CAme by to update a little abt wat happened during e weekend..
Fri: Met up wif some ex-colleagues n frenz for dinner.. Phyllis, Fay, Sharon, Li Pheng, Ivy, Nelson, YYF, PK, Alex, PJ n Fred.. We had steamboat dinner @ 麻辣小厨 (opp Concourse..)... Food there is pretty good.. After which, Nelson, PJ, Fred, Alex n I went to meet Nicholas for K-ing at PArtyWorld till 1am..

Sat: A super tiring day before, I met up wif Sok Hiang, Gerry n Trix on Sat mornin to prepare for the surprise.. We had fun fillin up water bombs.. After which, Sok Hiang n I went to fetch Yvonne.. Kekez.. we had fun bringing her here n there while waiting for the rest to get ready.. Then, surprise finally started..

Water BOMBIN session part 1.. HAha..
After mission 1 accomplished, we had our mission 2.. Bombin --> Jia hui n Shu Herng..
Kekez.. Then after 2nd mission accomplish, of cos, we will hav fun bombin each other..
Further details will be left out.. Too much to mention..

Dance session was good.. N we played musical chairs.. Haha.. A long lost game.. tink i last played it super long ago.. (Mayb pri sch??)

We had our Water BOMBIN session 2 before we ended the day.. BryaNn, Gerry, Sok Hiang, Yvonne, Zat n I played some games after we bombed BryaNn.. All of us were wet from top down.. Then we took pics to rmb tat day before we head off to bath.. (*PS: Sok Hiang.. Remember to send me the pics...)

NEXT--> BBQ session..
It was fun.. with jus tat group of us.. BBQin at the way till almost 1 before we seat down n talk talk talk.. We finished packin up n left at ard 3... Zat n I went mac to hav a drink.. I fell asleep there.. (Sorry Zato..) Then we left at ard 5 bcos I realli can't wait till 1st train to go home.. So we took a cab back..

Woken by Zuzz's call, it was already 3pm.. 7hrs of sleep was good enough.. slacked ard at home, watch tv, played some games.. The day ended, wif Zat sendin me the song which i wanted.. "Beautiful girls"..
Goin off to sleep.. workin tml..

Thanks all to u guys..
LOVe Ya Lotz!!!
Good NItez~
Ytd, first day work @ new workplace..

SBS bluff me.. their website say the bus will take 20mins.. In the end, it took 1hr.. Haiz..
Anyway, I still reached office ard 8.20..
Was roughly (n i realli meant roughly) shown ard office..

After which, was asked to sit down at a empty table.. After sittin there n stare for ard 1/2 hr,
The team lead for my side came n taught me some stuff n intro me to somethings like UT (which initially i heard as Yew Tee), RP and SD..

After tat I sat back at the empty table (which is officially my table by now) for another 2hrs..
Then, out of sudden, this lady sitting beside start to introduce herself n teachin me the things I'm suppose to know... (She sounded fierce initially.. Haha)
After awhile.. then i realise tat she was suppose to be my 师傅.. Hahaha.. I know I was kind of slow..

After a while, it was 12 already.. that was when i found out tat people there eat lunch at...
3pm.. By the time it was 2, my stomach was roarin in hunger.. so I went out to eat without them.. time past pretty fast ytd.. After work, i went sch for jmd.. Reached home at 12plus..
Work environment is quite good.. people there are pretty friendly.. 2nd day there, got to know a few of them.. Shirley (my 师傅), Allan, Wen Ming, Bee Geok (the team lead), Cynthia (oso a team lead), Sharon, Jac, Rei, Christina, Kim, Marian.. Others, i can remember face.. but not name..

Tml will be my 3rd day there.. still enjoyin the honeymoon period.. But i know once i start handlin my own ports, chances are - i will hav to stay late everyday if trade vol is high..

Hope I'll settle down soon... but i still miss the times at ST n RIL.. Hahaha...
It's a fresh start for work tml.. Erm..
Kind of gan cheong.. cos dunno wat's goanna happen..
Hopin for the best..
Tml after work, shld be goin for jmd.. I tink..

After which, home sweet home..
Then, will keep u guys update again on work..

After 2 nights of struggle, i finally made a decision.. Thanks Xx n Yu herng for the advise..

Startin work next Wed..

Let's see.. this week had been kind of filling..
I met Belinda, Sandy n Jessie for lunch on mon..
Met Lam for lunch on Tue..
Went down to PWC Building on Wed then went AMK hub to meet Yvonne... after which, went school...
Thurs was spent mostly at home, finishin up the proposal for CK..
Today, I met Shiyong n Uncle Zoo Meng for lunch.. Then went back to office for the Mooncake festival celebration.. At the same time, i made chocolate cornflakes for them..
*Comment was not too bad.. * Smile big big.. Kekez..
After the event, Michael drove us to East Coast for dinner.. *Thanks Michael..*

Tml will be a early day.. Meetin SB, Angeline, Michael n Jessie for the STK event.. then I'm headin to school for the long waited Ardorhythmatics practise.. After which, might be meeting Xx n Zuzz for dinner..
*I oso dunno whether will happen or not.. Still waiting for reply..*
My long awaited slackin period is almost over.. When will I get to go down to forum n hav a drink again @ Coffeebeans?? Or a talkin session @ spinelli over a cup of Mango Tea??
If having to consider to take up a job offer is bad enough, wat is having to consider whether to postpone a job offer so tat i can go for intv for another position??

Haiz.. Wat shld i do????????????
want to know more about me?
hehehe... Ding Ding tagged me!
So this is how the game goes!
Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. i love to dance.. Hip Hop especially.. (Luv Ardorhythmatics~ n JMD~)
2.i love takin walks n sitting bus alone.. (especially when i need to be alone..)
3.i own 2 mobile phone lines..
4. i love pigs.. (not real pigs.. jus the soft toys..)
5. i can't realli take spicy food..
6. i can cook n make dessert.. (provided i'm in e mood..)
7.i love chocolates n ice cream.. (PS: i luv chocolates.. but not chocolate cake..)
8. i love being wif frenz..
9. my specs degree per eye is almost 600
10. i wish to hav someone to be with by my next birthday.. haha..

i am suppose to tag some other people. Let's see
1. My bro..
2. Fay
3. Zuzz
4. Zati
5. Trixy
6. five will do...

ok done!!..
scroll down for proper posting..

This weekend was happenin.. Met Xx for gymin on Sat morn.. Where she invented another new word after last week's "nationary".. "noblelified".. Meaning?? It means a word to describe people tat think they are veri noble.. Haha.. after tat, met up wif ZuzZ n DAryl to walk ard town.. Left ard 5 n make my way to Sembawang for BBq at Dan's place.. Met ding ding at amk station.. we were kind of the earliest..

After msot people arrved, we proceed to shop for drinks n some food items.. as usual, coke carry the most quantity.. n there were some other drinks.. bbq started ard 6plus, near 7.. didn't eat much thou.. as there was quite alot of people...

In the end, ard 12 plus, left me, SHu herng, dAn, Zat n JAe... we talked thru e night, finishin e ham n chicken wings.. we left ard 5, headin for mac n first train home..

Reached hm ard 730.. bath n headed out again.. to meet them at JE to go Waseda.. as usual, no one was early.. Kekez.. This yr, not as many people went.. so not as fun.. but we still had a great time.. after tat, headed to Cine for lunch n some walk ard..

Wanted to watch dAN play bball match but needed to get some bakin stuff n was veri tired.. so went home instead.. (after reachin home n bath, sleep all the way till this mornin.. haha..)
Tryin to tie up the loose end for the proposal so tat i can pass to Chee Kiong n he can startin his plannin asap..

At this pt of time, I'm also searchin for a job.. a better payin one compared to my previous..

Ardorymatics practise is also startin next week.. in preparation for performance...

Let's hope everythin will go on smoothly...
Tat's all for today.. Headin to office to collect my stuff n finished up my work... (last fri was my last day.. but it looks like this fri then is my last..)
Ytd.. was a filling day.. N I meant it..

I went sch with 2 purpose :
- Meeting Ding Ding n the rest for ice cream..
- Show them support for their grading / assessment..

Was there ard 1pm.. Watched their grading.. After which, we went Novena for food n ICE CREAM @ SWENSENS..
Before which, ate the 'chocolate flakes' tarts that Sok Hiang made... They were super duper nice..
*Those that I made taste bad.. for the least, my mum didn't like them*

Anyway.. It was great..

Then I met Aileen n Xx for dinner @ Far east.. Dinner was chicken rice..
AFter that, there was snackin at Ya Kun..
N dessert @ Laviva...

Super filling day..
Interesting incidents..
1) The Cathay..
We went The Cathay, wanted to get Movie Tix.. but there wasn't any favourable tix left.. N the next avail show was too late.. So we went gramaphone for a walk.. N we ended up sitting at the sofa.. watching Stay Alive.. for 1hr plus.. *ES....*

After The Cathay, we walked down to CHIJMES, looking for desserts.. We looked around, n found this interesting pub, Insomnia..
*digress* Hey sisters, let's go there when we hav time.. *back to topic*
We stop by to take pics after we spotted 2 lobsters with purple shell.. Nice nice..
Super Pai seh part : Imagine, the restaurant was next to the restroom.. N people kept lookin at us when walkin pass, wondering why are we takin pics of lobsters.. Double ES..

3) LaViva...
We decided to step into this restaurant cum bar cos Aileen wanted to eat their Fried dough.. (You Tiao)..
I ordered sliced apple, caramelized with vanilla ice cream, Xx ate this Pie made with custard or something..
It was nice.. n cheap.. (each dessert onli cos $8 before all e taxes..)
Except, pls change the electricity system of ur restaurant..
It tripped 7 times while we were there.... n we were there for onli 2hrs.. or even lesser than tat..
Ice cream outing was great.. I seldom eat ice cream with so many people.. Most of them had their own cup of ice cream while Hamtaro, LS, Itsuki, Ding Ding n I shared a giant earthquake..
*Slurp.. Slurp* Luved Ice Cream..

Let's see.. Besides the 5 of us, still hav Dan, Trixy, Shu Herng, Yvonne, Bryan, Sok Hiang n Zhi Sen (not sure abt his name).. Huge gathering manz..
Next Sat would probably be another filling day.. Haha.. Bbq at night.. n before tat, I'll be having another eatin session.. Hahaha.. Lookin forward to next SAt.. =)

Tat's all for now.. BYeZ..

Counting down..

Now is Tuesday, 4 Sept, 11.32pm..

Counting down, 10 more days, to the end of my journey in SatComS. 1yr n 4mths there gave me not only memories, it gave me an insight to alot of things.. People, culture, knowledge and many other things..

When I broke the news to Alex 2weeks ago, he was shocked.. In fact, out of all those tat I told, I guess only PJ was not surprised.. Cos she knew I would do it sooner or later..

In this 1yr 4mths, I really learnt alot.. Learnt alot of skills that I could bring with me everywhere. If there's a better offer, I might still go back in future.. But not now..

I love the people there.. Mayb bcos I'm the youngest there, they took great care of me.. I made great friends there too.. Sharon, PJ, Fay, Joyce, Angeline, Howey, Alex, KE, HM, SP, ST, MY, Lilian, Lucy, Nat, Belinda n many more..

我知道你们都很疼我。。。 Thanks is all I can say..