I've been saying it for almost a month already that I'm shifting house..
So if u haven't been in touch with me for quite awhile and reads my blog to update ur news on me..
Which i think no one will since i don't update much nowadays..

I'm moving out of the area that I stayed for the last 20yrs of my life..
Will be moving on 2nd March.. Which is coming in less than a week..

From the initial stage of refusing to accept the reason, trying to find alternative solutions to now, move lo.. The kind of change in attitude and thinking that I have, is shocking to myself..
I haven't been able to convince myself that I would be able to get pass this sooner or later..
BUt decided to take it as it comes..

Afterall, alot of things in life are not within my control..
Like it or not, understand it or not, it will happen..
Other than moving house, office is moving soon too..
Date have not been fixed yet but it would most probably be Apr / May..
Destination?? Changi Business Park..

A couple of things that I'm looking forward to??
- Vacation trip with Zuzz n Jervin.. Not sure yet if there would be any others joining us..
Will be travelling to HK this time.. either 22 to 29 May or 28 May to 5 June..
- Jeslin's wedding in september..
- Taiwan trip with Annie in end October as well as to meet up with Xiao Yu!!!
- New environment for work and for home..
Last semester of school will start in MAY!!!
Final module before I grad!!!!
Hopes everything goes well for this last module!!!
Have been on holiday from school since Dec..
Hope I'll be able to cope with school work..
Will update again after I moved! =D