Presentation is coming in another 3plus hrs time.. N i'm totally not preared...
Let's wait and see ba..

Got the results for the 15% quiz for OTB and 30% test for Workplace law...
Got 12.5% out of 15% >> which translated to 5 mistakes out of 30qns!!!!!
For Workplace Law, got 21 out of 30...

Not too bad ba.. The avg is 11.7 for OTB & 16.9 for Workplace law...
Never waste my nights of studyin at night and stayin up late..
However, i'm still way far from my Distinction..
By advice, u are suppose to aim higher in order to get what u wan..
SOOOO.. I'M aiming for High D.....

Last sem's results was not exactly good.. onli got a pass n a credit.. this sem i wan a DISTINCTION!!!!

Muz jia you le~~~~
I admit to the fact that I've been spending a substantial amt of $$ last week and this week.. I brought ALOT of things... The most expensive de.. Is my SPECS..

My new specs itself cost me $350.. All bcos it was progressive and transition lens in one..
I would say that after all, it was worth it..

Now, it's time to start saving again for my taiwan trip during yr end... =P
Current situation of mine doesn't seems that fufillin thou.. Juggling study and work at the same time..

Looking back, I was never realli the smart kind of student.. In fact, I belong to the not so smart kind.. I have never, in my entire life, thought that I would be taking degree.. Somemore, in business... HR, in the past was something that I never thought I would wan to do.. Banking was also, never a part of what I wanted to do..

WARNING~ Emo post below.. Do not continue if u dun like emo post..

I would say that God have been really kind to me by bringing me thru my 20 plus yrs of my life.. With bumps here and there.. BUT generally, it is still smooth sailing..

I remember time and time again when I look up to the sky or starin into space, looking for comfort, seeking for directions, asking for guidance, courage, looking for shoulders and listenin ear... He always provided someone, some answers in some ways..

I truly know that I hav lot of people ard me who truly care. I really know..
By words, I thank you guys, for times when I was down and you were there.
When I needed the comfort, you were there.
When I seeked companion, you were there.
When I seeked answer and guidance and courage, you were there.
All of you guys left a footstep in my heart, making me remember that in this world, I mean something to someone.
Even if I were to leave this world today, I hav no regrets.

Issac, Zuzz, Xx, Yvonne, Gerry, Mum, Dad, Gin, Qiqi, Jasmin, Kenneth, Xiao Hui, Wern Ming, Allan, Maryanne, Jesslynn, Rena, Jeslin..

(Even if not mentioned, doesn't mean u are not important to me.. =P)

Disclaimer: Do not worry.. I'm perfectly fine.. Jus wanna thanks pple who listened~~
Went over for pre-lasik evaluation today at the clinic next to Mount E hospital..
Seriously, I did thought over whether I shld consider getting the lasik done.. But the cost of it was one issue...

The same optometrist that checked my eyes yesterday was there today.. So, ya.. I ask him quite a number of questions like whether changing of glasses helps, whether wearing contact lenses would help to stop degree from goin up.... Basically, asking him and clearing all the myths that I heard before la.. N he told me that degree can go up to 2000 plus.. N these 2000 plus degree cases, can't do lasik at all..

After all the checking....
Saw a counsellor regarding the Lasik Surgery and gain alot of knowledge on it.. Like how exactly does lasik work, what does it do and how it is done.. N.. To me (yes, I said to me.. So it is my opinion onli..), the whole process jus sounds scary to me.. N the price, like i mentioned, is 1118 per eye, before GST..

N when I saw the doctor (yes, the same doctor from yesterday..), he said my cornea is unexpectedly thin.. Saying that the usual cases that he saw, is ard 540.. Mine?? one side is 487, the other is 491 only.. So he don't recommend me to do Lasik and that it is just too dangerous and stuff.. So at the end of the day, he told me to go make new glasses and progressive lens, according to his prescription and go back and see him again in 6 weeks...

May all be well... Oh, did I mention? The optometrist's name is Martin..
Oh, I was on half day today, with Maryanne.. So after we had lunch with Jesslynn, we went over to Suntec, for a couple of purposes..
1) For IT fair,
a) to get brochures for Jesslynn to get her LCD TV..
b) to look at photo scanners..
c) to look at headphones &
d) to look at broadband on mobile..

2) For other Sales
a) Burberry Sales,
b) Crazy Warehouse Sales
c) Bodyshop Sale..

I would say that the IT fair visit was fulfilling as well as the others except burberry as we were jus there to take a look..

Would be goin back there to sign up for the broadband on mobile.. With which subscriber, I haven't decided yet, as well to go take a look at more scanners..

End purchases:
- Audio Tech headphones,
- Maxtor harddisk,
- Chocolates
- Camel Active pouch,
- Laptop screen cleaner,
- Keyboard protector,
- Puzzle
- N lots of papers..
Total damage: Almost 300 bucks..
Dinner with Jesslynn and Maryanne was good, filled with laugher..
Test is on Sat.. So tml night will probably be a late night... Need a good sleep today..
Alright.. I'm done with the consultation with Dr Tony.. (Nope, not Tony Tan.. It's Tony Ho..)
According to him, it's a Squint condition.. Not a serious one thou..
BUT.. I have 3 choices to cure / improve the condition..
1) Wear a 800 degree glasses -> Which I shake my head super violently.. Cos he said tat it might or might not help..
2) Go for Lasik Surgery -> At his clinic of cos, cost is $1118 per eye.. To get rid of the glasses and at the same time, improve the condition...
3) Go for Squint Surgery -> Price unknown (probably a few thousands of cos..) , Benefit unknown..
After 2mins, he ask me to go for the pre-Lasik evaluation tml first to check and confirm whether i can or rather is suitable for it.. N yap, I agreed to go take the test.. N appt is tml at 630pm at Mount E..

Thank God that the condition was not as serious as my GP make it sound.. PHEW~
Also, thanks all for the concern on my condition.. As to whether which option of the above i would be taking up is still unknown until I finished the evaluation tml and ask the doctor more questions on all 3 options..

Meanwhile, I will be workin double hard for my test on sat cos tml, after evaluation, I will be having blur near vision for 3 to 4 hours.. Quote my classmate: Oh my TIAN~~~
I'll be on half day tml, to go for shopping with Maryanne.. She wants to go to the IT fair.. As well as other Sales that are goin on at Suntec at the same time.. After which, I'll be goin for the evaluation and she will meeting Jesslynn and I'll probably join them for dinner after tat..

It has been realli long since I met up with that lady for dinner... Tink it has been since she gave birth to her baby boi..

Saturday, after test, if no class, would be meeting Zuzz & Xx (Not sure if Jervin is joinin..)... I can't remember when was the last time we met up...

Alright, OFF TO STUDY..
As 7pm draw closer, my fear became greater... Supposedly, maryanne wanted to come wif me but boss last min gave her something to do. Goin alone is something tat i fear for i do not know wat to expect. Maybe tat it is planned to be. Tat i will have to be brave enough, placing all my trust in God tat everything will turn out alright...
I hav made the appt for the consultation... It's tml.. at 7pm..
Scared to go alone.. Even thou i know i will still hav to make it there..
Hoping that it will not be as serious as wat Dr Chan said..
Pray for me... Tat everything will be alright..
Leaving everything to God, placin it in his hand and trust in him is all that I can do now..
I did a post.. but deleted it cos i decided, no one shld know what is happening until i'm sure myself tat it will be alright.. For now, let's enjoy life as it is for no one will know what will happen tml..... =)
He told me It's veri serious... Referring me to another, sayin an operation might be needed... :-( What should i do?
I wan to get a new wallet..
I'm looking forward to this Sat..
I need to log into HOTMAIL urgently.. Yet it's down..
Tml is project due.. BUT it has not been completed yet..