POst... More words after the pictures..
Had a great night on Sunday celebrating Lionel's birthday...

Started of the day with dinner @ a Jap restaurant @ Odeans Tower..

Me, with Max, Lionel & Ryan..

Me n Max..

This is my 2nd time meeting Ryan.. but he didn't remember at all.. LOL..

All of us.. Ricky, Ryan, Lionel, Max, me, James, Sam & Vivien..

Before entering into Zirca, we had dessert!!

I look weird in this pic.. N if u are wondering.. NO, Max is not my boyfriend...

N ended it with celebrating it at Zirca..

the beginning..

N near to the end..

Some of my fav...

4 of us..

With Lionel..

Ryan.. I know i look damn drunk in this pic.. BUT I was not..



N lastly, the nice bouncer.. Didn't get to know his name thou..
Everything ended ard 3 cos I had to work e next day.. Wpuld wan to step there again but the next time, would probably try clubbing there on Sat or mayb Butter Factory would be a good try too..

After 3 days of late night, today i can finally go sleep early!! Wohooo...
Mon was still alright as work ended ard 8plus..
Yesterday, I stepped out of my office at 11plus!
Wheww.. N I am glad, this is going to end SOON!

Natsu is coming again.. Would be going as an audience this year, lookin at performance instead... Hahaa.. All the best to those performing >> Dan, Itsuki, Trix, Gerry, Jasmine, Cindy, Steve, Oz, Lue Song, Ban Theng and Jia huii... >> Not sure who else is in.. Anyway, all the best..

As Natsu is approaching, meaning this semester is coming to an end soon for school as well.. This semester's exam schedule is BAD for me.. 2 papers right after each other.. N it's jus happening in the 2 days before Natsu.. So while they are busy preparing for the performance, I would be busy studying for my papers..

All the best to those taking exams... Specifically >>> Qiqi, Sarah, Damon, Shenna & Andy... JIA YOU..
Off to sleep soon!
My ipod is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell jus now and e stupid water bottle broke and soak my whole bag.. including my ipod, laptop and handphone..

Everything else is ok at the moment but MY IPOD IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a fren askin me this question a couple of weeks ago when I met him on my way home..

"You are studying degree?? I thought u dislike studying alot?? Why subject yourself to the agony of going lectures, attending classes, meeting deadline of assignments and studying for exams??"

At that point of time, I was too sleepy to realli tink so I answered him "Bcos the society requires me to do so."

Tinking back, I would say that it's bcos I wanted to study while I am still fresh ba.. N be able to stay employ-able ba..

Of cos, studying part-time and working full-time at the same time, as all of you will know, would means that certain sacrifices have to be made.. I wouldn't say that I gave up alot of things.. but would rather put it is as that I turn myself into a loner ba..

Almost everyday, after work, destination would either be school or home... I kind of stop socialising and meeting people for activities.. but rather starting doing things alone.. like watchin movie by myself and swimming.. Group activities was last time thing.. Even the usual group are not meeting up as much as last time due to personal committment...

I am not grumbling here.. I understand that totally... Jus some feelings that I need to express ba.. Somehow or another, I am wishing for someone right now.. Not being desperate but jus a simple wish that i will have... Haha.. What a weird me today...

There are a couple of people that I know, are goin thru a rough patch at the moment.. In relationship, in school, at work or for what-so-ever reasons... Jia you people.. Jus remember that there are always people by ur side... Accompanying you, helping you and listenin to you..

TOMORROW will be a better DAY!

I know, i hav been neglecting some people due to other committments.. I will try to catch up with them, know what is happening to them.. N people, feel free to ask me for lunch (areas restricted la..), dinner, supper or weekends outing if u need to talk, share or whatever...

I hope everything for this sem will go well.. With new processes at work, assignments to rush and exams to study for..

Jus as the saying goes: "When the going get tough, the tough gets going!"