free or not in town.. So as per usual, we did some catchin up n oso, cam-whoring... takin a whole lots of pics.. I'm still waiting to get pics from people as i didn't bring my cam.. *Waiting anxiously..*

It was a enjoyable nite for all... Had real fun catchin up n takin pics..
Before I forget again!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Lue Song!!!

Hope u like the present... Kekez..
Met Zuzz @ Spinelli for chillin out today after dinner wif the gurls n chingay pract @ JAS.. We basically did alot of talkin n talkin abt how coincidence it was to bump into so many people in 1 day n many others...
Something i usually look forward to.. But this year, somehow, somewhat.. it is different..
I oso dunno why.. but jus feel tat it's different..

At office, we did alittle gift exchange.. I got wat i wanted!! Eeyore.. Hahaha..
When I reached office, rec'd a gift from Allan n Wern Ming.. Thanks guys.. Kekez.. I love the present lots..
Then, there was meltykiss from Jesslynn.. Eeyore cup from Rena & Chcolates from Ai Cheng.. Thanks alot..
After work, I met up wif Aileen, Zuzz & Xx for dinner n to spend christmas..
We exchanged gifts during dinner..
Dinner was not fantastic but we enjoyed the chit chat session..

N the random activity for the year: BOWLING!

We decided to do something random so we choose bowling..
We shared lane wif 2 guys who were quite pro..
We entertained ourselves wif endless laughter n jokes..

N the event of the day was Xx's back flunk.. where she flunk the ball backwards.. Even the guy in the next lane was shocked.. (his expression was the best of the day..)

Another thing worth mention is tat Aileen always get 3 tries for her turn (N i mean everytime) which we dun understand why..

The 4 bowlers..
After bowling, we headed to Starbucks at Suntec for chit chat, unwrapping of presents, counting down n some games of Uno with Aileen's Doreamon Uno.. It's so cute.. N our games were super entertaining..
*Let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snowww..* Hahahaha..

My fav -> Chocolate Cream Chip!!

I had a wonderful christmas thanks to the 3 of them... =)
Gathering is something tat everyone love.. N of cos, I love it too..

Last weekend, 22nd of dec, we had a little gathering over at Zuzz's place..

Things started for me, ard 1plus.. when i arrived at Zuzz's place.. Xx n him started bakin already when i arrived.. My main role tat day was as the dish washer for Xx.. Haha.. Not tat i mind thou.. After which, I did the deco-ing for the cupcakes.. Below are the products.. Zuzz's Cupcakes...

We love the cupcakes~~
At ard 7plus, when Van arrived, dinner started..
Bcos of e weather n the food (we were super full from the food), we felt sleepy..
Me, Xx n Zuzz entertained ourselves wif some talkin, surfin of facebook & listenin to hse music..
Xx n me left at abt 10plus.. We shared a cab, droppin her off first before I went home..

Dinner was good.. We had most things baked n lots of dessert...

Cupcakes, Nuggets, Potato fish bake, Brownies, Lasagne, Tiramisu & Curry..
(*Proudly: The curry chicken is done by my mum!! n comments were good!!)
Last week does w/o much events.. Sat, met Zuzz for a little shoppin.. Then we met Edmund at Spinelli for a little drink before continuing our shoppin trip.. didn't buy much things though..

This week, worked 4 days out of 5.. Meetin Qiqi later...
Out of 4 workin days.. I met Jae, Elmo & DaN for lunch @ China Square.. One of the days Jessica joined us.. It was fun to have lunch wif them.. We had lots of laughter.. Ard the jokes & all..

Ytd, after lunch, me & cynthia were chatting abt Manual FF, what BBM can sign, wat they can't.. horoscope & christmas..

We decided to hav a gift exchange where each of us were suppose to write 3 wished (w/ the budget of $25) and put it on the christmas tree (not the real de.. jus an outline..) Then we will each hav to pick a name & choose out of the 3 wishes, buy one of it for the person...

So me & wern ming went to buy the deco for x'mas.. N the final thing is up.. Kekez... Will post the pic when i'm back...
This weekend is goanna be busy.. I will be Qiqi's chalet till sun.. then sun evenin, goin for Yvonne's birthday... Will update when everything is over wif photos..

Got to run.. byeZ people...
Gone the old, come the new..

2 yrs ago, i brought a book (on the right) to write down thoughts, to draw.. 2 yrs later, the book is almost full.. so i brought a new one (on e left) for a new start..

Mine is full already.. how abt urs? we started writing a book almost at the same time.. hav u changed urs?

For the 1st time 3 yrs.. I took a pic with my bro..
Thinkin back, i tink we became closer over e years.. which is good.. Kekez..
02 Dec, a busy day..

Woke up ard 730.. cos had a appt wif Qiqi at 9.15 to go cut hair at Compass Point's Supercut..
After breakfast, we went for the appt..

Had a hair cut & dye my hair..

Before & After...

While waitin for her to finish, I walk ard n took some random pics...

Tigger & Mini Cooper..

Left Compass Point ard 2.30pm to head to amk & J8 for a little shoppin..

After parting wif Qiqi.. I met up wif Zuzz, Leeny & Xx for dinner.. We met up at amk...

We headed for dinner @ Chomp Chomp...

After dinner, we headed to Coffee Beans @ Serangoon Gardens to chill out...

At Coffee beans, we had cupcakes, drinks & Taboo to keep us company through the night before heading home... with a smile =)

The baker's note... N the baker himselft...

The cookie & cream cupcakes..

Drinks & Taboo...
Wow.. Kekez..
Amazingly I manage to not blog for 3 weeks.. Haha.. Considerin I use to blog every week..
Well.. After so long, jus updating on some random happenin...

Let's start back tracking..

29 Nov, Ytd..
After work, met PJ, Fred, Fay, Shawn, Alex, Lam, Clarence, Joseph, Garvin & CF for dinner & Ktv.. Even though it was not as fun as the one tat we had before, it was still great.. I guess the group was a little too big..

Well.. I got a surprise sms from Jon Lim.. a lost touch fren.. although i wonder how he got back my hp number since i dun realli remember givin it to him.. Chat quite a bit before he went to sleep.. Hope he is doin well now.. (*Although long over due.. I was surprise u still rmb tat u promise me a drawing done by u..)

26 Nov..
Kids@work, a company event.. Was volunteered by my boss to take part to help look after the kids.. Pretty fun.. especially when u see how parents dress up their kids to win the best dressed award.. Took a pic of this gurl tat looks pretty & cute..

It was a enjoyable event..

After tat, suppose to pass the cookies to Cindy so I went to look for her, according to her instructions.. Reach Redhill, proceed towards the market, take 63 from the bus stop there, alight at the last stop, a small terminal..

The terminal turns out to be jus a single parkin lot.. -_-"

After helpin her arrangin some of the stuff, we left to Bugis Junction for dinner..
Met Albin along the way.. (*Albin, next time, u can give me chocolates instead of always givin me bread.. I tink I'll love it more.. Haha..)

Had dinner @ V8.. then we went to take neoprints..

A plan-less sat.. details over @ Zuzz blog.. Took neoprints wif him as well..


Met DaN, Trix, Sok Hiang, BryanN, Alvin, Kim Kai, Fook Yu, Jae & Jessica for Steamboat @ Marina Bay.. Had fun talkin n eatin.. *We sang birthday song for one of the servers there.. Kekez..

17 Nov..

Met Aileen & Xx for dinner followed by chillin out @ Starbucks.. Drank Chocolate Cream Chip~~ Simply addictive.. Jus like how they love Toffee Nut...

Toffe Nut met Chocolate Cream chip!!

15 Nov..
Met Jas for gymin.. It has became a weekly activity for the 2 of us.. Took some pics @ The Cathay while we chat..
Messy Hair...

Bright bright lights..

Enough of back trackin.. now to something else..

Well, I dunno if it's coincidence.. 5 times in these 2 weeks, people who talk to me, touch on the same topic..
1) while gymin, jas ask me what kind of guy i like..
2) at work, Bee geok ask me wat kind of guy i like.. Izzit A kind, B kind or C kind... (*A, B & C are the 3 guys over in my team at work..)
3) while chatting, Jess & Maryanne ask me wat is one thing tat abt a guy tat attracts me & wat is 1 thing tat turns me off a guy immediately..
4) while on the way home in cab wif Rena, she ask me whether I prefer A or B??

Today, Bee geok was askin me why i tink me & B is impossible.. I told her cos I'm not e kind tat he likes.. Then she say nothing is impossible.. Hahaha..

Haha.. Weird lorz.. N out of 4 of them, the 3 from my workplace paired me to the same person after hearin my answer.. Kekez...

Tat's all for now.. Goin to cut my hair tml.. Nitez~
这个blog, 从今天开始会空白很久。以下是一件令我很痛心的事。
8 yrs of friendship ends today!!!

This opening line might sound harsh.. but i'm not jokin.. I'm endin this friendship...
It's not jus bcos of wat u said today. It's all tat adds up since I knew u..
But wat u said today, triggered it..

I know friends dun come easy.. N i do treasure them..

I speak up for u, bear with ur nonsense, listening to u criticize me n my frenz, wait for u like an idiot, accompany u walk to n flo the same shop for dunno how many dozen times.. Even though there wasn't any thanks or apology, I didn't take it to heart, bcos u were my best fren.. It doesn't matter bcos to me, to be a fren, u hav to accept everything of theirs, good or bad..

From this moment onwards, u are no longer someone tat i consider a fren. No matter wat happens in future, concerning u, it's not my problem anymore... I DON'T CARE!!
NEA performance is officially over~
Photos will be up soon..
I'm on block leave.. n being sick at e same time is no fun at all..
After this week, life will be as per normal till dec 13..
Everyday work n go home, work n go home..

Will update more on my block leave next time as I'm running for time.. Cos I promise him to sleep early but it's already 3am.. Jus came by to post this pic..
After waiting for 15mins, stupid blogger onli manage to get 1 pic up.. so the rest, i'll post again tml... I goanna run.. it's 3.20...
When was the I was in a dress?? at least 10 yrs ago.. Kekez.. Mostly for weddings, I wear a skirt n a long top... Tat's all.. But for stella's wedding, i brought a dress.. Wore it.. Look below.. The pretty bride is Stella.. The other pretty lady is Ivy.. How does it look?

alright.. tat's all for now..
Oh, below I end,

Happy Birthday to DaN!

WARNING!! Super wordy post...

Zuzz is back from Australia.. (He went for army training..)
So is Adrian, back from Japan.. (He went holiday..)
I oso wanna go overseas!!!! Kekez..

Met Zuzz n XX jus now for dinner n chatting.. We had a interesting conversation.. from relationships, to frenz, to study, to news, to currencies, to gossips, to future to jokes..

Told the following interesting conversations that me, leen n Xx had on sat night to Zuzz..

Interesting conv 1:
Happened @ Spinelli on Sat night, I wanted to eat some cookies.. Spotted Oxford Ginger.. Was wondering together with Xx n Leen, wat does oxford ginger taste like.. So I approached the server..)
Wendy: Erm, in the Oxford Ginger, is there ginger taste??
Server: Erm, nope. It has cinnamon taste.
Wendy: HUH?!
(Brough a piece of Oxford Ginger n a piece of chocolate chip, back to seats..)
Wendy: Oxford Ginger, according to the server has cinnamon taste. No ginger taste de.
Xx: Then why it's call Oxford Ginger? does it like has any ox parts or something??
Leen: I know.. Maybe Oxford & Ginger made it together..
Xx n Wendy: -_-" ES..
After a while, Xx ate a bit of the Chocolate chip..
Xx: The chocolate chip is a bit sweet today..
Wendy: Tat's bcos Ginger added sugar but forgot to tell Oxford, then Oxford added another spoon of sugar..
Xx n Leen: ES...
I broke the Oxford Ginger cookie easily as it was soft...
Xx: Eeeee.. Why Oxford Ginger soft soft de??
Leen: Cos Oxford added water but never tell Ginger.. then ginger added water again..
Wendy: double ES!!!
Shortly after, Leen said she's craving for soup, we left for soup spoon..
We were talkin abt the nice table soup spoon have.. N tat I want it to be my dining table next time..

Leen: I dun need a kitchen in my hse next time, cos I dun cook.
Xx: Me too.. but hse w/o kitchen very hard to sell.
Wendy: I will need a kitchen cos I cook.. Haha..
Leen n Xx: Then we'll go over for dinner.. Hahaa..
Wendy: We shld buy flats next to each other next time.. Then my hse will be for food.. (Cook hse.)
Xx: My hse, will be the mini movie cinema.
Leen: Mine will show french movies.
Wendy: Zuzz's will be the emo house.
(We all broke into laughter...)
Interesting conv 2:
(Still at soup spoon, talking abt living next to each other..)
Wendy: Imagine, next time, if my friend come find me n knock on my door, no answer.. Then she call me, askin where am i. This is how I'll answer..
Wendy: Erm, can u walk to the corner hse, I'm there.
Fren: What are u doin there?
Wendy: Oh, I'm having dinner & watching movie at my frenz place. We live next to each other.
Fren: Huh?! Orh.
All of us laugh realli hard.. Haha..
It's been a long time since we have this kind of talking.. Since we were all pretty busy currently.. Jus pray hard that we will get to spend more time together..

Oh.. it's 1st nov... Kekez.. I'm in the midst of preparing.. But dun tink I'll finished on time.. Hop it will turn out ok lahz.. Every year, I oso late de.. This year, probably will be late as well.. hope u dun mind..

See ya on sat!!
I'm having my week break from work from 3th nov to 11h nov..
Yes, I onli started work on 26th Sept. But all who join before 1st Oct hav to take 1 week block leave. so i dun realli hav a choice since i can't in dec.. (There's a lot of mums at my workplace..)

So if u guys are free, call me to go out.. k?? Haha
Sat happened as per normal... addin in saboing my kor, jaeson..

Met Leeny n XX for dinner n soup before goin back to amk to meet Ls, BryaNn, BT, ZS n KK at the arcade.. took cab home with LS as it was already midnight...
Goin for Stella's wedding dinner later.. CONGRATS gurl!!
Before I end,

Happy Belated Birthday to Kenneth!!!

Happy Birthday to Jae!!

Happy Birthday to PJ!!

Happy Birthday to Debbie!!

Happy Birthday to Ah Long!!!!
I'm in the midst of preparation for the wedding tonight n some other stuff.. Shall stop here.. ByeZ!!
Weekend is almost over...
Had pract on sat, finally saw Qiqi n Cindy after so long.. chatted quite a bit..
It's been really long since we chatted so much.. Kekez..

After running, we did stretchHHH-ing.. After which was practising of dance for NEA performance..

After practise, went makan wif Trix, Dan, Sok Hiang, LS, Shu Herng & Yvonne.. Bryann, BT and ZS came too.. but midway, they went arcade.. While Erica met up wif her ben ben..

Went kino wif LS n Yvonne after dinner cos kino was havin sale.. Then was HOME SWEET HOME as we are veri tired..
Today, met up with James to celebrate Lianchun's birthday together with Tyrone... as per normal. we were supppose to meet at 7.. but we onli met up at 8... Haha.. had V8 Cafe for dinner... (food there is not exactly fantasic.. but we definitely enjoyed the movie they were showing... *they were showing fantasic 4*)

*Happy Birthday gurl.. Hope u like present..*
Life hav been pretty good for me.. for the least, everything is normal already..
2 more months to go..

Work is startin in a few hours.. So goanna catch my sleep..

Ytd, went Sentosa with some frenz since it was a public holiday.. Expected a huge crowd.. but in the end, there wasn't much people.. It drizzled a little n stopped.. =)

We build sand castle, played in the water, played ball..

I chatted with Dan a little, abt things tat are happening.. Somethings i wanna do, his life, my life, etc etc... Then Gerry joined us in the talk.. It was a great bonding time...

After all these activites, we washed up n headed to Harborfront for dinner.. Me, Trixy, Dan went to hawker centre where we met up with LS for dinner... Gerry n Sok Hiang went LJS while SH n Bryan went Carl's Jr..
We chat a little over dinner before meeting up with the rest to head off to amk for some gaming session (they went, I didn't)..

I had a last min change of plans where I met up with Zuzz n XX instead at our fav handout, SPinelli, for chatting session.. I had my regular dose of Mango-T twist.. Finally after so long.. We chatted all the way till abt 10plus before heading off...

I was a bit burnt....
Met XX for gymin session.. It has been long since we gym together cos we had some minor disagreement..
We gymed till 12plus.. before relaxin in sauna n bathin.. was suppose to meet kor, jess, dan n trix for k-in... but i last min put them aeroplane cos XX was not feeling veri good today.. (in short, emo-in..) So i accompanied her for lunch before walkin ard cathay aimlessly.. n headed to play arcade n headed home after tat.. Hope she is feelin better now.. Zuzz too..
Zuzz is flyin off to Australia for training on Tue early morning.. All the best to him.. Hav a safe trip..
*Wait u come back, we go Spinelli for our Mango-T twist again..*
Hav to go sleep liao..
Sentosa pics will be up soon... already uploaded to photobucket.. but too lazy to post it after typin such a wordy post.. Will put them up soon... meanwhile, click into the link to see ba..
I went sch today.. suppose to be for pract lah.. but we ended up sittin there n talk abt a lot of things... Then, me, trix, dan, Lue sOng, went Clarke Quay for dinner first before meetin Itsuki to sing k.. Follow which, Zato n Gin joined us.. It was fun... but not shiok enough.. Kekez. But i did left them wonderin wat happened between me n Lue Song... Kekez.. it was jus for fun.. Not for real.. REalli.. (Thank God Dan knew roughly wat is happenin...) When I find myself a real boyfriend, i promise.. u guys would be the first ones to know..
Meetin Zuzz tml.. For k-ing again.. Kekez... then after which, shld be meeting dan n the rest for chillin.. tat depends on him lahz..

Next Mon to fri will be workin as per normal..
I've got somethin to say..
U are blowin hot n cold..
I dunno if u are jus bein nice.. or are u tryin to tell me something..
I admit i like u.. but does tat means anything??
Nothin lorz..
I know u are being scared..
I know u hav no faith anymore..
But i jus wanna say..
No matter wat, I still like u..
I will still be standin beside u n appear when u need me to..
I jus wish to be part of ur life.. Tat's all..
Take care frenz..
范玮琪 - 你只有一个




A nice song tat I like..
CAme by to update a little abt wat happened during e weekend..
Fri: Met up wif some ex-colleagues n frenz for dinner.. Phyllis, Fay, Sharon, Li Pheng, Ivy, Nelson, YYF, PK, Alex, PJ n Fred.. We had steamboat dinner @ 麻辣小厨 (opp Concourse..)... Food there is pretty good.. After which, Nelson, PJ, Fred, Alex n I went to meet Nicholas for K-ing at PArtyWorld till 1am..

Sat: A super tiring day before, I met up wif Sok Hiang, Gerry n Trix on Sat mornin to prepare for the surprise.. We had fun fillin up water bombs.. After which, Sok Hiang n I went to fetch Yvonne.. Kekez.. we had fun bringing her here n there while waiting for the rest to get ready.. Then, surprise finally started..

Water BOMBIN session part 1.. HAha..
After mission 1 accomplished, we had our mission 2.. Bombin --> Jia hui n Shu Herng..
Kekez.. Then after 2nd mission accomplish, of cos, we will hav fun bombin each other..
Further details will be left out.. Too much to mention..

Dance session was good.. N we played musical chairs.. Haha.. A long lost game.. tink i last played it super long ago.. (Mayb pri sch??)

We had our Water BOMBIN session 2 before we ended the day.. BryaNn, Gerry, Sok Hiang, Yvonne, Zat n I played some games after we bombed BryaNn.. All of us were wet from top down.. Then we took pics to rmb tat day before we head off to bath.. (*PS: Sok Hiang.. Remember to send me the pics...)

NEXT--> BBQ session..
It was fun.. with jus tat group of us.. BBQin at the way till almost 1 before we seat down n talk talk talk.. We finished packin up n left at ard 3... Zat n I went mac to hav a drink.. I fell asleep there.. (Sorry Zato..) Then we left at ard 5 bcos I realli can't wait till 1st train to go home.. So we took a cab back..

Woken by Zuzz's call, it was already 3pm.. 7hrs of sleep was good enough.. slacked ard at home, watch tv, played some games.. The day ended, wif Zat sendin me the song which i wanted.. "Beautiful girls"..
Goin off to sleep.. workin tml..

Thanks all to u guys..
LOVe Ya Lotz!!!
Good NItez~
Ytd, first day work @ new workplace..

SBS bluff me.. their website say the bus will take 20mins.. In the end, it took 1hr.. Haiz..
Anyway, I still reached office ard 8.20..
Was roughly (n i realli meant roughly) shown ard office..

After which, was asked to sit down at a empty table.. After sittin there n stare for ard 1/2 hr,
The team lead for my side came n taught me some stuff n intro me to somethings like UT (which initially i heard as Yew Tee), RP and SD..

After tat I sat back at the empty table (which is officially my table by now) for another 2hrs..
Then, out of sudden, this lady sitting beside start to introduce herself n teachin me the things I'm suppose to know... (She sounded fierce initially.. Haha)
After awhile.. then i realise tat she was suppose to be my 师傅.. Hahaha.. I know I was kind of slow..

After a while, it was 12 already.. that was when i found out tat people there eat lunch at...
3pm.. By the time it was 2, my stomach was roarin in hunger.. so I went out to eat without them.. time past pretty fast ytd.. After work, i went sch for jmd.. Reached home at 12plus..
Work environment is quite good.. people there are pretty friendly.. 2nd day there, got to know a few of them.. Shirley (my 师傅), Allan, Wen Ming, Bee Geok (the team lead), Cynthia (oso a team lead), Sharon, Jac, Rei, Christina, Kim, Marian.. Others, i can remember face.. but not name..

Tml will be my 3rd day there.. still enjoyin the honeymoon period.. But i know once i start handlin my own ports, chances are - i will hav to stay late everyday if trade vol is high..

Hope I'll settle down soon... but i still miss the times at ST n RIL.. Hahaha...
It's a fresh start for work tml.. Erm..
Kind of gan cheong.. cos dunno wat's goanna happen..
Hopin for the best..
Tml after work, shld be goin for jmd.. I tink..

After which, home sweet home..
Then, will keep u guys update again on work..

After 2 nights of struggle, i finally made a decision.. Thanks Xx n Yu herng for the advise..

Startin work next Wed..

Let's see.. this week had been kind of filling..
I met Belinda, Sandy n Jessie for lunch on mon..
Met Lam for lunch on Tue..
Went down to PWC Building on Wed then went AMK hub to meet Yvonne... after which, went school...
Thurs was spent mostly at home, finishin up the proposal for CK..
Today, I met Shiyong n Uncle Zoo Meng for lunch.. Then went back to office for the Mooncake festival celebration.. At the same time, i made chocolate cornflakes for them..
*Comment was not too bad.. * Smile big big.. Kekez..
After the event, Michael drove us to East Coast for dinner.. *Thanks Michael..*

Tml will be a early day.. Meetin SB, Angeline, Michael n Jessie for the STK event.. then I'm headin to school for the long waited Ardorhythmatics practise.. After which, might be meeting Xx n Zuzz for dinner..
*I oso dunno whether will happen or not.. Still waiting for reply..*
My long awaited slackin period is almost over.. When will I get to go down to forum n hav a drink again @ Coffeebeans?? Or a talkin session @ spinelli over a cup of Mango Tea??
If having to consider to take up a job offer is bad enough, wat is having to consider whether to postpone a job offer so tat i can go for intv for another position??

Haiz.. Wat shld i do????????????
want to know more about me?
hehehe... Ding Ding tagged me!
So this is how the game goes!
Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. i love to dance.. Hip Hop especially.. (Luv Ardorhythmatics~ n JMD~)
2.i love takin walks n sitting bus alone.. (especially when i need to be alone..)
3.i own 2 mobile phone lines..
4. i love pigs.. (not real pigs.. jus the soft toys..)
5. i can't realli take spicy food..
6. i can cook n make dessert.. (provided i'm in e mood..)
7.i love chocolates n ice cream.. (PS: i luv chocolates.. but not chocolate cake..)
8. i love being wif frenz..
9. my specs degree per eye is almost 600
10. i wish to hav someone to be with by my next birthday.. haha..

i am suppose to tag some other people. Let's see
1. My bro..
2. Fay
3. Zuzz
4. Zati
5. Trixy
6. five will do...

ok done!!..
scroll down for proper posting..

This weekend was happenin.. Met Xx for gymin on Sat morn.. Where she invented another new word after last week's "nationary".. "noblelified".. Meaning?? It means a word to describe people tat think they are veri noble.. Haha.. after tat, met up wif ZuzZ n DAryl to walk ard town.. Left ard 5 n make my way to Sembawang for BBq at Dan's place.. Met ding ding at amk station.. we were kind of the earliest..

After msot people arrved, we proceed to shop for drinks n some food items.. as usual, coke carry the most quantity.. n there were some other drinks.. bbq started ard 6plus, near 7.. didn't eat much thou.. as there was quite alot of people...

In the end, ard 12 plus, left me, SHu herng, dAn, Zat n JAe... we talked thru e night, finishin e ham n chicken wings.. we left ard 5, headin for mac n first train home..

Reached hm ard 730.. bath n headed out again.. to meet them at JE to go Waseda.. as usual, no one was early.. Kekez.. This yr, not as many people went.. so not as fun.. but we still had a great time.. after tat, headed to Cine for lunch n some walk ard..

Wanted to watch dAN play bball match but needed to get some bakin stuff n was veri tired.. so went home instead.. (after reachin home n bath, sleep all the way till this mornin.. haha..)
Tryin to tie up the loose end for the proposal so tat i can pass to Chee Kiong n he can startin his plannin asap..

At this pt of time, I'm also searchin for a job.. a better payin one compared to my previous..

Ardorymatics practise is also startin next week.. in preparation for performance...

Let's hope everythin will go on smoothly...
Tat's all for today.. Headin to office to collect my stuff n finished up my work... (last fri was my last day.. but it looks like this fri then is my last..)
Ytd.. was a filling day.. N I meant it..

I went sch with 2 purpose :
- Meeting Ding Ding n the rest for ice cream..
- Show them support for their grading / assessment..

Was there ard 1pm.. Watched their grading.. After which, we went Novena for food n ICE CREAM @ SWENSENS..
Before which, ate the 'chocolate flakes' tarts that Sok Hiang made... They were super duper nice..
*Those that I made taste bad.. for the least, my mum didn't like them*

Anyway.. It was great..

Then I met Aileen n Xx for dinner @ Far east.. Dinner was chicken rice..
AFter that, there was snackin at Ya Kun..
N dessert @ Laviva...

Super filling day..
Interesting incidents..
1) The Cathay..
We went The Cathay, wanted to get Movie Tix.. but there wasn't any favourable tix left.. N the next avail show was too late.. So we went gramaphone for a walk.. N we ended up sitting at the sofa.. watching Stay Alive.. for 1hr plus.. *ES....*

After The Cathay, we walked down to CHIJMES, looking for desserts.. We looked around, n found this interesting pub, Insomnia..
*digress* Hey sisters, let's go there when we hav time.. *back to topic*
We stop by to take pics after we spotted 2 lobsters with purple shell.. Nice nice..
Super Pai seh part : Imagine, the restaurant was next to the restroom.. N people kept lookin at us when walkin pass, wondering why are we takin pics of lobsters.. Double ES..

3) LaViva...
We decided to step into this restaurant cum bar cos Aileen wanted to eat their Fried dough.. (You Tiao)..
I ordered sliced apple, caramelized with vanilla ice cream, Xx ate this Pie made with custard or something..
It was nice.. n cheap.. (each dessert onli cos $8 before all e taxes..)
Except, pls change the electricity system of ur restaurant..
It tripped 7 times while we were there.... n we were there for onli 2hrs.. or even lesser than tat..
Ice cream outing was great.. I seldom eat ice cream with so many people.. Most of them had their own cup of ice cream while Hamtaro, LS, Itsuki, Ding Ding n I shared a giant earthquake..
*Slurp.. Slurp* Luved Ice Cream..

Let's see.. Besides the 5 of us, still hav Dan, Trixy, Shu Herng, Yvonne, Bryan, Sok Hiang n Zhi Sen (not sure abt his name).. Huge gathering manz..
Next Sat would probably be another filling day.. Haha.. Bbq at night.. n before tat, I'll be having another eatin session.. Hahaha.. Lookin forward to next SAt.. =)

Tat's all for now.. BYeZ..

Counting down..

Now is Tuesday, 4 Sept, 11.32pm..

Counting down, 10 more days, to the end of my journey in SatComS. 1yr n 4mths there gave me not only memories, it gave me an insight to alot of things.. People, culture, knowledge and many other things..

When I broke the news to Alex 2weeks ago, he was shocked.. In fact, out of all those tat I told, I guess only PJ was not surprised.. Cos she knew I would do it sooner or later..

In this 1yr 4mths, I really learnt alot.. Learnt alot of skills that I could bring with me everywhere. If there's a better offer, I might still go back in future.. But not now..

I love the people there.. Mayb bcos I'm the youngest there, they took great care of me.. I made great friends there too.. Sharon, PJ, Fay, Joyce, Angeline, Howey, Alex, KE, HM, SP, ST, MY, Lilian, Lucy, Nat, Belinda n many more..

我知道你们都很疼我。。。 Thanks is all I can say..

To start it off...

Ardorythmatics n JMD, u guys ROCKS!!!

N we did ROCK the stage last night with our performance!!!!
Well, we came through alot for this performance.. From being strangers, to friends... From completely unable to catch the steps to movin wif the music without havin to think abt steps.. From scoldings, to encouragement n rockin the stage, we've been thru it..

We came a very long way.. It's been 3mths.. n everythin is doin well.. Let's hope tat as we continue to dance together.. (both Ardorythmatics n JMD), we'll rock even more stages.. Hahaha..

It was tiring last nite.. Met up wif my di (LS), Bryan, BT, Hamtaro for breakfast.. after which, met XM n Elmo there too.. Warm up started ard 9plus after which was runnin before more warm up exercises.. Then was full runs..

After reachin JAS, we had our rehearsal before the final show.. N i broke my watch durin the final show... N i guess it did cause some trouble to some of them.. *Apologies.. I didn't know it will break tat easily.. *

Then it was Bon odori.. followed by photo takin.. before headin home..

N I enjoyed myself to the fullest n I had great time!!
Alright, pls send me pics from Natsu if u hav.. Thanks...
will post it here when I've selected the nicer ones.. kekez..
Upset is for me, happy is for u..

Jia you wor.. I'll miss the days tat u brought breakfast for me..

It was sweet.. But it will not happen anymore..

Thanks is all I can say now..

May u be with the girl tat u like.. =)
I went my bro's hse ytd, with the intention to take some pics of my nephew, Beckham..
He's onli 4 and already standing at 1.11m.. Tall sia..

P.S: Nat thought tat he's 6 when she saw the pics..

The 'ah beng' of 2007.. Hahaha..

His 'modelling' shots...