Merry Xmas to all..

I had quite a good christmas this year.. Slept at like 5am after packing the things..
Probably would not be goin out later since there is work tml..

I still hav not finished my santa's duty.. Trix, Jessica, Gerry, Qiqi & Yvonne's presents are still with me, in my cupboard.. Shall meet them some day.. =)

Oh, Thanks all for the pressies n wishes...
Changes for sunday...

Will be meeting gin and the rest for K on Sun in town, at the same time, returning cindy her comics that hav been at my hse for at least 2 - 3 YRS (OMG.. N I'm not the borrower..) .. N passing them their xmas pressies as well..

Tml, me will be meeting xx to go for some hair spa at Tanjong Pagar after goin down to Singtel to see what they can do regarding my motorola.. Hehe..

Sunday would hav to go get the rest of the chocolates form Cocoa Trees @ Raffles City as monday, would be bring them to pack in office..

*P.s: Tuesday would be fun after people in my office hav left... Hahaha.. Jus a little surprise for them..*

Now, it's time to go wrap all the presents.. I've alot to go.. Haha..
I missed Valley Chef's hotdogs by Ben's maid, Jon's mum Shepherd's Pie, and many many more..

Ok, That is random.. Haha..

I've been busy shopping for xmas pressies.. STill left with a couple of people to buy.. N these people, I realli dunno what to buy for them... 3 guys, 2 girls... It's jus so hard la...

Target: To complete shopping by this weekend...

Agenda on Sat: Unplanned~~~

Agenda on Sun:
1) Head to Bugis village area, the temple there to get a ring for dad..
2) Head to Marina Square, Minitoons...
3) Head to Raffles City, The Cocoa Trees outlet...
4) Head home to wrap presents..
My V9 has been giving me a little problems since I took it to the care centre.. Mayb, I should consider sendin it in again... Hmmm..

Was looking at quite a number of phone models recently cos some frenz are considering changing phones.. I myself, fell in love with Samsung Pixon (M8800)..

A phone, i thought looks not bad and the functions are good too... A 8 Megapix camera phone that is newly launched by Samsung.. Looking at the way my fren holds omnia, i tink that phone is not exactly that fantastic as well.. (Or mayb, it's jus her.. she was the one who constantly say that ipod is not good too..)

It's a nice phone.. N i tried the set at the Samsung shop at PS the other day and it was ok.. Haha.. Anyway, as i was saying, I've been looking at quite an amt of mobile phones these couple of days.. Was reading a handphone review mag and I saw Nokis 5800 Xpressmusic.. N it looks exactly like an iphone in the book.. But the picture on nokia website look so different...

Then, there is also Nokia 7100 Supernova.. Don't quite like the look of the back of the phone thou.. Looks a little weird.. Also, Samsung Innov8 that is quite thick in real..

Was lookin at LG KF350 Ice Cream & LG KC550.. Both phones looks good.. A shade of nice pink for girls and black for guys.. Especially the Ice Cream phone.. I haven't read the specs yet but the appearance of the phone is already attracting a number of my girl friends..

For LG wise, or rather a 8 Mega pix camera phone wise, comparing to Samsung Pixon would be LG Renoir, which Dan is holding.. Good thing, it supports WiFi.. Which Pixon don't..

Then, there is also Nokia E66, a phone which many of my colleagues in office wants to buy.. They are saying that it's a good phone.. N it's Nokia.. User friendly for them...

SO MANY NEW PHONES~~~~~ Ahhhh.. BUT, I'm still happy with my V9... Hehe...
Today was great.. At least the show and company was.. It all started with me, receiving an invite from Zat to watch his sister's performance @ TP.. Although i didn't know what it was abt, I agreed, to show support la.. Like how others showed support for performances that I took part in lo..

The show was happening every min.. I would say, it is a great production.. The actors were good and the show was good too.. (PS: Martini & Muffins can be deadly too..) I've never really been to a play before but after this, i will be yearning for more i believe.. N i like Roger Millard.. His voice is very good.. (I'm sure Gerry would agree with me on this..)

Applause to all the crews and casts for putting up such a great show.. N they were already acting when we stepped into the Audi..
After which was dinner as most of were already hungry before the show even started.. Then was chatting till we headed home~

Tml would be a day staying at home, waiting for them to send me their part for the group assignment as deadline is on MONDAY!!!!!!!

Updating my blog has been the last thing on my mind these few weeks as other things have been taking up tat space.. Things, issues and events like assignments, work, exams, birthdays, dinners, baby full-month and many more.. Not updating doesn't mean nothing is happening.. but i guess not many pple are interested to know wat is goin on wif my life thou.. Anyway, it's almost a month since i last updated..

I attended Ah Mei's concert wif Zuzz and Xx.. and it's simply one of the best I've attended so far.. And images of the concert is still kind of fresh in my brain.. Lol.. Pics are up on facebook, posted by Zuzz...

For school, 2 assignments and 2 exams to go before ending of this sem.. Assignments are due this month and exams are on 9 n 10 of Dec.. Things are more or less the usual for studying except that more and more deadlines are coming..

Work wise, for pple who know wat company i'm workin for would know tat they have been in the limelight for the pass weeks, everyday, with both good and bad publicity.. I've been busy at work, doing MORE n MORE overtime.. Prayin hard tat this whole event will end soon.. (*but wouldn't be soon i guess..*)

Among others, i met up with James and pearlyn for dinner, Stella for lunch, Jesslynn for lunches -> this mummy is giving birth soon... Put away time for mahjong session wif Max, Zuzz and a fren of theirs.. Also, there was Livone's farewell lunch -> she transferred out from my dept...

Also, we had a movie marathon again.. This time, we had Jervin joining me, Zuzz, Xx and Aileen..
PS: Suprino's pizza taste delicious~~

Events are for sure enjoyable.. i'm looking forward to more such events where frenz can gather together and talk.. it has been long since i talk to frenz like Qiqi, Jasmine, Gerry, Yvonne, DaN and XM...

Tat's all for now.. will update more soon... need to sleep liao.. Nitez~
Children's day was spent waking up at 1plus pm cos i work till 1plus am the day before.. exact details cannot be said.. so ya..

Went online and the first conversation, was Xx askin why i never reply her sms.. haha.. After arrangement, we met up at Island Creamery at Serene Centre.. We settled dinner at the french restaurant next to Island.. I forever can't remember the name.. haha.. Food is the nicest there.. At least that is wat i feel la..

Following which, is our fav dessert at Island Creamery.. ICE CREAM~~~~ HAha..
As usual, we camwhore and took tons of pics.. Kekez.. Pics are on mine and Xx's facebooks.. Kekez..

Conclusion: We had great FUN! and of cos, relaxing activity is a must in the midst of our own busy lifestyles, working and studying at the same time..
Assignment is due on monday.. and I'm not even half way there... HOW?? Muz do more.. do more.. and do more...

Tml, having lesson from 2 to 5.. Afterwhich, it's the long awaited even ----->>>> AH MEI's CONCERT at Kalland Indoor Stadium!!!!!!

Next sat, it's mid term exam for ER~~~~~~
If u guys see someone on the streets that look like me.. but she is in specs, it's probably me.. cos i'm having eye infection at the moment.. so NO contact lenses for at least the next 2 weeks... =(

So, i will be wearing my new specs for the next 2 weeks..
But if i dun recover by sunday, it would probably turn to NO contact lenses for the next 1 month i guess~~~~
Blogging away at the national library.. Mind block at the moment and my assignment has only proceed from zero to 230 words.. I'm not even 10% there yet.. HAiz.. and it's due on Monday.. 2500 words, not including introduction and conclusion. Only contents..

Researching wise has not been veri good.. cos the books that i intended to read are being taken away already..

School is at 7pm.. means i still hav abt 4 hours plus to go.. and there will time for lunch and more assignment time to come later..

I'm hungry~~~ Heading off to eat lunch on my own now..
Photos time.. These pics were suppose to be up some days ago.. but this week, is basically hectic~ Will update more after the pics..

Emily's pressie~~


Piggy stand..

Some other random shots at the shop..

go here for more information ->

The ladies @ the bbq....
Pics from Waseda Open Hse 08

Olympico games...

Wif Trix while waiting for our turn at outside Haunted Hse~~

The play of 花より男子..

The angry rat @ Mouseland..

The alumni girls who were there...
Grabbed the following stories from an email that I received from a friend...


One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!' This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call,

'The Law of the Garbage Truck.'

He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets. The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So..... 'Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.'

Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!
Haha.. I haven't been a little busy these couple of weekends after Natsu..
Of cos, other than those events mentioned in the previous post like school on every Mon & Wed, COMEX fair 08,there was oso debriefing for Natsu, orientation & study skill workshop for school side... there were a couple more events..
Last Sat, there was Emily's & Shu Herng's birthday BBQ.. N as per usual BBQs, it was held at Dan's area.. Before that, I met up wif Fook Yu to go get the Pocky that I wanted to get for someone.. N of cos, I also got Pocky alot more than i planned.. In fact, i tink i got almost everyone a pack.. Lolx~ After which, was goin over to Coronation Plaza to collect Emily's present..

It was indeed a fruitful trip there.. n i believe, i will be getting more stuff from there, judgin on the service that i was given.. Pics of the present will be up soon, once i upload them (which shld be tml..) Then we went for my late lunch at Mad Jack.. (The standard there dropped a little..)

The bus ride to Sembawang was LONGGG n tiring.. But at least, we got seats.. (*Whew!)
The BBQ was great, and we all definitely had fun chit chatting and laughing all together once again.. History of JMD seems to be the interesting topic every year, with adding stories to tell.. Haha..
Part 1 of vonne's birthday
Making of chocolate coated cornflakes~ This part, I'll be keepin underwrap~~
Anyway, the conclusion is that I took half day ytd to make them...

Met Yvonne at 730 at Clark Quay MRT together wif Fook Yu for dinner..
Restaurants were all fully packed and we settled for Mahattan Fish Market in the end.. Food was not extremely exciting and declicious but we did enjoy the dinner together..
After a little walk ard, we went our separate ways...

Part 2 will be coming up soon..~~ Stay Tuned~
This weekend's muz do: - Assignments (both modules).. It's due next week and I am only half done with it.. OMG~
Tml will bea pretty busy day... N plans are still not confirm yet~~~~~~

Yeah, i know i haven't been blogging for quite awhile.. but it haven't been tat long isn't it??
Less than a month lo.. btw, people, tryin to click on the ads by nuffnang.. u might find things interestin~

Anyway, Natsu is over for now...
Up Next >>> Adorhythmatics daNc3 pract while start in October, to train up our flexibility and stuff..

Natsu was fun overall, with a little hippcups here and there but generally, we still rox.. Haha.. At least tat was wat a couple of people said after watchin the performance video.. Photos below:

Wif e fake photographer~

With Qiqi

With Jasmine N Dan + Uncle Simon in e bkgrd...

Wif G4 (- BT) + Elmo

Qiqi - Close up

@ e event

Oh well, for those of you who still dunno, i started school~~~
Yes, I'm studying again...
@ SMa School of Management, doin BCom...
Class started this week and so far, so good..
it's not as boring as I thought it would be. The lecturers were not bad. For the least, they were both funny and they are both good friends.. Oh, and they both love to talk.. long enough till classes end exactly at 10pm or over..

Part time is realli~~~~~~ Tiring. But I believe it's worth it. =]
Trip to Comex was both irritating and fun.. Some of u will know how much I hate squeezing in crowds.. but I went to look for lappy so bo bian. Went of Friday after work with Jacye and Carole to look ard... Met the friendly promoter (aka Brian) of Toshiba who came over to talk after overhearin our conversion tat e other promoter couldn't even answer my qn...

His sudden popped up and his way of answering qns made us laugh hard which was one of e reasons why I went back on Sunday to get the lappy.. Another factor: Cos he know his stuff..

And, ya, as mention abv, I've gotten my lappy.. A black (or rather silver) Toshiba laptop, for school and for leisure.. (SADLY, the lappy wouldn't be RED.. which was wat i wanted badly but it's out of stock~.. *DaN, could u do a spray paint job for Me??* LoL~)
Will be collecting it on the comin friday.. will take some pics of it when I lay my hands on it.. till then, demo available..

Most painful event since 13~~~~ Chipped tooth while chewin Ramen >> Unimaginable right?!
After Comex fair on Fri, we went for dinner @ Marina Quare >>> I kinda broke a little of my wisdom tooth (which was already painful) .. I was extremely awake after tat cos it was really painful~

Which made me call my dentist immediately to book an appointment. And so, my top left wisdom tooth is out, in one piece >>> After feel: Extraction is not as painful as I thought it would be.. *Whew, Thank God for that. **Also, muz thanks my dentist for doin such a good job --- which is why i only visit her la..*
Time really flies... It's been almost a year since I joined DBS~
N also almost 3 months since Natsu practise started~

The long awaited Natsu is next week...
And we are in final preparations for the performance next week le..
Praying hard that everything from weather to venue, from dancers to transport, from cd to timing , will go according to plan..

And of cos, school is finally starting on Sept 1, all the best to myself on that..
Qi has already started on her bridging modules too.. All the best to her..
Little updates~~~~
1) We celebrated Leeny & Cheryl's birthday on Sunday..
Suppose to have dinner at Tanjong Pagar but we ended up at Boat Quay instead..
*Tanjong Pagar is so quiet on weekends now..*
Nothing fantastic to mention abt dinner... as food was not realli up to expectations..
Desserts was worse thou~

2) Goin down to Simei tml..

3) Dance pract on thurs~ (I'm claiming my National day off.. So i'll most probably be going down..)

4) Friday is still unknown @ the moment....

5) Natsu is happening on Sat~~~
Link to the pics..
Pics are up.. On my photobucket album..
It's a long long story on the trip..
Photos tell a thousand words.. So do look at the album.

Cutting long story short short,
All 3 of us had a great time shopping, taking pics, relaxing, walking and talking..
Haha.. Below are some of the pics..

Hey people!!!

I'm back~~~~
It was a extremely fun n exciting trip with tons of exciting stories and pics..
Pics and stories to be up soon.. Meanwhile, i will be resting my feets from the tons of shopping...
My trip is in another couple of hours.. but i dunno why i can't sleep..
I realli dunno why..
I will be flying off soon.. in another 20hrs.. Haha..
By now, most of u shld know where i'm goin. So I don't hav to say it here again ba..

I'll be back on 23 again.. Dun miss me ok..

I've yet to pack my bag for the trip.. n i dun feel like doin it yet..
Meetin Yvonne for dinner later.. so it means tat either i pack it before i meet her.. if not it's after i meet her..

OOh.. I know.. I'll do half half.. Kekezz..
Let's hope everything turns out well by the time i come back..
- For studies (the staff loan to be approved)
- For friends (the misunderstanding will be solved)
- For self (between me n him, things will be better...)
I saw this poem on Dasmond koh's blog n took it here for sharin,
A good one to remind us that everything happens for a reason~

For Everything There’s a Season
By Joy E. Walker Steward

We may not know the reason
For all of life’s suffering and pain,
But we know everything has its season,
So the sunshine will follow the rain;
There are even times when the sun shines
While the rain is still pouring down,
Those moments of grace God sends us,
Reminders that He’s still around;
So when adversity’s fire is burning,
Expect a cooling breeze;
Know that God is right in it with you
As He moves your growth to achieve;
Embrace His tender compassion
But yield to His discipline too
For the father loves each of his children
And knows best how to nurture you;
When life’s pruning is painful,
Don’t let bitterness enter your soul,
For when pruning is done you’ll be better,
Your heart and your spirit whole;
So if this is your season for weeping,
Know your tears will end with the night,
For joy always comes in the morning
When faith gives way to sight.
Nothing much hav been happening recently.. I haven't been goin out recently except to work n for dance..

Life haven't been to well either.. I jus received e rejection letter from OCBC for my loan.. Which means that I wouldn't be able to study this year... After tryin 5 banks, i feel like giving up.. I no longer know wat to do.. I know I shouldn't be draggin the whole study thing but I don't have any other ways.. Will hav to wait till next year before I can try again..

Bkk trip is up in another 2 weeks..
Natsu is in another 5 to 6 weeks..

Praying hard that everything will go on well..
Also, like what Gerry always say..
"Jia You!"
i'm shifting place in office again.. This time, i'm changing teams as well..
As usual, it's a decision made by my boss so no objections allowed.. Kekez..

Well, as per my opinion n e others, it's a new exposure for me, to learn more things... New team, new team leads, new team members, new product, new deadlines.. Everything new will start from next tues, July 1st.. I'm shifting teams together wif Lawrence n Helene.. So ya, i'm not all alone afterall.. =)

All the best to myself n the rest... =]
Dance wise, we're done wif the dance steps of New look & Rock steady.. now, left with What a feeling & traditional.. So it's 2 songs down n 2 songs more to go..

Hmm.. let's take a look..
Tml, 28 June, Accordin to DaN, we'll be finishin What a feeling dance steps tml..
So next week, 5 July, we might be learning the formation, intervals n other stuff.. Of cos, we will be doing rehearsals after rehearsals..
Then, we would be presenting the dance to JAS in either 3 or 4 weeks time..
And then it would be natsu already..
In between, there's event / appointment on 5th Jul, 19 to 22 Jul, 23 Jul & 14 Aug...
I've been doing alot of thinking to myself.. (I've more time to myself now, ever since he stopped talkin to me n ever since I began taking bus home..)

I realise, that I've became more n more unappreciative of all the good things happening ard me and unappreciative of the people I have ard me..

There are times when I choose to ignore them, ignore their feelings, ignore whatever they are telling me jus because I wasn't in e mood to listen..
I've said things / words / sentences / comments that hurt their feelings but they continue to stay by my side, pulling me up, caring abt me and showering me with their care n concern.

N I began to take all those for granted.. It's only when one of them, get sick n tired and stop replyin my unnecessary smses, stop talkin to me, I realise that I am taking them for granted.. They can don't need to be there, they can simply ignore me.. BUt they didn't.. for years, they didn't.. They didn't leave me to die, they didn't leave me hanging, they were the ones, who were there when I couldn't get out of the whole 'Edmund' shit thingy..

I've been complaining abt how 'pig' my sales reps can be when they make 'common sense' or 'silly' mistakes on documents and here, I'm being the 'pig' and making stupid mistakes in life that cost me my friends and even family..

Till now, I know i'm startin to lose friends again.. Not sure if I can save the friendship.. but i'll try my best... to save and at the same time, maintain the others.. For I can't live in this world w/o friends and family..


Afternote for 22nd:
You said you wish u could too... BUt i said I prefer to stay as friends for I dun wan to take the risk of taking e relationship a step further and lose even the friendship in the end. U said I've got good character.. But i tell u i don't.. Cos i know, i'm not a easy girl to be with.. Like wat I told MS, I require alot of attention but oso alot of freedom.. I need space to myself and controllin me is a nono..

Another reason for giving u 'no' as an answer is bcos I hav no confident to love somebody and I don't know how to.. I would like to be by your side but I don't know how to handle a relationship.. Committment, time n effort is needed in a relationship but I dunno if I can.. I dare not try, afraid of being hurt again.. I'm sorry...
Birthday birthday!!

A simple thanks is all I can say to all who remembered..
I'm upset wif myself today.. Tat's I'm not able to remember the steps for 'Rock Steady'..
To e fact that when I did it for them to see, I immediately know that I would not be selected..

The whole point is!! When I did it at home jus now, I could remembER!

What a shitty feeling!

N I will now, work double hard, to remember the steps n do it nicely so that my volunteering of myself would not be wasted!

Birthday matters will be blogged tml..
NO Mood today!
Haha.. N Monday is coming to an end soon..
-- Oops, jus some randomness..-----

The weekend was a tried yet fruitful one..
Sat was basically Natsu practise, followed by dinner wif Zuzz n Xx @ Serangoon Gardens..
At practise, we learn poppin.. Forarm pop, hand pop, n many more..
N wakin up on Sun was torturing..

Suppose to meet DaNn n the rest @ 10am at Expo for adidas sale.. I reached at 1020, onli to realise 2 things - e rest are late n the sale onli open doors at 11...

But it was definitely fun to shop wif Trix, DaNn, BT n KK.. Jackets, shoes n tops were part of our winning items.. HAha.. N i got my last piece of jacket.. (thx 2 e guy who let his hands off it..)

After adidas, we went for Robinson sale where we brought another couple of items... (NOTE: the watches were goin for 1 for 1 -> brands like PUMA are there..)

Then we had lunch @ Suntec.. We went from food court -> Pepper Lunch -> Just Noodles -> Swensens. Where we settled down n had our filling lunch.. Visit to street fest was next. It's a little overcrowded there so we went walkin ard before sitting down at Mac for coke n some food..
Jae, Oz n Elmo came n join us later..

We left Suntec for PS to meet XM to get food before heading to Cathay for Movie.. The process of walkin there was hot n tiring but it was also veri veri entertaining.. Alot of people probably thought we are some wild kids la, laughin like mad while walkin..

MOVIE -> INdiana Jones 4
The movie was great.. A combination of actions, comedy plus alittle of family ties..
We were laughin like mad at some parts of the movie..
Overall, it's a good movie to catch. I quite like it..

After movie was the usual catchin up n chit chatting session @ mac till 10 plus before i came home by bus...
Tml will be a long day.. So I'm goanna slp liao..
-> Event of tml:
Goin down to Scape to support JAe @ 8.30pm..

Clubbing @ St James~

Slideshow of photos: Clubbin @ St James~


I accidentally deleted my prev 2 posts!! AHHH...

For anything tat u guys miss, sorry.. cos I can't recover them..

Anyway, this long weekend was indeed LONG.. Alot of first as well..

1. 1st official Natsu 08 dance pract..
2. 1st dance pract (cum stretchin session) for me for a LONGGG break of almost a yr..
3. 1st time, i shopped for perfume with Xx n Zuzz for almost an hr, smellin more than 10 kinds of perfume of different brands..
4. 1st time helping a fren to move house..
5. 1st time clubbing after almost 2 yrs..
6. 1st time clubbing wif Lionel, Ryan n MAx.. (It's been real long since I clubbed with Zuzz as well..)
7. 1st visit to St James (n it was crazY!)
8. 1st time eat supper @ River Valley..
AFter dance pract on Sat, met up wif Zuzz n Xx for dinner n some shoppin.. Zuzz wanted to shop for perfume.. n we went with him.. After smelling countless perfume n countless times of coffee beans, we finally brought the perfume n settled at Hong Kong cafe for dinner.. After which was endless talkin @ Spinelli..

Sun afternoon, I met Zuzz for lunch before proceedin to help Vivien move house, where they sucessfully persuade me to join them @ St James tat night..

Met Zuzz for dinner @ dhoby before meetin the rest at St James.. E queue is realli long but thanks to Lionel, we were in the VIP queue which is also veri long.. but when Zuzz n I reached, they were already in front.. so ya, we got in at 11plus.. had a couple of drinks before proceeding to the dance floor for the rest of the night, shaking away to songs like Feedback and many others... It was realli crazy.. Those tat were with me, definitely agree to this right?? hahaha..

Lionel, max n I left for Supper @ river valley at abt 4, jus before St James closed for the day..
Prata was alright onli.. (I didn't know Cheese is so ex tat me n Lionel onli spotted like a few bits of it n we both agree tat the cheese is SALTY).. Lychee was great n refreshin.. =)

Time I reached home: 6am (I was the last to alight, after Lionel n Max)
Time I slept: 7am (Was waiting for my hair to dry naturally)
Time I woke up today: 2pm
(I actually opened my eyes at 12.. but 5 hrs of sleep was not realli enough n I figured tat since I didn't hav anything on today, might as well sleep more.. So I slept again.. Haha...)

I am aching from shoulder down, after joggin ard NYP with Qi, did full set of stretching exercise, learn n practise dance for 3hrs, help a little to move hse n dancing thru the night n of cos, enjoyin myself this long weekend.. Haha..

Major in History??

You scored as History/Anthropology/LiberalArts

You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in History, Anthropology, or related majors (e.g., African and African-American Studies, Chinese, Classics, Cultural Studies, Economics, English, French, Geography, German, Greek, Hebrew, International Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Women's Studies, or other Liberal Arts majors).

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it.

Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests.





























Let's see... 3 weeks from my last update..

1) My leg injury is healin... Scar is goanna be there for yrs.. but it doesn't hurt anymore..
2) Jesslynn left DBS.. (We had a farewell lunch wif her..)
3) I'm changing my place in office next fri.. (It's an instruction from given, not a choice.)
4) Celebrated Wern Ming's birthday @ Waraku at Central..
5) Celebrated Xx's birthday @ Aileen's place.. (Wif Beard Papa, Horror movie marathon & endless talkin..)
6) Done up someone's birthday present..

That's abt all i tink.. These are those events tat I can remember.. There are always others which i forgot.. but it doesn't mean it's not important.. =)

Nothing much for me to update thou.. Cos I dunno wat to write..

* Probably shld sign up the dance class @ my workplace there.. hmm.. *

Oh ya.. School might be delayed, to start in Sept.. Not to sure abt tat yet.. Will keep u guys update once I have news...
Wendy will be out of action for awhile..

A couple of days ago, while alighting from Sandra's bike, my leg accidentally touch the exhaust pipe.. Without guessin, u guys should know wat happened..

Tat was Monday.. It was only until Wedesday tat I went to my doc.. N he says it will take a while to heal.. N while I can walk normally.. I probably can't walk for veri long period of time, can't jump ard & can't dance for a while..

So, I'll be restrictin myself from doing those, at least for the next 1 or 2 weeks..

*Thank God that there wasn't any infection (tinkin tat I delayed treatment for 2 days!) & that Natsu dance pract doesn't start till mid May (after anniversary celebration)...*

For now, the skin is peelin off slowly.. n healin at the same time I presume.. *I am a medical idiot..* It's not really the very very painful kind.. but it still hurts..
Tat's all for now..
He's coming back either tml or 29th.. =)
Today is the day.. where people term it as black day.. While i term it as jus another day where all the things jus somehow, happened together on the same day..

1st.. I left my hse early, 7.20, to go work.. Intending to go office by bus.. The feeder bus was late.. by 15mins.. So I still took a train in the end.

2nd.. The worse of the day, I fell, down the down riding escalator, face first..
(Ya, go on, Laugh as loud as u wan. I can't hear it anyway..)
Thanks to my vain-ness, i turned, went half my way down the escalator n landed on my butt.. So besides some minor scratches on my legs, not much injuries.. Thank God for tat..

3rd.. I went out for breakfast wif Jeslin & Rena n we bump into Lawrence, Wern Ming & Allan.. That was when, my boss came lookin for people n ask, where are we..
Conclusion? Kena scolding lo..

4th.. I covered my shifu's port today, covered Wlds.. N it turned out to be.. Super PROBLEMATIC..

5th.. Last but not least... I reached home, realising tat I forgot to bring my keys.. N I was locked up of my hse for 2hrs.. So NEar yet SO FAR..

What a day ManZ! Thank God it's all over.. Tomorrow will be a better day! =]
I know, some of u are tinkin, what happened to the previous post tat was up.. I took it down, for the purpose is no longer there..

Chingay is over for nearly 2 months.. Not much new things comin up except mayb Natsu, which is in August..

Everything has been more or less the same..
Went K-ing wif some colleagues on Fri, after meetin Stella, Dan, HsiaoLing n Mingde separately..

It was really fun n funny singsing with them.. Especially de duet part.. Kekez.. Tat shall be kept between us...

Happy CNY people.. Hope the new year will be a great year for all!


Was surfin ard the net when I saw this shoe design on Eastbay...

It is nice...
Hmmm.. nice?
I had a strong feeling abt it..
But I guess I am wrong yet again..
I shall leave it for the moment..
Leave it there..
N see what happens..............
Caught 2 good movies this week..
- Sweeney Todd
- 27 Dresses

Both movies were good basically.. the singing n storylines were good for the first.. Although some thought the ending was abit weird / rush / not to good... but it was ok for me.. for the 2nd, it was relaxing.. I had a great laugh.. n it was touchin too...
As we grow up, problems row bigger n bigger.. as well as increase in volume..

A couple of years back, we are probably worryin abt buyin books, passing exams n class tests, completing projects or do a good performance etc...

Now, we probably worry abt payin bills, debts, promotion, bonus , salary, loans, further study, etc..
Xx, Zuzz n me were havin our long conversation late into the night where we talked abt everything..

We had great time, talkin n listenin to each other..
Service today was good..

Zuzz called after service, but i cut short our conversation due to some reason..
Didn't join him n Kai Xin for dinner cos i dun feel like travelling back to town again..

Went for Gin's party till abt 7..
Sleepin soon.. will update again.. =)
I went back to church today..

I know i know.. I haven't been to church for abt 2 yrs..
so why did i go back??

Cos i felt the time was right..
GOD has been talkin to me the past few nights..
Abt dreams & hopes..

So i decided to give it a try again..

Everything went well before, durin n after service.. said hi to people whom i haven't met for quite a few yrs.. chat a bit wif Issac.. Tat's all.. Others, mainly "Hi", "Welcome back", "long time no see"..

Was chatting wif Kenneth, abt his life, my life n everything over lunch.. Chat till abt 3plus 4 then headed home..
Overall, this week is not too bad.. =)
Whatever had happened did..
Why bring it up again?
I'm trying to bring things over,
N keep it in tat remote part of my heart;
Locked n kept secret forever,
Not wanting to remember..

I jus want to be myself,
Be happy,
Be worry-free.
It's the past, so let it be..
Athe end of ytd,
I was exhausted both mentally n physically..
Like wat max said, on our way home via NR,
"Wendy's falling down, her eyes extremely tired"
I am tired of everything involving the 5 words "我对你有感觉".
I'm letting it go, once n for all n concentrate on other things at least for this couple of months...

So pls, if the next time u guys see me
N I did talk abt anything regarding the above,
Hit me on the head to wake me up..
I meant it..
Jus do it..
No worries, I will not hit back.. =)
Meetin up wif Pastor Wong ytd was a great choice..
There was alot of me talkin n then she answerin all my queries..
At the end of the whole session, I felt way better..

As I was steppin into church, the gate suddenly became the separator between 2 worlds..
It was a feelin tat i can't describe.. but jus extremely comfortable..

Steppin in there oso brought back alot of memories... Good ones, bad ones, sweet ones, hurting ones.. n of cos, it oso brought back memories tat i locked in a remote corner of my heart, not wantin to remember..

I spoke to Ps Lee, Ranald & Romans as well..
Random conversations between us...
A says,"Sometimes, when u are tryin to start things totally new again, knowin too many people there can be a hindrance to start things all over again.."

B answer,"It's all lies in your mind.. "

"U hav already taken the first step.. now wat's next? It's all up to you.."

"U can't predict the future.. so you wouldn't know whether if u didn't do it, things will change.."
On leave today, to settle some stuff that has been bothering me on my mind n to take a break from the routine of working n working n working..

It's nice, to wake up, tellin urself... "I'm on a break today.."

My block leave this year hav been temporary fixed.. 26 Jul to 03 Aug..
学习放下很艰难。 但它不等于放弃。放下的首要,是先对人类和世界有一个认知。
世界永远不完美,人性永远丑陋, 生命永远不圆满。

I tink I skipped an update recently.. Kekez..

30th dec, a day before NYE, Xx, me n Zuzz met up with Max n Lionel for dinner n Starbucks after tat.. First time dinning with the 2 guys but it was definitely a fun nite, talkin n laughin through out dinner n the chit chat after tat.. More such dinners pls.. =)
Ytd's dinner wif Jas was full of thoughts.. I felt tat I'm not mature enough to handle the workin world yet.. I couldn't stand adults, in order to get promotions / into bosses good boots, they can do anything n everything.. N i realli mean everything, even things they dun like..

This reminded me of something tat i heard before..

"The working world out there is not as simple n good-natured as you think it is. People can do everything n anything to gain what they want. They can be nice to you but they might not be real.."

Had lunch wif Rena today.. On our way, I was askin her on the same issues.. She said ,"They wouldn't stab u in the back now bcos u are still new, u stand no threat to them. In order to stay out of trouble for now, is to mind ur own business."

One thing to note: It's almost impossible to find frenz in the workin world.

How true, we shall see..
This new year is so not new year!!

As Dan, Jae, Trix n me had lunch today, we simply felt nothing like new year..
It jus felt like another weekend!!

Like wat Zuzz said, 31st Dec n 1st Jan is onli one second difference.. So it's not realli a big deal.. but we jus thought it might be a time, to press e reset button n everything is reset to original n start all over again..

NYE was spent at Clarke Quay over some games of Doraemon Uno wif them after dinner @ Hooters..
@ Hooters~
After Hooters~
I know i know..
U guys muz be wondering if u enter the wrong blog or click the wrong link or type the wrong blog's address right??

Ans: Nope u didn't.. This is still Wendy's blog..

I know I am not the girly kind, n i definitely dun adore pink..
If so, then why i choose this skin??

Bcos, i jus wanted a change for e new year..
N nope, I'm not together wif anyone..
Neither did I found someone new..
I'm still goin as a individual.. No love one or anything..

Simply jus wan a change..
Mayb a couple of months down, I'll change it again..
But for now, this is it... I simply wan to be happy.. =)


I read this n totally felt related.. Edited a little to express wat i tink..
*WARNING: it's chinese...*


我还有一种“朋友”, 是我曾经爱过但最后却因为种种原因没在一起的朋友。。


虽不谈风月,不谈风月并不等于两个人心灵上没可能拥有另个共赴快乐境地的可能。双方都十分清楚,什么能使他舒怀,什么能安慰他,什么能消缓他的压力,什么事情仍能令他感动。了如指掌。也愿意以朋友的身份去付出。 这种相知,是一辈子无法磨灭的情感,磨不掉的。

爱在结束后还能拓开胸怀,大家做朋友, 那就是最亲密最贴心的朋友。





New year...

It's the first day of 2008..

Did u guys review the resolutions tat was made at the start of the year 2007?? Haha..

Wat abt the new resolutions for this year??
1) To hav pay increment
2) To start uni studies
3) To find someone that's worth my time
4) To lose more weight.. =]
5) To travel overseas more wif frenz..
6) Lastly, to save up more.
7) To keep myself from fallin in love so easily.

Well well.. For all my frenz, my wish for them is to stay happy n tat they will find someone tat's worth their time as well.. Also, for those workin, tat their pay will increase n increase n increase.. for those studying, tat they will soar their exams with flying colors..

Wishes for some..
Zuzz: Tat he will get his gold for his IPPT, tat he can hav his ways to things..
Xx: For her pay to rise even more, tat she can get her degree n drivin license soon.. (so tat she can drive me ard..)
Aileen: Tat she can see kyn more often.. tat she will get good results..
Zat-i: Tat her relationships will get smoother.. Tat she will be happier..
Xiao Hui: Tat she will get into her wish course for uni.. N oso, find someone tat loves her as much as she loves God..
DaN: Tat he will hav better health, smooth relationship, better pay job, less problems..
Qiqi: Less worries, more smiles, more sweetness!!
Jas: Recover faster from her injury n less blurr~
Bro: Pay increment.. Smooth relationship wif Joanne..
Wern Ming: Find someone he likes, save more money, gets fitter..
2007 is wat kind of year for me? I oso dunno..
- I changed job, from ST to DBS..
- I stopped clubbin.. BUT not drinkin.. (i still love my tequila sunrise, vodka coke n rum coke..)
- I learnt to keep quiet when I feel like..
- I learnt to keep somethings to myself, care for myself more..

Hope tat 2008 would be a fruitful year as well... =)