My office officially moved to CBP already.. Thank God, my company decided to provide shuttle service & that timing for the JE bus to office will be changed to 745!!! YESH!!! Saving on transport is a high priority for people like me who travels from one end of SG to another for work.. =( More people will be moving in next week = more people sitting shuttle bus! =(

Recently, dance class started!! WOOHOO!!! Stretching session is what I missed e most.. Even thou e 1st lesson left me aching e next day.. HAHAHHAAHA...

School started too! Frankie is back to teach us for SM => Meaning to say, passing this module would be slightly easier.. =D Hopefully, nothing will be too difficult this semester.. AFterall, it's my last module.. Afterwhich, I will be done with school for the moment.. =D Thinking of which, I haven't started reading on e 100 MCQs test which is a week after my birthday!! =( Shall start studying soon so that I can pass that Financial Risk course in office! Probably after the trip I guess.. =D

This year's trip was a rocky one.. Yesh, I haven't went yet and it's already rocky.. May everything goes smoothly! Will be meeting Zuzzy on the 19th to go change money plus probably would have to pack my luggage then cos friday is always a SUPER busy day in office! And I have to settle everything before going cos I wouldn't be ard for a week!

That's all for now, blogging from Maryanne's house~
Shall blog again probably after my trip..
REalising! I don't think much people come by here nowadays! Hahahahaa... MORE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!