I'm not sure any of you guys are required to put on masks at your workplace.. Cos now, the level is down to "Yellow".. Nurses and doctors? When I accompanied my fren to the company doctor the other day, there was a signage that says "Do request a mask from us if you have any of the following symptoms." Following that, is for sure the list of things like sneeze, cough and others..

Well, today, as I was goin for lunch, I spotted these..

These lovable dolls put on masks too.. But there were pple who said they look cuter w/o those masks on.. bcos they look more like bad guys now..
Another long weekend is ending...
Nothing much this weekend as plans went a little hay-wired..

Was suppose to play badminton at Chong Pang but in the end we didn't..
Was suppose to meet a fren for a swim, in the end was me swimming alone..
Was suppose to do a couple of other stuff but didn't managed too in the end..
But did unexpected things as well..

After shopping with Xx at City Link for some stuff n headin to Suntec to buy food for her mum, we went down to find her mum.. Under her mum's suggestion, she went back to put her stuff and we went over to Sembawang beach for some sea wind.. Then after which, went Sembawang library for some leisure reading..

As I forgotten to bring out the money tat i was suppose to pass her ytd, I met her today at the airport before she flew off, to pass it to her... Met her and the holiday kaki there for lunch as well.. Popeye still taste veri veri good.. Haha.. They were almost late for their flight lo.. Hai hao they make it in time..

Me? I went swimming after tat.. Was suppose to meet LC to swim n lunch n stuff.. But in the end, we never.. N i slept the whole afternoon off cos i was so tired from all the walkin yesterday, today and swimming..

I'm lookin forward to the coming week.. Especially Wed, Sat and Sun...

Satuday is JMD's anniversary.... People who are goin, wanna meet and go together?? I went there before but I have no idea how to get there again as the last time we went, the rest lead the way...