2nd post of 2011!!!!

1st 2 weeks of 2011 have past and how have you been?
I've been living life jus like 2010, day after day, night after night.

Meet up with Ashley today, chat a far more then usual.
She was telling me something which I keep pestering her to tell me the answer but she refuse to. I tired guessing but to no avail. =(
I think I know who is talking abt thou. =D

Ahahaa.. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But Whatever! LOL..

Additional New resolutions for the year!
1) Love myself more
2) Stay connected with friends who are worth it & find back the lost ones!!
On side note, I have convinced myself that I shld start looking for a new dept to go into once I get my bonus.. N I mean it. N I want a totally unrelated dept!!! Yesh, a totally unrelated one. No doubt I have fun and absolute trust and is for sure, comfortable with the people I am working with currently. BUT I have to agree with Ashley on ONE POINT - Being irreplaceable in your current dept will deter your chances and opportunities to grow and move on. So, I do want to move on to learn new things and since no one really think that form checking is so impt, why am I wasting my time & life doing it??

Changes can be good and bad BUT it can't go too bad if you anticipate it with the good and positive attitude. Afterall, once you hit the bottom, there's no other way except going up! =D

All e best to friends in no matter what kind of journey you are abt the embark on for only you know yourself the best and what it is that you really wanted. =D
1st post of 2011!!!

Hope this yr have been good for all so far.. How was your 2010??
Seriously, with the kind of memory I have, I can't really remember what exactly happened.. =P

But the end was 2010 was not exactly good I would say. A good friend of mine, relationship w e Gf, capsized. No comments on what actually happened cos I do not want my personal thoughts and thinking to affect him further. I AM indeed ANGRY w her for treating him that way after him, putting all his trust in her with all his heart.. BUT, what hav been done cannot be undone. I wished him all the best and may the bleeding of the heart stop soon..

Other than that, Xmas eve n New YEar's eve was first spend in office before heading out with Besties for dinner!! Photos are up on facebook!!! =) Christmas presents are all still in their packaging
 cos I'm too lazy to do any packing at this moment.. wahhahaa... Christmas day was spend At JEsslynn's place to celebrate e little boy's birthday as well as getting to know e rest of the gang.. Was a great day spend.

AFter counting down on NYE, headed over to Henry's place for mini mahjong session decided pretty last min as the offer was bring up on NYE itself, while we were having team lunch and onli confirmed at like 6plus in e evening.. Was fun hanging out with them thou.. Or other, I like playing mahjong.. =D

Back to work is of cos a torture.. Wahahaa.. But meeting up w friends was a pleasure. Finally met up w Dan, Trix, Gerry, Daniel, Peidi, Fook Yu, XM, Emily, Zhenhao n their son for dinner and also, met up w Qiqi for dinner too. It's always fun to meet up w friends, talking abt everything under the sun!

With e new year starting, other than New Year Resolutions, it is also time to make plans for HOLIDAYS!!!
This year might be a little packed w trips!!! (Need to save more $$$)

1st: Phuket Trip
2nd: Australia Trip
3rd: Japan Trip!!!

Thinking of going:
1) Batam! (YES, again!)
2) JB (Ok, this is not considered a trip but I want to go in for FOOD!!)
3) Taiwan (YES! I want to revisit n explore more taiwan!!)

Alright! After all these yakking, have you guys make ur new year resolutions? I haven't! But here shld be a start!!

1) No more cabbing to work! (I'm starting on it already! So far so good!!)
2) Save more money! (No splurging!!!)
3) Slim down more!! (That have become a regular item here! Oppss!)
4) Out of SG for New Year Eve's countdown!! (Yes! That's my resolution!! Even if it's GENTING)
5) Transfer dept!!! (I want to get out of my boring JOB!!)

All e best people!!! LOve YA!!