Pass weekend was alright..

After 2 weeks of what seems to be endless work, I started going home earlier.. Haha.. Not exactly veri early la but still earlier.. =)

Complete the final assignments for both modules that I am taking this semester. What is left now is exams that falls on 20th & 21st n that would conclude this semester of studying..

Next semester is starting in abt a months time.. Exact start date: 07 Sep..
2 weeks break from exam and it would be time to chiong again...
After the coming sem, would be 1 semester break for me cos there is no modules that I can take in Jan..

Would be a good time for a break during that time I guess cos it's a new year afterall...

So fast, school would be coming to an end.. Lookin ahead, it would be jus another year or so, provided that everything goes smoothly, before I end my part time studies.. =P

Met up with Qiqi after such a long time, even thou we are in the same school but we hardly hav time to catch up. Dinner @ Waraku was not too bad and of cos, chit chatting with her is always the best time. =)

After dinner and rounds of walking, we settled at starbucks for more talking before Eugene came to join us. Shortly after, we left for home, with Eugene joining his frenz for some drinks..

Hurt some "not-so-shocking-neither-surprising" news that confirms what I was thinking.. =(
Celerated Zuzz's birthday on Sunday and was also a meet up session for me, Xx, Zuzz & Aileen..
Meet Zuzz n Jervin earlier for a little walk around before meeting the rest..
**Orchard Central have such nice Mos Burger & Urban White!**

Dinner was at Dempsey Hill! For the first time after it has opened for SOOOO long that I went there.. Dinner was awesome, food was great and dessert @ Ben & Jerry was of cos, GREAT as well.. The whole day ended with us takin cab home separately of cos. =P

Hope Zuzz like his pressie!

**Photos will be up after I get them from either Zuzz / Jervin!**