D&D was awesome.. It was great.. All of us had fun.. Saw lots of Movie Stars.. Haha.. We had cleopatra, Matrix, Batman, Students, Harry Porter, Knights, Princess, Vampire Queen, Cinderlla, Snow White, Men in Black, Witch, Samurai, King and lots lots more.. However, majority of them dress as per normal.. Oh.. Before I forgot, there was a pilot.. and a few angels n fairies.. I was waiting to see Santa Claus.. Haha..

The performances were great from both my company n Info Comm.. All sang songs... We had Ben Xiao Hai and yong xin liang ku.. Nice songs.. Hehe..

------------ HR Meeting in Progress --------

------------ End of Meeting-----------------

Emotions came and left... Now I know what make me wanna stay here.. Its bcos of the people.. the people here are realli nice.. No matter what happens, there are people who stand by you...

I move office le.. Went up to the 4th floor.. I changed my office number as well.. Now, sitting together with my colleagues and my HR Manager.. of cos, words were exchanged before we move up.. and of cos, there were good and bad... Things, I would say was not exactly good.. You see, whenever we get together for meetings, there is bound to be some arguements to correct things.. and my HR Manager has never sit together with us since she came in.. so.. I dunno what will happen.. haha.. Lets' hope that things turn up fine..

5th December...
Happy Birthday to Khar Eng...
May all your wished come true..


Today.. Office got veri veri veri veri few people.. On usual days, usual months, There will be 11 people in office.. Today.. There is only 4.. And in the afternoon, it will only be 2.. Haha.. Wat a day.. yesterday, there was 6.. Bosses are not around today.. Yippeeee.... I am looking forward to Saturday n sunday.. its gathering.. hehe..
Hehe... I manage to get into Blogger from office.. Yeah!! I will try to update as often as I can.. Lets start..

Remember I mentioned that I will be moving office? Yeah... Official Moving date is on 1st Dec.. Next Fri.. Will be changing office number as well.. Hmm.. Excited..

Company's D&D is on this fri.. Yeah!! Veri veri excited.. Especially bcos there is a theme to it.. Movie Magic.. All have to be dressed up in costumes of the characters in movies.. Waiting to see fairy tales, movies like Star Wars and more.. Heard that Snow White is coming.. Programme is supposedly exciting.. Can't wait for it.. Hehe..

*The present is still in my office drawer.. It has not been collected yet and the owner dun seem to be interested in collecting it.. Wasted effort.. *Sob Sob*... Haiz.. *

*Its finally 5.30pm.. Leaving office le.. ByeZZZZ!

a little update..

Taking a little time to blog a little before I rush off to meet Annie at Toa Payoh.. For those people who want to know I haven't been blogging.. Tat's bcos my hse Internet is down.. n my bro hasn't decided which subscriber to take.. so no Internet at Home.. as for office, I can't access blogger.. so no hope.. anyway.. I've been living well.. have been busy with work.. I will be updating more of my life soon, I hope.. anyway.. you guys can tag at my tag board.. although no access to blogger.. I still can read my own blog.. so do tag.. Good Day!! Enjoy!!
Here is the breakdown to my life for the past few weeks..

80% - Work.. No matter izzit ST or 7-11.
10% - Sleep, Personal time cum Meal times..
05% - Meet ups with Frenz (Qiqi, Xiao Hui, Annie and more)
05% - Travelling time..

You might wonder why is so much time spend on work.. Total no life right? Its true.. I am not realli enjoying now.. Cos nobody is free.. Everyone is busy wif their own things.. Enjoying their own life..

I'm in such a situation whereby I'm indeed enjoying what I'm doin.. but at the same time, trying to find time to enjoy myself.. But when I hav the time, people wouldn't be free..


My office is moving.. Moving from 1st floor to 4th floor.. Hehe.. But not sure when yet.. Might be End of Oct, might be end of Nov.. Its not decided yet..

Even though life has been pretty boring.. Cos it work, work and more work, I would say that this period of time, I am quite alright.. Thanks to those people who has been accompanying me.. Simply love the time I spend with all of you.. Although you people has been saying tat I'm not myself anymore.. Thanks for the concern.. Rest assure that I am still the Wendy that you all know.. When you need my company, I'll try my best to make it.. Distance are not really taken into consideration as long as it is in Singapore.. Hehe..

End with a quote that I love..
Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods. -- Nichomachean Ethics
the flu has been with me for 4 days by record.. its e longest for the year... I was not suppose to drink coke.. suppose to rest.. not suppose to eat fried or oily food.. suppose to drink lots of plain water.. BUT... I drank coke when i went to NYP for dance with gin and brendy.. I ate mac too.. on sat.. and today.. I drank coke today too.. I slept at 1plus am bcos i was readin comics.. I drank water onli when i need to eat the medicine.. tat's it.. I was totally disobeyin e doctor's advise.. tat is why i haven't recover.. but all will be fine once i get back to office tml.. you see.. in my office, everybody is older then me.. and most of thems are mothers.. and honestly, they do treat me like their own daughter.. with them around, dun say coke.. wanna drink cold drinks oso might get nagged.. and i predict, i will be ban from drinkin coke while in their sight until i recover completely..

Ooh.. jus a little update.. I started goin back for dance again.. of cos.. its not for ADC.. i went back bcos jean and brendy wanted me to teach them some stuff.. i agreed bcos i haven't been movin.. and I'm getting rusty.. I wanna get back the groove.. I wanna do back wat i love.. DAnce.. Although not the same anymore, I'll still do it.. However, i do hope tat ADC get back to practise soon.. I miss all of them.. And i mean all dancers and cherographers....
Random thoughts... "Mayb ADC shld get a trainer to train up our fitness.. so tat we can train up our stamina and strength to do more dances.."
the medicine is makin me drowsy e whole day.. No carvin for food.. No hunger.. Izzit good or bad? I oso dunno.. Even with the medicine that the doc gave me, I'm not recovering.. My fever has not subside.. the flu is still there.. I've been catchin up with my comics readin.. my latest craze.... Death Note.. Nice comics... The movie will be out soon.. and i definitely will catch it in the cinema.. May all be well for me, for Dan, and all my frenz out there.. hav a good day frenz..
Random n short post..

I hav fallen sick.. Its a cold virus attack.. cum lack of rest.. plus stress.. haha.. Tat's what the doc said.. The medicine sucks.. taste bad.. lost all tastes of food.. no cravings either.. So sianzz.. I've been readin comics again.. finally.. meetin annie later in e nite for dinner.. I wanna get out of the house.. I'm feelin damn bored.......
Life is simplier now..
No social life..
No night life..
No shoppin..
No meet ups..
No chillin out..
No dinner..
No coke..
No pure vanilla..
No Coffee Beans..
No you..
No feelings..

You might ask.. why is my life so boring.. yes.. indeed its boring.. I dun realli enjoy anything now.. Cos the company is different.. Chillin out is something I always look forward to in the past months.. no matter who it is with.. But now, the relax feelin is no longer there... I wanna chill out again... I wanna sing K again.. I wanna club again.. I wanna go shoppin again.. But company is not there.. nothin can be done.. Everybody is not free... or doesn't wan to meet up.. Sian.. I use to hav veri good company for everythin.. haiz.. Movies, clubbin, shoppin, singing, playin pool is no longer the same..
Another short post..
I'm in a mess now..
I hav contradicting feelings..
I dunno wat I shld be doin..
I dun trust them now..
I hope things didn't turn out this way..
But it did..
What shld I be doin..
I oso dunno..
If given a chance again..
I would hav done it in a different way..
I almost broke down ytd... Reason? Everything was in a mess...

E day before, I set up the system for Siew Ping.. She wanted to keep it there so that dun hav to dismantle again.. I told her its not safe.. She insisted in the beginning.. Then she gave in after I told her tat even if I am ok with it, IT will not agree.. So ya.. She kept it.. on the condition that I set it up for her at 8.. I felt office at 6 tat day..

Ytd morning.. I reach office at around 7 plus, ready to eat breakfast.. Then, realising that frankin was not done.. I did it.. A quarter way through, around 815, I stop for a while to set up the system for Siew Ping as agreed e day before... Then I came back to continue.. At 9, Woon Lee and Lam popped in and say that their room is taken up by a Foreigner... I went to take a look before askin Doris wat's happening.. We checked.. and realise that it was a mistake by Chui Hoon.. That she thought she booked for today.. Instead of them movin out.. all bcos they hav got a external trainer, my side hav to move to a smaller room.. WHY?? Unfair.. Then when Chua came and ask, what happened, I told him that they hav to move to Room 1 in the morning and go back to Performance Room only in the evening... and he showed me a black face... Tat was when everything went wrong.. I forgot to switch to overseas franking.. The amount dun tally.. I couldn't attend e briefing.. and was ask a thousand time for e reason.. Then, hav to check this and that, even hav to page for the trainees to come down and stuff... So many things hav to be settled on e spot... Suddenly, I jus felt like crying.. but I swallowed it back in.. All bcos I know this is part and parcel of working life...

Then, I only settled down to do my work at around 12.. ate my breakfast.. and lunch.. then did some adjustments to the Performance Room before heading out to buy the tea break for them... Later in the evening, I updated the records, SAP, till 7plus.. Then help clear the Performance Room after the Ladies Evening hav finished before leaving at 8 with Serene.. Reached home at around 10...

Did some work at home today.. Meetin Annie for dinner later.. good day..

In memory of him...

Was suppose to be havin dinner with colleagues at Ritz Cartlon happily.. On e way there, the news came crashin down..

A ," He passed away already.. He jumped from his blk ytd.."
Me," Are you serious??"
A ," Yes.."

tears rolled down...

Didn't know e reason.. dun wanna know.. But still called her.. Answer was.. He is stressed up over lots of things..

Couldn't make it down tat day caused I promise my colleagues to be there.. Went down on Sat.. Saw his bro.. He looks ok.. But his face is telin me tat he hurts inside.. but has to be strong anyway.. A was not there.. Went to get his favourite food for him.. Lookin at his photo, tears came down again.. He was such a care free guy.. We talked n crap together.. Laugh at jokes and stuff.. now, he is lyin there, motionless.. I dun dare to walk up.. Afraid tat I will break down..

Over heard some of his relatives talkin.. Sayin "Why did he jumped?" "As a guy, what cannot talk it out.. Muz end his life.." "Commit sucide is bad enough.. Still call his mum and ask her to see him fallin n can't do anything.. Cruel.."

Saw his mum, bringing some of his best frenz to see him.. Telling him to remember to cum home.. ASkin him to come home.. Telling him tat he is her precious.. Askin him why is he so cruel.. Leavin her and the family...She cried and cried...

Tears flowed.. down my face..

A came back.. with his favourite food.. Crab, snacks, sushis, pizza... etc.. Then, his mum help to lay the food at the alter.. Sayin at the same time "Look what she brought for you, crab and so much more.. how good she is to u.." and she started crying again..

Waited for Xiu Qi to come.. N we offered him our last respect.. N I told him softly.. Tat I will remember him forever.. In my heart..Xiu Qi n I talked.. Abt him.. about everything that he hav done for us.. all his jokes tat never fails to perk us up... All his works.. Tat he hav put in so much efforts.. How much he believe in love, never givin up..

When we are leavin, I talk his bro a little.. My condolences are the only words I can give him.. Talked to A a little, she said she is alright.. But we just know.. tat she is definitely not.. Told her to take care.. n live a life tat will make him proud.. She said ok..

left for home..

After thoughts...

Life is so fragile.. I never ever thought I would need to attend a funeral of a friend of my age.. We are only 20.. isn't it a little unfair to end it now? Once again, I blame God for takin him away.. I will never understand wat good does it do to take him away.. I can only say, mayb he failed e test tat God gave him.. Even now, I still keep his number in my phone.. Still refuse to delete it away..

I thought I will not shed a tear for him.. Since we haven't contact for long.. I thought I hav learn to keep my tears.. but I didn't.. I thought it would not hurt so much.. But it did..

To Wen Bin:
I thank you for all the things tat you hav done.. Thanks for all e laughter.. Thanks for protecting me.. Thanks for telling me tat life will get better when I was at my bottom pit.. sorry tat I didn't make e effort to call you.. Sorry tat I wasn't able to be there when you needed someone.. Here, I give you my last respect.. N all I wan to say.. is written here..

"I will miss you forever.. You will forever be in my heart.. I hav never regret being your friend.. Thanks for everything.. Friendship between us will be forever.. No change.. No more chance to change.. you wil stand a place in my heart forever.. Bye.."
I came to the opinion tat God was unfair to me.. He hav forgotten to put my name into one of his many lists.. Looks, wealth, talents, happiness, a partner... etc.. etc..

Ooh.. but he did put me in a few lists.. the lonely list.. the nothing will go well list..

Of cos, you might say that erm..
I've got good frenz..
I've got a great family..
But tat's jus a matter of opinion..

Anyway, Hsiao Ling said something tat made me rethink abt my opinion..
"Who am I to say God was not fair?"

However, I admit, I'm goin through a rough time wif myself..
But not to worry, I'll be fine..
Still Happy when i see my frenz n family..
Cos they are important to me...
And I treasure them.. All of them..
Love all of u..
Short Post...

Why bother saying things that you know you are not going to keep ur words later?
I'm irritated by them..
You say one thing..
But ur action shows another..
No understanding at all..
Feel irritated..
Sort of completed my work tat I brought home last night..
Well, since I hav the time , might as well blog..
Times are getting harder to pass..
Nowadays, finding people to talk is hard..
No one seem to hav the time to communicate anymore..
Everybody is busy with their own things at hand..
Nobody hav the time to talk, to pick up their phone and to sms..
Saving of phone bill? Mayb..
When people call, they call with a purpose..
All sort of purposes.. except to hav a chat wif u..
I would hav prefer my life in poly..
when we could hav sit down n chit chat..
Not like now, everytime we do sit down together..
it usually for food. After tat, its back to normal..
When will we once again, sit down n chit chat abt all sorts of things?
I dunno..

My department is under going re-structuring..
Nothing is concrete now..
Everything is a mystery..
Until the last min, there might still be changes..
Will I leave or will I be goin, nobody knows..
But now, my decision is to stay..
At least for now..
Cos its hard to find a job at the end of the year..
And of cos, bcos I need to save some money up to get my labtop..
Tml is the final day..
Everything will be said tml..
Decisions will be made by my new boss..
Please pray for me..
That everything will be fine..

Will we move out of our present office?
Nobody knows..
If we does..
I'll miss the place now..
all the talking..
The lunch buddies..
The talkin buddies..
People to talk too..
People to joke with..
I wouldn't say I'm exactly happy here..
Bcos the people here are not exactly at my frequency..
But they are people whom I know will help me n take care of me..
They might not be the ones that I will wan to share everything wif..
Like I did with Jason, Adrian, Ashley, Lynn, Daphne and Raymond..
But I do enjoy my time with them..

Well, you might ask..
how hav my life been..
I would say, it hav been alright..
for the least, I know tat God is with me..
If you ask..
How is my relationship with him..
I would say, onli he will know..
whether or not, my relationship wif him is good..
all i can say is tat..
I still read his words..
I still talk to him everyday..
I still do my quiet time..
A few things tat I dun do now..
Tat i use to do in the past..
is goin to church..
n attending Cell Group..
Hsiao Ling was askin me..
why am i takin so long to go back to attending church?
I couldn't answer her..
Its all bcos of one thing..

Bcos I told myself..
When I left..
I want to go back..
Only when I am ready..
To say that..
I'm goin to church..
Bcos of God..
Not goin for the sake of goin..
I want to go back..
As a new me..
As someone that see goin to church..
not as a routine..
but as a task..
Tat builds my relationship with God..
as a place tat I can rest my soul in him..
Which is what they hav been telling me..
Is the purpose of goin to church..

Like wat Romans said in his blog..
We go church..
for the jams n butter..
not the bread...
Below is quoted from Romans's blog..
"we will not settle for the basic need and what is necessary but rather going for things that are MORE then basic. SO this question came to mind, Is the bread of life enough for me? Or I need something more to make it more effective or special? Like the beauty of the Church building? the warm fellowship of the churchmates? Or the nice music? Or even the interesting activities we organise. We no long focus on the BREAD, but the jams and the butter. To my horror, some may eevn forsake the bread and eat just the butter and the jams and make it their basic need. That means Christian now a days will focus on the churh building, the fellowship of the people, the music and the speculations and not the BREAD, not their relationship with Jesus anymore. LEt's keep praying for ourselves and for one another that we will not end up forsaking the BREAD of life and settle for the Butter and jams."

Like I said..
In the past, when I attended church..
It was like what he mention..
Its was for the jams and butter..
And I forsake the bread..
I'm trying to focus on my relationship with God now..
So that I can get the bread..
N together with the butter n jams..
Make it better..
make it special..
Yoz people.. it has been almost a week since i updated.. or shld i say it has been a week since i use my hse com.. haha.. anyway.. life is getting better.. erm.. hehe.. details are not to be revealed.. anyway.. work has been alright.. my boss has been away for 3 days n i've been workin like crazy.. haha.. now tat she is back, my workload is back to normal.. hehe..

Personal life is more or less the same.. mood is still not veri good.. but at least it is getting better than e previous week.. although we haven't been talkin.. i know there are some of u out there who haven't had a good week either.. Next week will always be better.. Jia You!!

Warning: Random wordings below!!!

Ytd when my dad sent me home, he was askin me abt choices tat i made.. why my bro can always go upgrade himself while i'm not doin the same? come on.. he has SAF to sponsor him wor.. who sponsor me?? I've got to fork out the money myself.. so muz earn first ma.. anyway.. he said abt choices.. which made me start thinkin..

It was said in the bible that everything happens for a reason and God has already planned our lives even before we were born.. so the choices that we made shld already be in his plans isn't it? So why izzit tat when we made some choices, people are still surprise wif it? Isn't it all pre-planned? THe only thing tat we can choose is to whether we wanna believe in him or not.. and tat choice triggers a chain reaction..

To me, i always believe tat everything happens for a reason, no matter whether the thing is good or bad. What seems good might not be tat good afterall and what seems bad might not be tat bad afterall.. People always say," its jus a matter of opinion."

Honestly, i do hav e urge to do certain things.. but there is always other factors or matters that pull me back.. including the issue of goin back to church which Xiao Hui and I had talk n argue abt.. we can never meet at a common point on tat issue.. like i mentioned above.. it's jus a matter of opinion..
national day.. i was suppose to spent it alone.. there was no work.. n no company.. i packed my bag n went to Bedok mac, to write n to draw wordings in e afternoon.. Jae sms me at around 6, askin if i'm keen on a movie wif him n Dan.. i agreed.. so i made my way down to meet them at somerset...Jae ask why i look so grumpy.. i said i look much better now.. indeed i do..

to those people who saw me on mon or even tue, nobody dare or wanted to mess wif me, saying tat i look n was in such a bad mood tat i might jus flare up anytime.. seriously, on tue, tat was exactly how i felt.. i almost flare up at my Asst Mgr.. almost.. but i kept my cool cos i know it will do me no good if i flare up.. so i kept quiet.. but i guess my actions did show... as usual lah.. anyway, i did wat i was told.. to call e PA of my GM to check wat shld be done n get it done.. tat's it.. at the end of the day, my mood got better.. thanks to Xiao Hui who manage to make me laugh a little..

anyway, ya.. i told him, i was feeling much better than mon.. we went mastero bistro(hope i didn't spell it wrongly) for dinner.. the service was bad.. but the food was quite good.. imagine, the server actually serve dan his sundae before we even ate the main course.. haha.. after tat was Hard Candy, the movie.. then was home..

today, on leave.. haha.. on leave means stay at home.. but still need to do some work.. haha.. good day people.. its friday again tml...
I feel that you are irritated with me
I know that you wanna be alone
I know that u wanna be isolated
but i'm worried..
totally no idea
why am i worried..
3 days without contact,
i never had my mood so bad..
it's all bcos of u...

I always thought frenz are suppose to be there when u need them.. even when u wan them to get lost, they will continue to appear bcos they care...

u said u know that there are some things u know i dun like u to do or to say so u avoid doin it.. i thought u understand me.. but in fact u dun realli do.. i bet there is something u people do not know abt me.. is that ur mood are the things that affect me e most.. that if u are feeling upset, i will feel upset too no matter how wonderful my day has been.. that if u are happy, no matter how upset i am wif my life, i will be happy with u.. bcos u are my friend... if u are not, i cannot be bothered.. but u are, as ur mood change, u will see my mood changing too..

i know that no one u will listen to now.. i know tat no words can impact u now.. i jus hope tat u look for me, to share ur woes n happiness n feelings n words.. so tat i know wat is happening.. time, care n concern is all i hav.. jus hope tat these will make u be encourage.. but no matter wat, u need urself to pick u up.. no one can help.. take Care...

i look back n remembered all the time tat we had, as a group, as a friend, as an individual.. how we got to know each other, how i dislike u, how u dislike me, how we became frenz. how we got to know each other better... how i thought u were a brother and a teacher.. the times when we were at Coffeebeans, even though we didn't talk, we enjoyed each others' company.. company is wat i need now n is wat i dun realli hav.. yes, i do get to see lots of people everyday.. but no one do i deem as a company..

people there are lots
company there is little.
acquaintances u hav lots,
friends u hav lesser,
good friends, u hav little.

I'm grateful n contented with the good frenz that i hav.. for they are the best that i can find n i know, no matter wat happen, they will try their best to be there for me.. for that, i'm thankful to God for putting them into my life. they are more important then they think they are. even though at times, i might forget abt lots of things, there are things that i will never forget -- that is the things that they hav done for me. Thanks.
I wrote a whole long essay.. but i decided to delete away.. so tat nobody will know what is happening.. I felt the strong urge to tell him.. but i'm keepin it to myself.. Keepin it wif me forever.. Bcos i know if i let it out.. alot of things will change.. n i dun wan it to change... Why are all these feelings coming to me at tis time? when situations are at their worse state? If I can make a wish.. I wish that situations can be alot better for all of us.. Wishful thinking? I tink so too.. I was questioned abt my faith, questioned abt my love for God, questioned abt the kind of feeling i hav for the 2 of them.. questioned abt why am i doin all these, I'm being questioned abt things tat were the principles of my life.. questioned abt things tat i believe will last forever.. things tat i thought would never change.. things tat i thought were good, turned out bad.. things tat were bad, turned out worse... I always hav this faith in me tat everything tat is bad, will hav a good side of it.. i always believe tat when God take something or someone away from you, he will definitely give u back someone or something tat is the same or even better.. But all these faith tat i believed in, lookin at wat is happening around, I'm being to doubt.. I know i shouldn't.. but why are all these happenin at the same time?
I'm missing people that I ever thought I would miss them.. I miss the times I'm with them.. Jason, Adrian, Ashley (RIL), Daphne, Lynn, Ashley, Evelyn, Zuzz, XX, Albin, Zat, Dan, Jas, Qi, Mabel.. People that tolerated my nonsense..Much appreciated.. I know alot of times, i pissed you all off with my crap.. Thanks for everything.. the gifts, the words, the tolerance, the shoulders..

I had a realli bad weekend... but i'm gald that I had frenz with me.. Dan, Zat, XM, Jae and Qi. although Qi wasn't there physically, she was the one tat encouraged me the most.. Thanks to Dan, knowing tat i need the company.. as the for the other 3, i believe they didn't know wat happened.. but thanks for the company..

I didn't know the decision that i hav to made will affect so much things.. honestly, i'm realli upset.. upset over alot of things... but in general, disappointment in myself are the words to describe my feelings..

在我的欢笑背后,带着不想让你们看到的悲伤与痛苦。。。 拥抱是我现在最想要的东西。。 让我抱着哭。。 把所有的悲伤与痛苦都哭出来。。 这样的人要到哪里去找? 为什么那些有人拥抱的人却感觉不到幸福?我要拥抱,也要哭,也要幸福。

*my apologies to you.. u know who u are.. i know u are angry.. haiz.. dunno how i shld put it.. but in simple words, I'm sorry.. Realli sorry...
11 days of life.. Life has been alright... sometimes boring... Meet up wif Qiqi today.. went hougang for a little walk to look for the bakery shop tat she was talkin abt.. n oso for dinner.. before headin home, onli to realise tat nobody is at home..

I had a good talk wif Dan on Sun.. We were talkin abt knowin wat others hav to say before they even finished their sentence.. Haha.. weird.. but we seems to agree on some stuff.. I met up wif him at Orchard wif Jae n Jessica.. As usual, we went to Forum's coffee bean.. Dan jus seem to like it there.. Well, tat place is jus quiet, good for talkin.. We were there for around 4 hrs.. Jae n Jessica left at around 8plus.. me n dan left at 9plus.. to go find Jas.. On the way, we talked abt quite a few things.. I believe he knows wat he is doin... Erm.. Wat am i talkin?? of cos he knows what he is doin.. haha..

I was talkin to a few people abt the matter tat I am leavin my current job.. reason.. I dunno how i shld put it.. U see, the people there are nice and friendly... they are realli fun people.. people tat u can learn lots of things from.. people that hav veri different opinions but yet, they are veri united.. working wif them for these months hav been fun.. I learn alot of things from them n they taught me alot.. Like I told Khar Eng, I felt that they need someone more capable than me.. not tat I'm not capable.. but they jus need someone more capable than me to produce the work tat they want at a faster speed.. my working speed might be a little slow.. but the quality is always satisfying for them... I feel veri bad thou.. cos i did promise Hwee Min that I'll work more than 6mths.. I'm tinking of tendering my resignation next mid month.. advise anyone?

I'm lookin for a new job already.. so if u guys got any lobang, can always call me, sms me or leave a msg at the tagboard..

Whatever written below is random...

U know.. Readers.. Humans are weird.. Alot of times, we know the person is makin use of us.. but we still let they do it.. Why? haha.. I do tat sometimes too.. Stupid right? but it jus seems tat we are jus willing to close one eye.. bcos of the friendship or shld i say for the love and care that we have for them.. They start to take us for granted.. like we are obligated to do things for them.. Why ah? haha..

Another thing.. why izzit that onli when we are bored, we tink of our frenz? why izzit tat when we are busy or when we are resting, they hav never come across our mind? Or worse.. why izzit tat onli when we are realli bored, we will start smsing those frenz tat we hav not seen for a long time? What happen to them when we were keepin our other closer frenz accompany? Haha..

I'm missing alot of people.. missing the chocolate boi, Jason... my ex-boss, adrian.. Daphne... Ashley.. Lynn.. Missing the long lunch break that we take together.. missing the craps n gossips that we talk abt.. missing the time tat i had wif them when we celebrated birthdays or even last days.. or even jus simple dinner.. I still remember how i met adrian.. the 2nd person that i know from Raffles.. first was Benedict lah.. Adrian was a guy that was shy.. haha.. mayb to new staff lah.. then erm.. a week after i came in was his birthday... me n lynn made a card for him.. haha.. tat was when we became closer frenz.. Lynn was on the 2nd day of work.. i know her le.. veri friendly.. next was Jason.. when he came in as an outsource staff from CPR vision.. another boss of mine.. we both love chocolates.. haha.. then was Daphne.. came in to cover for Bee yan who left.. lastly, was Ashley.. came in to work wif Sharon, the accountant.. Oh.. I almost forgot, still got raymond.. Rose, our ig boss's secretary's temp.. veri blur guy.. haha.. in between, we hav people comin n goin.. let me recall... erm.. Geri, Spencer n... Can't remember le..

I miss NYP frenz.. Mabel, Mervin, Jeraldine, De wang, Marcus, Zuzz, Cheryl, Aileen, Rosalyn, Phally, Yin Lu.. and many more.. some like XX, Huey, Zati.. its not like i dun miss them.. jus tat i saw them a few days ago.. so it was still alright.. it has been long since i saw some of them.. There are more people that i miss... Yvonne, Winnie, Ari, Emily, Lifeng, Bryan, MeiQi, Hong Hong n many more..

Miss the times tat i could skip class like nobody's business.. takin excuse letter.. which to me means skippin class wif official reasons.. also, performin for JMD.. e place tat i once love.. thou not anymore.. performin wif JMD dancers.. learning new dance together.. haiz.. also miss the times tat i rush project like crazy.. never sleep jus to finish up the report n ppt slides.. then next mornin presentation.. after tat, head home to sleep n skip class for the rest of the day.. haha.. fun right..

*Too long liao.. update again next time..
after 3 posts of photos.. come a normal post. hehe.. those are recents photos that i took.. for the past weeks, besides working.. i was busy wif my life too.. many times, wanted to blog.. but stupid blogger ate up my post...

today, i went school to collect my cert.. finally.. i got my cert.. after tat was lunch at Marina Square's KFC.. followed by walkin around there n Suntec.. (btw, jus in case u were wondering why i had so much time, I'm on leave today..)

Ytd was simply a lunch cum walkin around trip wif Eugene.. more for catchin up then realli shoppin..

Sat was dance practise as usual.. I feel stress.. cos i couldn't do wat Elmo wanted me to do.. Honestly, i felt angry wif myself.. n at certain point, i simply wanted to give up... I jus thought tat i realli can't do tis.. but i'm still tryin thou.. After tat was lunch at mac as usual... then, we went K again.. Me, Qiqi, Dan, Zat, XM n Albin.. Apollo as usual.. It was fun.. Following was dinner @ liang court's mac n a walk to city hall MRT..

Fri.. celebrated Evelyn's birthday at Fish n Co.. Char couldn't make.. Huey didn't go.. so it was me, Zati, Karen, Phally, Yan Long n her.. We had reali fun.. especially e surprise part.. After tat, was K-ing at K-box... yes.. i know wat u tinkin.. I went K twice.. we K till 2 plus.. followin tat, I went in a cab wif Karen, she went home... then my friend called.. n ask me to go down.. haiz.. i went.. so in e end, not much sleep again..

Mon to Thurs.. Nothin much.. Life as usual...

Wat was before, i can't realli remember.. all i know is Graduation came n left.. n i didn't attend.. n work was as usual...
Ready... One.. Two.. Three.. *Snap*, *Snap*, *Snap*.. photos...
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Recent photos...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
One of my precious one.. Evelyn.. Happy Belated Birthday gurl!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
What are we scared of??
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


More photos to come..

This is wat happen when u are veri free, nothin to do.. n u hav a camera phone wif u..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mac at NYP.. has a hole in e roof!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Guess, Guess.. who is who??
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Whose legs are these??

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Paper Flowers...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lost n Found.. anybody wan to claim??

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
NYP Pal Model, ADC Dancer.. Albin...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Bears from Value Shop.. Available at NYP onli...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Last week was a week of ups n downs.. Anyway, watever happened last week is over.. shall not talk too much abt it.. i type e whole thing out ytd nite actually.. but it was eaten up by blogspot again.. Shit.. anyway.. in summary, it was a busy week...

Today, went school.. supposedly for practise.. ended up, we onli choose e 2nd song.. the whole thing suppose to hav 3 songs lah.. we finished petrified le.. now on to e 2nd song.. it was a battle between Da Pump's song n e song entitled 'Venus'... after revote, Venus won.. so ya.. we will be doin Venus for e 2nd song.. After tat, as per normal, we went mac to slack.. yes, w whole bunch of us.. which includes me, Albin, Qiqi, Dan, Zat, XM, Jae, Meiling, Elmo, Oz, Steve n Selphie.. Imagine, 12 of us, 4 tables.. haha.. we talk till around 2 before leavin.. Qiqi, Dan, Zat, XM n me when to sing K at apollo... we met Leon n Fidel at YCK n saw Gin, Anna n Brendy at apollo... We left around 6 plus.. after which, Dan, XM n me went Riverside Indonesian Restaurant for dinner while Zat n Qiqi went home. Realising tat we had to wait, we went Liang Court to walk around.. at around 7plus, we went back there for our delicious dinner..

dinner was great.. the food there is realli die hard muz try... Good n delicious.. seriously.. We ate sting ray, grilled chicken n soup.. it was good... we ate till full.. veri full.. then me n Dan walk to City hall.. on e way, lots of words were exchanged.. hopes he will be fine.. like i say, i dun pray tat God will help him to forget her.. I'll pray that God helps him to recover... Well, he is startin work on mon.. so may God be with him.. n he will enjoy workin there.. Tml will be another day.. till dunno wat has been plan yet.. everything left unplanned will turned up e right way...

long long post....

It has been more than a month since I blogged.. Alot of things happened in this one month...

Let see.. Summary

I turned 20.. on the 13th of June.. Wanna thanks Zati, Xiu Xian n Aileen for spendin it wif me.. Thanks to Qiqi, Jas, Cindy, Prisca, Meiling, Dan, Hamtaro, Albin, Itsuki, Oz, Daphne, Lynn, Grace, Xiao Hui n Hwee Min for the presents... N thanks to all those who wish me in a way or another for e well wishes... All are apreciated.. Big thanks...

Petrified has been completed.. Now, we are hunting for a new song...

Work load starts to get heavier... I'm completely stressed out...

In summary, tat's all...

Now, let's see what happened in e past week...
ytd.. Went for dance practise.. No longer JMD.. now its ADC (Temp name).. after tat was lunch wif ADC crew followed by a game of pool wif Qiqi, Cindy n Prisca...

Fri, I took half day n slept my way till sat morning.. haha...

Thurs, I forgot to bring my drawer key to work.. n it so happened tat i hav some of the IA students info are inside, I couldn't get much work done... At nite, met up wif Dan n Zat at clark quay.. then we hearded to MoS.. I guess we were too early.. So after drinkin a little at e Retro Room, we headed for supper.. after comin back, there were more people le.. We consider it a gathering nite.. haha.. almost every where we go, we saw frenz of either one of us.. We met StageArts people there too.. n we said next time, we'll go clubbin together.. Well, at there, they had a battle of dance wif some other people.. I would say, both sides were great.. Me & Dan left at around 3 plus while Zat stayed there.. We had a drink of Large Coke at mac before leaving.. I wait at e bus stop for my dad till around 5.. tat explains why i took half day on fri as i didn't sleep a wink at all...

Wed was practically jus work n followed by dance practise.. after tat was watching Garfield 2 at Northpoint wif Dan, Zat, Jas, Selphie n Steve..Garfield was good.. n funny.. worth watching... I wan to get e Garfield soft toy.. any idea where i can get one??

Tue was my birthday.. hehe... went out wif Zati, Xx.. We went Tiong Bahru for lunch n a session of neoprint.. following tat, we met aileen to go Holland Village for a walk.. n to eat the Tiramisu there... Shiok manz..

Mon was jus a day of work... Nothing much.. The weeks before these has past.. I'll blog more abt it if i ever remember.. haha....
A quote tat i saw in office:
"Some people dream about it happening and leave it.
Some people dream about it and let it happened.
Some people dream about it and make it happened.
Which one refer to u?"
its has been 3 weeks since i updated... Jus a few incidents to note during these weeks...

- I went chalet again... wif Qiqi, Jas, Cindy, Meiling, Qiang Long, Ian and Bob... Same, at changi...
- I went for interviews after interviews, still no news...
- Alumnis started our new dance, we choose e songs, then elmininate songs then finally, we settled wif the song "Petrified" by Fort Minor...
- Finally, i decided to try for e admin job tat my friend introduce me... N i got it... Finally, I started work on e 2nd of May...
- Till now, we learnt 14 sequences of e dance n its onli 1min 19sec.. we still hav abt 2 and a half min to go... n if e song is realli goin to be mixed to make it 5 mins, we still hav abt 4mins of song to go...
- I started work n my workplace is in Jurong East... Colleagues are nice people...
- I stopped workin in 7-eleven...
- I got myself a 2nd hand phone cos my workplace can't use camera phone...
- I got myself a new phone number.. i'm still usin e old one thou.. e new number shall be given when asked... not many people will wan it cos i still usin e old one...
- I met up wif Zuzz, XX n Leen to play pool
- I met up wif lianchun, huey n zati.. on different days lah...
- Erm... tat's abt all ba.. e rest, not realli important...

Life in office is boring.. Seriously, i wish to get back to school.. haha.. I've been through a number of things.. includin e fact tat i hav promise people tat i'm goin back to church.. oso, i made a promise to God, tat i will go back... Let's hope tat i dun break tat...

Once again, my birthday is comin.. haha.. thinkin whether i shld take leave on tat day... Updates will come more often when i'm free...

Frenz VS Loved

The question came upon me again... Guy n Gurl can't be pure good friends? Hmm.. after wat a friend ask me last nite.. on whether i like him or not.. tis was e question i had.. I am good friends with a few guys.. i can say tat they do know me quite well.. I am good frenz with alot of gurls too.. Of cos, when talkin abt realli close to e extend where by we can talk abt almost everything, there are, let me count... erm.. 3. They will know who are they thou.. anyway, If i realli like him, i would hav tell u the answer.. but nope, I dun like him.. the fact that i say no, means, no... no other answer.. I dun like people to talk behind my back.. realli, seriously.. if u people realli tink tat I hav a relationship with him, I can tell u.. yes, we hav a relationship, tat's friendship.. friendship are counted too right? N let me say things out first.. If u like him too, go tell him.. dun show me faces or wat.. tell him lah.. One thing, dun bcos u like him, n dun dare to tell him, doesn't mean tat he cannot hav close friends tat are gurls.. alright.. anyway, I hav onli friendship with him, tat's all.. no other...

Photos taken at Zouk when we were bored... details at his blog... People there includes me, adrian, daphne, jason, ashley and lynn.. Lookin forward to e plan tat follows...
it has been quite a while... since i blogged.. well, no point bloggin when no one reads right? haha

i've went out almost everyday... not tat i dun wan to stay at home.. but bcos its too bored... from e 20th to 25th, i was at chalet.. With lots of people... those tat stay more than three days de includes Qiqi, Jas, cindy, prisca, ah long, calvin, ian, asraff, kianz, alan.. others include but not onli steve, shu herng, selphie, Xing yong, ben, fabian, sok ying, sharon ke, sharon, sandy n grace. Quite alot i guess... We had fun... went to e beach, had bbq, daily trip to the changi village.. haha... also, we went to OCH.. was jus outside e building lah.. never realli go in.. details shall nto be revealed here... hehe.. hope to hav more of tis kind of chalet ba...

These few days, i have been goin out.., even before work.. e sat after chalet, went JMD as usual.. after tat, had lunch followed by a little shoppin trip with anna, jas n cindy... got hooked unto a few items.. Wanted to get them tml.. but dun tink i'll get them.. cos i goin out wif daph n e rest on sat nite.. need to go home n change.. anyway, i brought a candy machine.. haha

Sunday was work as usual.. then i slept all e way from 6pm to 11am e next day.. haha..
Monday, i met up wif lianchun for lunch.. yah.. then we met up wif Tryone, a new friend of hers.. followed by work..
Tuesday, was more or less e same.. jus tat i met up wif huey instead.. then was work..
Wednesday, met up with lianchun again... we went to sing at Party World... The system there is bad.. realli.. imagine, they bill u 2hrs before u are suppose to leave, they let u sing e last song at 7.15 when u are suppose to leave at 7.30.. wat's tat??? terrible... i wouldn't want o go partyworld again.. i took neoprint wif her too, saw xx workin n talk to her for a while before leaving...
thursday, ytd was fun.. i met up wif lianchun too.. to go for interview.. after tat, we met up wif tyrone.. saw his friend, shawn.. but i dunno why, i feel tat i saw shawn before.. anyway, after tat, me n lianchun went to see movie.. Ice Age 2.. e show was alright... n i brought tis giantic colorin book.. haha..
friday, was plain slackin.. came to update my blog.. tat's abt all.. goin to work later...
Saturday, would be a day at JMD if there is.. then at nite, would be a day out wif daph, adrian, ashley, myself n lianchun, probably jason too.. e rest, i'm not too sure..
Sunday would be workin too.. but longer hrs.. 3pm to 11pm...

**End note: I miss people... Zuzz, Zati, Shu Xiang, Vanessa, XX, David, Joseph, Huey, Qiqi, Jas n lots more...**


Met up wif Huey at my hse.. followed by a hair cut n meeting up wif edmund for a chat... till around 2 am before heading home... All those happened on the 15th Mar. When abt to sleep, got an sms from Jas, sayin tat results are out... Excited and frighten, check my results....


Something i should be gald abt especially when i thought i might fail one of them.. Not veri good results though.. but realli gald wif what i got.. Next, will be enjoyment time... Chalet is next week.. 5 days... hehe... after tat comes Sakuran Camp.. Still dunno where can go anot.. hav to depends on my mum... ok lah.. will stop heree...

Good Day!!
Before reading, kindly go to view and change ur encoding to Unicode... Cos its chinese below.. thanks...

最近说发生的事情,让我无法想象自己以后的路,自己的未来会是怎么样。我完全没有方向,甚至对自己的成绩也没有信心。 虽然是最后一关了,但对自己还是没什么信心。 明天成绩就会出了,不知道为什么,当时间越来越逼近时,心情不知不觉地越来越紧张。很想知道成绩但却怕考出来的,会令自己失望。

跳舞是我现在所喜爱的一个事情。当然,我不是什么事情都以跳舞为主,如果有更重要的事我还是会去做。虽然有人不赞成我毕业了还跳舞,我还是会继续的。因为我对跳舞和那一些一起跳舞的人,已经产生了深厚的感情。 哈哈,这句话有一点怪怪的。不过,我还是认为,我会继续跳舞。
其实跳舞的兴趣,在中学时就已经有了。只是当时因为是 'O' levels ,所以没有参加。而也因为身材的关系所以不敢参加。到现在,已经有好几年了。

再 NYP 的这几年,除了读书 、做工就是跳舞。除了这三个我所谓的 main activites 之外,就是在加强我和朋友之间的感情吧。 也就是 shopping, outing, clubbing and eating 啦。 眼看学生生活就快要结束了, 还真的舍不得。 以后见面的机会就可能更少了。 虽然见面的机会便少了,希望我们的友情嫩永远存在。希望在这几年所交的朋友,会永永远远的存在。

那天听朋友说了这么一句话: “有梦想的人生,会让平凡的人变得不平凡。”
而我的梦想是成为一名舞蹈员, 能和 Qiqi, Jasmine, Danny, Albin 他们一起在舞台上跳舞,呈现一场亮丽的演出。
突然间, 觉得这个梦想有一点很难实现。毕竟,梦想不是围绕在我一个人身上, 而是围绕在我们一群人的身上。

最后,这将是我第一次,也可能会是最后一次用华文来歇业本日记。因为,实在是太难了, 我花了一个多小时才写完。好累啊!! 祝所有人,有美好的一天。。。
Interactive Johari Window... Set it up for e sake of finding out how u people think of me...

life recently...

I met up wif Jia Yan n Huey on thurs afternoon for movie: UnderWorld Revolution... the show is not bad.. jus a little lame if u did pay attention to it... haha... Before watchin movie, last min, we decided to go to Huey's hse in Malaysia.. So we went home after e movie to grab out passport n stuff n we met up to go to Malaysia... It was pretty late when we reach huey's hse... so after dinner, we watched Big Momma Hse 2 n slept... as i hav to work on fri, after shoppin till around 4, me and Jia Yan head back to Singapore...

Today was alright... it was one of out last session with Dan.. cos he found a job.. which requires him to work 5 and a 1/2 day... All e best to him... After lunch, me and Jas headed to the MRT station wif Dan and Zato... Me and Jas then headed to Suntec for e IT Fair... It was crowded.. Realli crowded... quite alot of things on sale.. but too bad.. e both of us dun hav e money... haiz.. After tat, we had dinner n headed towards Bugis... then lastly, home... tats abt all... will update when there's more... Nitez~
for photos that Dan took during our Zoo trip, pls refer to his blog... anyway, ytd was suppose to be a veri excited day... erm... but it was kind of ruin by myself... hmm... meeting Jia yan and huey later at somerset to go walk walk... nothing much to blog as these days, nothing much happened... will end here for now n will continue to blog after i come back or probably tml..
How do i feel now?
Confused, Useless, Lost.. and every word tat u can think of... tat has association with dunno wat to do, dunno wat i did and can't do anything...
Lets put it as: I'm veri lost... graduated from Poly, suppose to move on with my life.. but here, I'm struck.. dunno where to go.. There are things tat i want to do.. But i can't seem to do them.. haiz.... Feelin completely useless once again... Simply not in e mood to do anything.. I dun see any future for myself... why?
Mon - 06th March 2006
a normal day...
I'll be back to 7-eleven to work today... from 6 to 11... Slackin off a bit right now where trying to figure out how i shld write my resume... hmm.. was chattin wif some friends n albin.. he was tinkin of havin a session on wed.. but nothin is confirm.. things are pretty much e same.. nothin much hav change for me... i'll be workin 4 days a week... Mon, Tue, Fri and sun...

Sun - 05th March 2006
Went Zoo wif Dan, Jasmine, her sis, joanna and her 3 cousins... we definitely hav fun.. watchin e animals, touchin some of them, watchin e animal's show, chit chattin and stuff.. Dan was busy takin lots n lots of pics... I met up wif jas, joanna and their cousins at amk.. n we headed in her uncle's car to meet Dan at e zoo.. it was ard 11 plus when we entered.. After walkin for around 2 hrs, we settled down at the amphithreate for e animal show at 1... after e show, we continue walkin.. saw sea lions, penguins, reptiles, monkeys before settling down at e human feeding area aka KFC for lunch... we chat quite a bit.. after tat we headed to see butterflies and many many more... then it started raining... we got into e shelter at the Leopards and Jagaur area.. n e rain got heavier n heavier.. it was 5 plus.. n e zoo was closin at 6.. Soon, a tram came to pick us up... after leavin, went to sembawang on cab wif Dan where he met Wendy n i went home... had a enjoyable day...
Are you my friend? my buddy? someone tat know me?
Do this for me => http://kevan.org/johari?name=Wendy_choco_gurl
another boring day at home... so decided to blog abt wat happened in e past few days...

went to school to pay school fees... imagine, i travel 1 hr to n fro school... but e time i spend in school is like 5mins!! bo liao right? but bo bian... met lianchun to go dinner... then we chat a little, walk a little and its 9plus liao... after sendin me to the bus stop, she left for home..

nothin shall be done today cos i'm not in e mood to do anythin... and these is no plans either... tml, i'll be headin to Woodlands to meet Hsiao Ling for a briefing... in e work tat i volunteered to help her wif... then might be meeting lianchun for a movie... Fri would be a trip to career n study fair ar suntec... following tat would be shopping... and lastly, clubbin at Zouk... erm.. not i wan to go... but Lianchun wan to go... anybody interested?? leave a msg at my tagboard... sat mornin would be JMD of cos... sat afternoon would be as usual, left free... and at night, I'm meetin people for movie again...

*Watever written after tis line is are my thoughts...

no offence to anyone.. except my bro of cos... bcos i'm talkin abt him....

How fast does people change?? People change whenever they get into a relationship... priorities change... priorites tat were once among the top is thrown way down e list... and i'm serious... but i guess its normal... bcos tat person is ur love one... naturally, its normal to wan to spend more time wif them... but tat doesn't mean tat u can any o how do e rest of the things.. and heck care watever tat is happenin around u... oso, it doesn't mean tat u are in a relationship, u hav e right to any o how scold people jus bcos the relationship is giving u trouble, pressure and problems... No one beg u to go into a relationship.. no point having a relationship n straining all e other relationships... no matter izzit wif frenz or wif family... It doesn't mean tat u hav ur problems n others dun hav... so dun ever ever take me as ur rubbish bin n scold me like nobody business... I hav enough of it... U hav a girlfriend, so wat?? Correct, u are in a relationship n bound to be, there are times tat u might hav quarrel wif her... but dun take it out on me... I DUN LIKE IT!! I dun like e way u make a bug fuss out of small things now.. U wasn't like tat in e past... mayb u didn't realise tat.. start realising it now...
*End of thoughts...

Oh.. I took tis from Arthover's blog...

Many people walk in and out of your Life.
But only true Friends will leave footprints in your Heart.

Arthover is someone tat I hav memories wif.. together wif Daphne, Gigi, Lora, Ashley, Adrian, Raymond and Lynn.. Someone whose words always make sense to me... Would not leave u to die when u need help.. They were frenz tat made at IPP.. As i was e youngest there, they took great care of me... thanks to them, IPP was great..

Conclusion for e day: Experience is not only wat u did.. is oso who u were wif n wat memories were left behind tat u will remember for e rest of ur life...


hehe... after MIA for abt 9 days, i'm back blogging wif a new blogskin.. actually, can complete by saturday de.. my stupid bro lah.. haiz.. dun say liao... anyway, tis is my new blogskin.. erm... butterfly wishes... choose tis skin bcos i like its combination and design... veri nice... hope u people like it.. any comments, jus tag it... hehe.. oh before u continue, let me warn u... tis blog is long... cos it consist of a week long of my life.. haha..
Lets continue wif my life...

18/02/06 (sat)
JMD session with dan teachin basics... watever happen after tat, i can't remember... haha... serious... i got a bit of short term memory recently...

19/02/06 (sun)
went to inter to study wif Lianchun... Watch Pink Panther too... Its quite nice... Not bad... But i didn't study much lah...

20/02/06 (Mon)
went to school to meet charlotte, evelyn and Zati to study... Erm things were alright when we met up... Then we headed up to tutorial room to study.. But i was realli stressed up.. cos its mon and exam is on tue but i haven't study finished n i'm not confident... And the different study method n environment tat i'm use too and theirs is different... so it adds even more pressure on me... I decided to leave after thinking... No point spoiling their mood to study... so i left... not telling them the reason was bcos i dun wan them to worry.. Dun wan to spoil their mood..

21/02/06 (Tue)
IMC exam... Thank God, everything went well... Not tat bad afterall... Haha... Went lunch wif qiqi and jas before heading home to study for QM... weird thing is, i never study when i reach home... went online and stuff... in the end, the whole day, i never study anything...

22/02/06 (Wed)
QM exam... started studying in the morning b4 i met up wif karen to head for school... Thanks to God, all went well too... QM is my last paper of the sem... of cos, i went to celebrate a little... 11 of us, Zuzz, Xiu Xian, Carol, Shu Xiang, Zati, Huey, Karen, Charlotte, Evelyn and her boyfriend... We definitely hav a fun time... oh... i took neoprint wif Zuzz, XX, carol and shuxiang too...

23/02/06 (Thurs)
Met Qiqi in school to go take her IPP cert... I haven't take mine yet cos Ms gina weers not free.. then we headed to Mos Burger at AMK for lunch, went walk walk at Causeway Point.. followed by a trip to Woodlands regional library where we copy chinese phrases into our phones, causing our fingers a little pain... mine was 6sms long.. then we catch The Fog at Cathy @ Causeway..

The movie was quite good... its a horror movie for ur info... one word: NICE.. scary at certain part... but still nice...

24/02/06 (Fri)
slack at home whole day...

25/02/06 (Sat)
Went JMD.. onli got 9 of us... Me, qiqi, jas, albin, prisca, gin, melissa, brendy and gia gia... we definitely had fun.. haha... after tat, 8 of us went mac to eat... after eating, slowly, one by one left... left onli me, qiqi, jas, gin n albin.. we sat there, talk abt alot of things, had a good laugh tat day... haha... then, we took left to head somewhere else... gin n jas went orchard, albin went bukit panjang.. me n qiqi headed to Tanjong pagar.. to walk walk... after tat, we headed to tiong bahru... n we saw 费玉清.. haha... he looks young.. then we left n headed to take train again... tis time, we were at IMM... n guess wat?? we saw e deejays from 933, 958 n 972 FM... n of cos, i saw cruz, one of my favourite dj.. it was 7 plus when we left... If u were wondering whether we had any purpose for goin to these places, we dun... our purpose was jus to walk around n not goin home... tats all.. haha...

26/02/06 (Sun)
Met up wif lianchun to go library... borrowed some novels to read... then, ate at kfc.. i called eugene, telling him tat it has been long since we met up... he says its onli a few months.. but i insist tat it has been abt a year long liao.. haha.. after tat, me and lianchun did a little shopping before heading home...

27/02/06 (Mon)
today, i woke up at 9 plus, came online at 10 plus, till now... change my blogskin as i said n blogged... Oh ya.. did i mention? I'm out of school liao... Anyone got part time job to intro, SMS me horz.. thanks.. will stop here n go for my breakfast...
alright... here i am.. people are complaining why i not blogging... ok... not i dun wan to update.. but my com siao siao de... anyway.. these days...

11 Feb, Sat
Dan taught us hip hop basics, wif dionne joining us... after tat, went shoppin wif selphie, anna, jasmine and dan... after dan left, me, jas, selp and anna went heerens... then we had dinner at Mos burger.. we seat till they close lor... haha..

12 Feb, Sun
a day spent at home, trying to figure out where to start studying.. in the end, i never start anything

13 Feb, Mon
a day of studyin at mac wif zati, evelyn and charlotte...

14 Feb, Tue..
another day of studying at kfc wif zati, evelyn and charlotte.. Xx joined us for a while before heading home... then at night, i got roses from someone... a friend i would say... the day ended on a wonderful tone...

15 Feb, Wed...
a day of studying at mac wif the usual 3....

16 Feb, thurs...
a day of studyin at home... wif the completion of the QM notes...

17 Feb, fri....
a day of studying at mac, wif the usual plus huey huey...

basically, this whole week has been plain studyin for me.. cos exams is next tue and wed... nothing more... jus a few incidents here and there that left me puzzled and stressed... but all is well... wish all e best to all those studying for exams...
everything is over... today, last day of school... unofficial of cos... next week is study break and following tat, 2 papers... and done... I shld be out of NYP... yesterday was my last day of presentation... IB and IMC.. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing.. but it was alright..

Today.. RBD test, i never study.. at all... I'm prepared to flunk e paper... Jus pray hard tat i'll pass e module... TPDD e-clippings.. at least i manage to get it done.. erm.. after tat, went shopping wif Qiqi... brought a pair of pants... then went for the handover... saw alot of alumni... and i mean alot..abt 8 i tink... it was quite alright.. not as boring as i thought i would be..

Tml, dan will be teaching hip hop basics... tat's all for now...

*photos to be up soon... once i get it done... hehe...
well... my post seems to be quite long ago.. Erm.. basically, i'm back from bkk.. and the trip was kinda fun... It has been long since my family went on a trip together... i didn't buy much things.. I'm too lazy to type anymore things abt the trip...

fri & sat
- Chingay preview and parade
It was fun.. we were realli high... we took lot of photos... wif all e different cameras... I hav yet to receive pics from Jen, prisca steve.. I wan them... of cos, Albin is always e first.. the pics are not bad... Thanks..

-went to eat for Yu Sheng.. generally, one word.. fun... the rest, it for us to know... tat's all...

Jus to update, i hav 16 days left before e end of this final sem of my diploma... and for e next 16days tis is e schedule...
- 07 Feb: TPDD Presentation
- 08 Feb: IMC Revision lecture/NAFA
- 09 Feb: IB Presentation/IMC Presentation
- 10 Feb: RBD test
- 21 Feb: IMC exam
- 22 Feb: QM exam
Recent news.. In a few words, to wrap up b4 i go for my holidays.. erm.. Friendship problem.. i dun mean onli me... Jason oso.. Jae oso, and many more...

I learnt a few things...
- Unexpected things will happen.. People who didn't seem to care would.. and people who seem to care, usually dun...

- Friends forever is not true... all frenz come and go... and they usually go due to the funniest reasons....

- Being Happy or Sad, U can choose... Trust me, u can...

- 'New year make new friends' is quite a joke... I'm still sticking with my old frenz.. although i did make new frenz, most of them dun last...

- You are nice others but tat doesn't means tat they take u as nice...

I'm goin for reunion dinner later.. and flying to bangkok tml mornin.. Oh ya, my kor shld hac reach hong kong le.. Albin is flying off later... May all of us have a safe trip....

A happy tone..

Tis is goin to be a happy tone... haha... Yesterday nite, before e ending of e nite class, we got back the advertising project tat we did. Surprise.. surprise..my group got 84%... the total mark was 1200 and we got 1011.. YEAH~ A for tis project... We were so happy... Oso, dewang's executive summary got almost full marks!!! I called Jason to tell him the good news and he was happy for me.... hehe.. Since i started talking IMC, I shall take this time to thank a few people...

1st: My group mates: Mabel, De wang and Lyuina... They are great partners....
2nd: Marcus.. who is suppose to be in my group oso but went to Germany for exchange programme.. He was the one tat suggested Coke Zero.
3rd: Jason.. the one who gave me the ideas for the advertisements.. and his idea is so popular....
And last but not least, Mabel's bro and sis who help in the advertisements by being our models.
In nite class now, listening to a boring yet knowledgeable teacher...
I went to work tis morning... And found out tat it would be last day cos they are hiring full timers le... Anyway, I had lunch with Jason today.. as e rest had their appointment.. After tat, we stood at Raffles City Atrium to watch the beijing performance.. It was awersome... After tat, I went to meet my kor, Jae @ Lavender..

We went to Army market, he made a ID Tag for his nephew.. and I brought a pair of scandals.. Also, we brought a top for Jasmine, with her name.. hahaha.. Hope she like it.. Then we headed to orchard, him wanting a eye brow trim but was not sucessful as they only accept appointment these few days.. We ate some food before I head back to school.. met Albin on e way and we chatted a bit... we met LiNah oso... haha... Then went to meet Jasmine to pass her the gift.. And then, zati, huey, dion and kenny for dinner before going class... oh ya.. after we almost finish, Vanessa, Shu Xiang, Pei Ming, Carol and Mabel came too... And we left for class at around 7... so here starts e boring lesson that links with e top of my entry...

Tonight no need to sleep again.. cos tml's QM, I haven't do yet.. Then oso need to check Effective de.. then mus try and do IB.. and probably, TPDD.. so many to go.. haiz...

Lastly, Happy New Year to all...
Whatever that went wrong, went wrong.. I just want to thank people that showed their care... You know who you are... I just wan to say thanks and that all your words of care and concern are appreciated.. Anyway, CNY is comin.. but i'll not be in Singapore... I'll be flyin to bangkok on sat morning..and will be back on tue.. Here, I would like to wish all frenz a Happy New Year... Enjoy ur holidays...
Also, Happy Birthday to Meiling (26th)and Gin (27th).... May you all have a wonderful birthday...


here I come again, wif a normal post... Erm... I posted dunno how many entries in one week... Mostly photos... onli 2 posts (including tis)... Erm.. an incident tat happened yesterday shocked me... I hav no right to comment.. so i shall not comment.. hmmm...

Anyway, I was happy wif e present tat i receive yesterday... hehe... JMD was tiring... we practise until 9 plus.. took 13 home.. and went online to do my TPDD.. which is due today lah.. in fact, now.. I started at 12 plus, and I do it all the way till 6 in the morning... Then I came school... Yah.. If u are tinking whether i did sleep, I didn't... hehe... Well, jeraldine and mervin didn't sleep either... Onli Mabel slept.. somemore over slept.. and we will hav to present her parts... haiz... but doesn't matter lah.. we are one group ma.. hope later Simon Er wouldn't ask too many questions.. hehe...

*Waiting patiently for my turn to present as I type tis entry...