I got myself a new phone today, after my V9 refuse to let me hear pple when I pick up the call..
Despite havin said how much I wanted a Samsung Pixon, the price is still too high.. Was havin a hard time to decide what phone to get at the Singtel shop..

U see, I wanted iphone / Samsung Pixon but it was above budget.. Thinking of Samsung F480 but they onli had pink and it was baby pink.. Then thought of LG Viewty but they also only had pink..
In the end, I settled for LG Viewty cos i tink it look less girly..

I know i know, pink is jus not me, but I'll probably be getting some sort of cover for it.. I heard, it's prone to scratches.. Anyway, since i've already got it, i've got to stick with it.. Hehe..
I was suppose to meet Damon n Sarah for Sakae buffet but we decided not to for Sarah has a wedding dinner at night n our meet up time was too late to have buffet.. Futher more, I was late.. Since phone cannot call (the new phone was still charging at home..) we sms here n there.. by the time we found each other, it was almost 4 already..

Settled lunch at Raffles City new Food Court (The food place).. Lunch was alright, with Sarah having Scissors Cut mix veg rice, me havin western food and Damon having Teppanyaki..

After which, we settled at Starbucks at City Link.. OHHHH.. I met Jennifer there.. She is back in SG to help her Dad out.. Haha.. It has been really really long since I saw her.. (Which is probably after she grad from NYP ba..) Shall ask her out sometime soon man.. hahaa..

After finishing our discussion, headed back to mrt station to go home.. On the way back, met KL at city link HMV.. Also, met Jason at Raffles City.. Jason still looks as good as before.. Even thou it has been 2 yrs since I last saw him.. Haha.. I kind of want to see Adrian as well.. N Ben.. wonder how they are now..

A good day meeting frenz..
Tml got Workplace law class from 2 to 5.. Then meeting Yvonne in town..
All in all, I still miss u.. Although u didn't fulfill wat u said.. U still stands a place..