You're a Spring. You usually are very close-knit
with your friends and value everyone freidnship
you have. You're a real people person and
everyone loves how friendly you are. You're
good with encouraging people but usually don't
like to be the center of attention. You are a
social butterfly and probably are in several
circles of friends but it's just because you're
well liked and you make people comfortable.
You're both fun and wise but you are very
realistic about life.

What season are you? (pics)
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Your soul is bound to the Burning Rose: The
"I go where my heart beckons me, and I go
with my head high. But sometimes, I get a need
until I bleed so my heart swims above my

The Burning Rose is associated with passion,
intensity, and desire. It is governed by the
god Eros and its sign is The Flame, or Physical
As a Burning Rose, you can get lost in the moment
if you let yourself. You are a very physical
person, be it in relationships, work, or play.
You may be driven by your hormones sometimes,
but you know it's because you have to follow
your instinct.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
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sumthing abt myself....

Tis an ice dragon breathes...when the first snowflake doesnt melt....
Your an ice dragon! Congrats! Out of all the
dragons, you are most powerful but do not like
to show it. A rare and special creture, you
have artistic style and are great at expressing
yourself. You think friends and Familly are the
most important, and are a hopeless romantic.
But of course, as ice goes, you can be a little
cold or harsh at times. But not to worry, you
always apoligize later!

What elemental dragon are you?
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You' brought size="-1"
font>< (pics)<>What > life.

realistic but wise and fun both comfortable.
You?re people make liked you?re
well because just it?s friends of several
circles in probably butterfly a
social You attention. center the be don?t
like usually encouraging with You?re
good are. friendly how loves and
everyone person real a You?re have. freidnship
you everyone value your close-knit
with very Spring. re>Quizilla

You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.
"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
(Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum
(Egyptian).The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
the number 0, and the element of fire.His sign is the eclipsed sun.
As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
individual. You tend to keep your sense of
optomism, even through tough times and have a
positive outlook on most situations. You have
a way of looking at going through life as a
journey that you can constantly learn from.
Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
they cheer people up easily.

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long time...

It has been quite a long time since I last blog.. Has been busy wif performance, tests and projects.. In fact, I just finished one of projects' presentation today.. My last project presentation is i tink next week or the week after.. Can'y really remember... After that presentation, there will be a week break for study break.. then is exam... then HOLIDAYS... Yeah~.. Today, took neoprint wif Van Van, my good friend.. Haven't been to church for quite a long time... Will be back to church soon.. Can't wait to see them... Got to go for dinner... So will stop here... Last note: JMD have been well... So far, so good.. Holidays are coming soon.. So is grading... tis year, same... Creative, Traditional and Hip hop.. Just the judges different.. Dan, Xm... the rest not confirm yet... See ya..

Happy day...

Today, my bro brought a VCD for me.. Guess wat?? It is a VCD on Jesus.. It was entitled: 'Jesus, The True Story'. I asked why did he buy that.. he say because he was interested in knowing more.. I told him that tis VCD will tell him not onli more abt Christ but inside the VCD, it also tell him abt the Gospel. I pray that after watching tis VCD, he will be interested to know more... Tis week, another busy week.. projects, projects and mroe projects... Sianz... hope the week get better day by day.....

"We cannot control what will happen everyday.. but we can control the way we react to what ever that happens..." "We can't choose how other people feel but we can choose how we feel..."
"We can't choose the weather but we can choose to be happy or sad"

Friday, Saturday, yesterday & today... 4 days in one...

since it is a 4 days in one blog, please bear a while.. Might be a bit long.. Sorry.. cos veri long never blog cos not at home.. then tis morning, blogspot got problem.. anyway.. I will start wif Friday...

I skipped class on that day.. whole day class.. I meet Fiona at 4 to go for lunch then shopping.. before heading to her hse.. I stayed at her house on friday... I helped her do birthday present for someone.. then we chatted till 3 am before sleeping... We had a fun time choosing pics and doin the present.. Wanted to use her com but it died on me.... haiz.. Keep going into sleeping mode.. *it's time to change com... haha...

woke up at 745 at Fiona's hse... Went to bath.. When I stepped out, I realised that her sister's boyfriend is already there.. So good... So early wake up cum girlfriend's hse.. Saturday somemore.. wat a nice guy.... anyway, We ate breakfast then went to school for JMD practise.. Reach there at 951. Onli one person there.. Cat B one somemore.. then as time pass, people came... Did warm up, practise Yosaiko then the rehearsal for the lantern festival started... It started late as usual.. dunno why.. anyway, we onli did once... then tat it.. so simple.. anyway, we were told to be there at 3 next sat to take bus down to chinese garden... sianz... Lunch was provided... ate abit.. then left..

Had a outing wif JMD.. both Cat A & B... Zat, Dan, SuYa, Ari, Cindy, Brendy, Me, Gia Gia, Brendy and Fiona.. We had fun there. but when I was going to return the floats, my specs spoil.. got it repair at a optical shop nearby... then we went home... on our own.. talk to steve on my way back thru the phone.. over slept to tampines then took back to bedok.. Was so tired.. at the thought that the next day, I have to wake up at 545 to go sch, SIANZ... Y so early??

woke up at 545... when to bath.. after changing, went to lie on my bed again.. fall asleep.. Steve's sms woke me up at 615.. thanks.. was so tired on the train and almost overslept... hehehe... thanks to the person who woke me up in time... hehe.. anyway was so tired... Reach Wasada Shibuya Senior High School veri veri early.. Sensei insisted a group photo.. took it at the fountain... so weird.. anwyay, XM, qiqi and I had a school tour led by Kentaro & another guy.. can't remember his name... Me & qiqi keep nodding out heads but dunno wat they talking.. tink onli XM was listening.. the tour was onli like... 5mins?? tink so.. it was veri short.. 1st stop after tour ended: Bazzar.. throughoout the whole day, went there 4 times.. 1st time, brought a playboy top for $0.50... cheap right?? it was real cheap.. eveything was going at $0.50 or $1... the 3rd time I went in, brought a soft toy, 2 bookmarks & a bracelet...total, I spent $2... I also went to the 'Big Head Bakery' the toast there was really nice.. and cheap...a number of us went there... also went for the tea ceremony... when it ended, most of us, our legs couldn't even stand.. haha.. wonder how the Japanese stand it... after Li feng & emily left, me & qiqi went to the orchid cafe to have a drink... then we went to the basketball court to look at Dan and his friends play against the students there... well, they got first... at abt 4, we left... went to harbourfront hawker center to eat... then went to orchard..

well... Orchard was the stop... but Steve & Selphie got down at Somerset... was angry wif him... not because he left with Selphie but because he asked us to come.. then he just left us like that... I rejected his call 3 times... the 4th time, I simply ask Brendy to pick up and tell him that I dun wan to talk to him... anyway, we went to took neoprint..he came to find us... at the same time, trying to explain to me.. but I just didn't want to listen at that time... so ignore him.. I believe he had a hard time... I didn't wan to listen in the 1st place.. but still forgive him in the end... well... then everything was ok for the day..went home.. talk to him on the phone... then went to sleep.. next day, no sch.. so need wake up so early... YEAH~

Woke up at dunno wat time.. can't remember... nothing to do at home.. really nothing to do... anyway, tml ICA for EFMA... dun hav book.. so cannot study... but still, I tink I will pass.. tink onli lahz.. but tml will study hard.. tis week will be another stress week... will be rushing projects... Business Law, Marketing Management, Retail & Travel Management... studying for ICA... preparing for performance... Sianz.. cannot sleep again... SIANZ.. May the rest of the week be better...

Sad... sobz.. sobz..

well.. I lent my phone to my friend for a moment. I thought she is just smsing her friend... i didn't know that she is using my phone to do a transaction of up to 15 dollars. I was so upset.. I was being used. Why?? izzit an offence to be kind? Izzit an offence to forgive??? izzit an offence to be helpful?? izzit an offence to be friendly?? God hav gave me a big heart and I always thank him for it.. Why do the cover had to be so different from the content of the book?? After forgiving and frogetting, the same thing happen again.. God.. let me break down for once.. please.. thanks for sending to me people that really cares... but I pray that u can give me a sense of direction as where I should be and how do i go abt doin things.. also I pray that u give me the sense of feeling. that I will know what kind of people are true and what kind are not... thanks... who hav a place, who do not....

listening to jae's demo... reallt toucch.. like that song alot.... thanks kor.. love ur singing....

I found tis on the net.. thought it look like the feeling that I have now... I need hugs veri badly now... I need comfort... and also encouragment... Posted by Hello

A veri sad day....

Well, I went to sch as usual today.. Nothing unusual... Onli until RTM tutorial.. I discovered something big... Whatever I am going to write below, is meant for some people...

I dun think i want to disclose names.. so, I shall name them: 1, 2, 3 & 4
I never expect that it would be 2.. That really hurts.. Ever since we handed up our RTM project, I knew I was going to be marked down.. I knew at least 2 people will marked me down.. but I thought it would be 1 & 3 or 4... I never expected it to be you.. Why?? Why did u do that... I dun understand... I was really hurt.. Van Van was right... Never judge a book by the cover... Never... never.. they might appear nice & friendly.. but.. they are the most cunning... I dunno how true is this but it quite true for those in... hehe.. class.. I guess.. sometimes.... u just hav to open ur eyes big big... to see... see thru the person character... Well, now, nothing liao.. dun feel much already... Take it as it comes lahz.. Well, God say that we should never let the Sun go down, feeling angry... See ya...

in sch... again...

blogging secretly. Teacher not here yet.. not everyone is here yet... Waiting for Ms Leong to arrive, she is a teacher that no one hates.. She is really a teacher that cares.. Of cos, she is also one of Jae's favourite teacher.. last week, i show her Jae's blog.. then he say that Jae never keep his promise.. Say want to e-mail her but never... So jae.. if u are reading tis now, send her an e-mail now.. keep in touch with her... Anyway, let me continue.. later, during her lesson having presentation.. informal presentation... then after that in the early afternoon, having a seminar.. I helping out wif Ushering.. Feeling better after talking to some people online.. Realise that I was quite attitude yesterday when I was in sch... Was talking to Fiona online yesterday.. then realise that she is veri heartbroken. she didn't tell me why.. but I more or less can guess.. I never saw a girl so sad before.. she was trying to control.. but she dun seem to be her normal self yesterday... She was talking to me but as if she wasn't there.. I ask her a question, she answer other things... Got to go... Ms Leong cum liao.. muz stopp blogging le.. hehehe.. continue tonight.... bye~

Still feeling sleepy, pai seh & happy...

Yesterday, JMD Resume... YEAH~... Never go for JMD, I feel so sian.. finally... it resume.. Started at 10 plus.. before tat, meet Gia Gia, Fiona, Brendy & Steve for breakfast... We practise Put 'em up today.. Once onli.. We also taught the Cat Bs Dance wif me tonight... and some other stuff.. We played a dancing game that includes cherography.. somehow lahz, we had fun.. Real fun..After JMD,went to Sentosa wif Steve, Gia Gia, Fiona, Mei Ling & Brendy... the 6 of us... We reach Sentosa at abt... 4? 3 plus? tink 3plus.. We played Truth or Dare.. 1st round, all of them choose truth... onli I choose dare.. So pai seh of what I did.. I gave a kiss to someone... So pai seh... as who i gave it to, I wouldn't say.. it's a secret between me & those who went yesterday... Fiona say my face turn red.. Hahaha.. Really veri pai seh lahz.... First time leh... Anyway, we played a second round which was the other way.. I was the only truth.. the others did dare.. then, we also play the frog game.. dunno how to describe here.. but one thing for sure, we had fun.. After that we slack a bit in the water, then we talked abit then we went to bath.. The water is so small there.. After bathing, we walked from somewhere near palawan beach to Siloso beach just to take the bus back to the visitors departure center... then we went to the food junction at harbour front center to eat our dinner.. then we left to go home... tis morning, I wake uo at 10.45... suppose to go church.. but couldn't wake up.. so sad.. but anyway, I went for breakfast wif my mum then slack until now.. dun feel like going to school tml leh.. but I definitely hav a veri nice weekend.. thanks to people like Dan, Ari, Yaya, Steve, Fiona, Gia Gia, Brendy, Meiling and the rest.. that we really had fun.. in JMD and at Senotsa.. Lastly, yesterday is Leon's and Shu Herng's birthday.. here, I wish them Happy Birthday.. and today, is Emily's birthday.. here, I wish her Happy birthday..

I made a small discovery yesterday: there is quite a number of Cat Bs that are born in the year 1985... which means they are older than most of their seniors.. Hahaha....