As we grow up, problems row bigger n bigger.. as well as increase in volume..

A couple of years back, we are probably worryin abt buyin books, passing exams n class tests, completing projects or do a good performance etc...

Now, we probably worry abt payin bills, debts, promotion, bonus , salary, loans, further study, etc..
Xx, Zuzz n me were havin our long conversation late into the night where we talked abt everything..

We had great time, talkin n listenin to each other..
Service today was good..

Zuzz called after service, but i cut short our conversation due to some reason..
Didn't join him n Kai Xin for dinner cos i dun feel like travelling back to town again..

Went for Gin's party till abt 7..
Sleepin soon.. will update again.. =)
I went back to church today..

I know i know.. I haven't been to church for abt 2 yrs..
so why did i go back??

Cos i felt the time was right..
GOD has been talkin to me the past few nights..
Abt dreams & hopes..

So i decided to give it a try again..

Everything went well before, durin n after service.. said hi to people whom i haven't met for quite a few yrs.. chat a bit wif Issac.. Tat's all.. Others, mainly "Hi", "Welcome back", "long time no see"..

Was chatting wif Kenneth, abt his life, my life n everything over lunch.. Chat till abt 3plus 4 then headed home..
Overall, this week is not too bad.. =)
Whatever had happened did..
Why bring it up again?
I'm trying to bring things over,
N keep it in tat remote part of my heart;
Locked n kept secret forever,
Not wanting to remember..

I jus want to be myself,
Be happy,
Be worry-free.
It's the past, so let it be..
Athe end of ytd,
I was exhausted both mentally n physically..
Like wat max said, on our way home via NR,
"Wendy's falling down, her eyes extremely tired"
I am tired of everything involving the 5 words "我对你有感觉".
I'm letting it go, once n for all n concentrate on other things at least for this couple of months...

So pls, if the next time u guys see me
N I did talk abt anything regarding the above,
Hit me on the head to wake me up..
I meant it..
Jus do it..
No worries, I will not hit back.. =)
Meetin up wif Pastor Wong ytd was a great choice..
There was alot of me talkin n then she answerin all my queries..
At the end of the whole session, I felt way better..

As I was steppin into church, the gate suddenly became the separator between 2 worlds..
It was a feelin tat i can't describe.. but jus extremely comfortable..

Steppin in there oso brought back alot of memories... Good ones, bad ones, sweet ones, hurting ones.. n of cos, it oso brought back memories tat i locked in a remote corner of my heart, not wantin to remember..

I spoke to Ps Lee, Ranald & Romans as well..
Random conversations between us...
A says,"Sometimes, when u are tryin to start things totally new again, knowin too many people there can be a hindrance to start things all over again.."

B answer,"It's all lies in your mind.. "

"U hav already taken the first step.. now wat's next? It's all up to you.."

"U can't predict the future.. so you wouldn't know whether if u didn't do it, things will change.."
On leave today, to settle some stuff that has been bothering me on my mind n to take a break from the routine of working n working n working..

It's nice, to wake up, tellin urself... "I'm on a break today.."

My block leave this year hav been temporary fixed.. 26 Jul to 03 Aug..
学习放下很艰难。 但它不等于放弃。放下的首要,是先对人类和世界有一个认知。
世界永远不完美,人性永远丑陋, 生命永远不圆满。

I tink I skipped an update recently.. Kekez..

30th dec, a day before NYE, Xx, me n Zuzz met up with Max n Lionel for dinner n Starbucks after tat.. First time dinning with the 2 guys but it was definitely a fun nite, talkin n laughin through out dinner n the chit chat after tat.. More such dinners pls.. =)
Ytd's dinner wif Jas was full of thoughts.. I felt tat I'm not mature enough to handle the workin world yet.. I couldn't stand adults, in order to get promotions / into bosses good boots, they can do anything n everything.. N i realli mean everything, even things they dun like..

This reminded me of something tat i heard before..

"The working world out there is not as simple n good-natured as you think it is. People can do everything n anything to gain what they want. They can be nice to you but they might not be real.."

Had lunch wif Rena today.. On our way, I was askin her on the same issues.. She said ,"They wouldn't stab u in the back now bcos u are still new, u stand no threat to them. In order to stay out of trouble for now, is to mind ur own business."

One thing to note: It's almost impossible to find frenz in the workin world.

How true, we shall see..
This new year is so not new year!!

As Dan, Jae, Trix n me had lunch today, we simply felt nothing like new year..
It jus felt like another weekend!!

Like wat Zuzz said, 31st Dec n 1st Jan is onli one second difference.. So it's not realli a big deal.. but we jus thought it might be a time, to press e reset button n everything is reset to original n start all over again..

NYE was spent at Clarke Quay over some games of Doraemon Uno wif them after dinner @ Hooters..
@ Hooters~
After Hooters~
I know i know..
U guys muz be wondering if u enter the wrong blog or click the wrong link or type the wrong blog's address right??

Ans: Nope u didn't.. This is still Wendy's blog..

I know I am not the girly kind, n i definitely dun adore pink..
If so, then why i choose this skin??

Bcos, i jus wanted a change for e new year..
N nope, I'm not together wif anyone..
Neither did I found someone new..
I'm still goin as a individual.. No love one or anything..

Simply jus wan a change..
Mayb a couple of months down, I'll change it again..
But for now, this is it... I simply wan to be happy.. =)


I read this n totally felt related.. Edited a little to express wat i tink..
*WARNING: it's chinese...*


我还有一种“朋友”, 是我曾经爱过但最后却因为种种原因没在一起的朋友。。


虽不谈风月,不谈风月并不等于两个人心灵上没可能拥有另个共赴快乐境地的可能。双方都十分清楚,什么能使他舒怀,什么能安慰他,什么能消缓他的压力,什么事情仍能令他感动。了如指掌。也愿意以朋友的身份去付出。 这种相知,是一辈子无法磨灭的情感,磨不掉的。

爱在结束后还能拓开胸怀,大家做朋友, 那就是最亲密最贴心的朋友。





New year...

It's the first day of 2008..

Did u guys review the resolutions tat was made at the start of the year 2007?? Haha..

Wat abt the new resolutions for this year??
1) To hav pay increment
2) To start uni studies
3) To find someone that's worth my time
4) To lose more weight.. =]
5) To travel overseas more wif frenz..
6) Lastly, to save up more.
7) To keep myself from fallin in love so easily.

Well well.. For all my frenz, my wish for them is to stay happy n tat they will find someone tat's worth their time as well.. Also, for those workin, tat their pay will increase n increase n increase.. for those studying, tat they will soar their exams with flying colors..

Wishes for some..
Zuzz: Tat he will get his gold for his IPPT, tat he can hav his ways to things..
Xx: For her pay to rise even more, tat she can get her degree n drivin license soon.. (so tat she can drive me ard..)
Aileen: Tat she can see kyn more often.. tat she will get good results..
Zat-i: Tat her relationships will get smoother.. Tat she will be happier..
Xiao Hui: Tat she will get into her wish course for uni.. N oso, find someone tat loves her as much as she loves God..
DaN: Tat he will hav better health, smooth relationship, better pay job, less problems..
Qiqi: Less worries, more smiles, more sweetness!!
Jas: Recover faster from her injury n less blurr~
Bro: Pay increment.. Smooth relationship wif Joanne..
Wern Ming: Find someone he likes, save more money, gets fitter..
2007 is wat kind of year for me? I oso dunno..
- I changed job, from ST to DBS..
- I stopped clubbin.. BUT not drinkin.. (i still love my tequila sunrise, vodka coke n rum coke..)
- I learnt to keep quiet when I feel like..
- I learnt to keep somethings to myself, care for myself more..

Hope tat 2008 would be a fruitful year as well... =)