Haha.. N Monday is coming to an end soon..
-- Oops, jus some randomness..-----

The weekend was a tried yet fruitful one..
Sat was basically Natsu practise, followed by dinner wif Zuzz n Xx @ Serangoon Gardens..
At practise, we learn poppin.. Forarm pop, hand pop, n many more..
N wakin up on Sun was torturing..

Suppose to meet DaNn n the rest @ 10am at Expo for adidas sale.. I reached at 1020, onli to realise 2 things - e rest are late n the sale onli open doors at 11...

But it was definitely fun to shop wif Trix, DaNn, BT n KK.. Jackets, shoes n tops were part of our winning items.. HAha.. N i got my last piece of jacket.. (thx 2 e guy who let his hands off it..)

After adidas, we went for Robinson sale where we brought another couple of items... (NOTE: the watches were goin for 1 for 1 -> brands like PUMA are there..)

Then we had lunch @ Suntec.. We went from food court -> Pepper Lunch -> Just Noodles -> Swensens. Where we settled down n had our filling lunch.. Visit to street fest was next. It's a little overcrowded there so we went walkin ard before sitting down at Mac for coke n some food..
Jae, Oz n Elmo came n join us later..

We left Suntec for PS to meet XM to get food before heading to Cathay for Movie.. The process of walkin there was hot n tiring but it was also veri veri entertaining.. Alot of people probably thought we are some wild kids la, laughin like mad while walkin..

MOVIE -> INdiana Jones 4
The movie was great.. A combination of actions, comedy plus alittle of family ties..
We were laughin like mad at some parts of the movie..
Overall, it's a good movie to catch. I quite like it..

After movie was the usual catchin up n chit chatting session @ mac till 10 plus before i came home by bus...
Tml will be a long day.. So I'm goanna slp liao..
-> Event of tml:
Goin down to Scape to support JAe @ 8.30pm..

Clubbing @ St James~

Slideshow of photos: Clubbin @ St James~


I accidentally deleted my prev 2 posts!! AHHH...

For anything tat u guys miss, sorry.. cos I can't recover them..

Anyway, this long weekend was indeed LONG.. Alot of first as well..

1. 1st official Natsu 08 dance pract..
2. 1st dance pract (cum stretchin session) for me for a LONGGG break of almost a yr..
3. 1st time, i shopped for perfume with Xx n Zuzz for almost an hr, smellin more than 10 kinds of perfume of different brands..
4. 1st time helping a fren to move house..
5. 1st time clubbing after almost 2 yrs..
6. 1st time clubbing wif Lionel, Ryan n MAx.. (It's been real long since I clubbed with Zuzz as well..)
7. 1st visit to St James (n it was crazY!)
8. 1st time eat supper @ River Valley..
AFter dance pract on Sat, met up wif Zuzz n Xx for dinner n some shoppin.. Zuzz wanted to shop for perfume.. n we went with him.. After smelling countless perfume n countless times of coffee beans, we finally brought the perfume n settled at Hong Kong cafe for dinner.. After which was endless talkin @ Spinelli..

Sun afternoon, I met Zuzz for lunch before proceedin to help Vivien move house, where they sucessfully persuade me to join them @ St James tat night..

Met Zuzz for dinner @ dhoby before meetin the rest at St James.. E queue is realli long but thanks to Lionel, we were in the VIP queue which is also veri long.. but when Zuzz n I reached, they were already in front.. so ya, we got in at 11plus.. had a couple of drinks before proceeding to the dance floor for the rest of the night, shaking away to songs like Feedback and many others... It was realli crazy.. Those tat were with me, definitely agree to this right?? hahaha..

Lionel, max n I left for Supper @ river valley at abt 4, jus before St James closed for the day..
Prata was alright onli.. (I didn't know Cheese is so ex tat me n Lionel onli spotted like a few bits of it n we both agree tat the cheese is SALTY).. Lychee was great n refreshin.. =)

Time I reached home: 6am (I was the last to alight, after Lionel n Max)
Time I slept: 7am (Was waiting for my hair to dry naturally)
Time I woke up today: 2pm
(I actually opened my eyes at 12.. but 5 hrs of sleep was not realli enough n I figured tat since I didn't hav anything on today, might as well sleep more.. So I slept again.. Haha...)

I am aching from shoulder down, after joggin ard NYP with Qi, did full set of stretching exercise, learn n practise dance for 3hrs, help a little to move hse n dancing thru the night n of cos, enjoyin myself this long weekend.. Haha..