Hey pple.. Haha..
First n foremost *Sweep**Sweep*

It's been quite a long while since there is updates on this blog..
Not tat I hav been really busy..
It's jus that there is nothing much exciting to be shared with you guys..

Well, jus a little update,
August came n left..
So did Zuzz's birthday, lionel's birthday, ryan's birthday, vanessa's birthday, cheryl's birthday, Aileen's birthday and many more..

A couple of happenings:
1) Celebrated Zuzz's birthday with dinner n dessert @ Dempsey Hill
2) Celebrated Aileen's birthday with dinner @ Clarke Quay
3) Celebrated Cheryl's belated birthday @ Tanglin Mall
4) Went for Natsu Matsuri 2009
5) Met Eugene for movie (FD 4)
6) Met Yvonne for movie (G-force)
7) Met Lionel, Zuzz, Max, Jervin n Vivien for dinner @ Suntec..

I'm seriously too lazy to blog everything in details.. Photos wise, it's up on fb.. Details wise, it's for me to know n remember.. Lol..
Then then then, there are more events coming up..

1) Emily's birthday bbq..
2) Yvonne's birthday dinner
3) Cozycot's event @ expo
4) Assignment due dates (LOL)

Work wise, more or less is abt the same. More n more changes to the system are implemented as the days goes by. Everything else have been pretty alright.

School side, NEW SEMESTER jus started again.. For now, lessons are on mondays only.. The wednesday class will start on the 23th according to my classmate. With school starting, assignments are on it's way into my pocket.. Exams are in Dec but dunno when yet.. *Praying hard* that it would not be on Dec 18th..

Relationship wise, still pretty much the same.. No change to status although some of u might know there was a little hump in the last couple of weeks but now, everything goes back to normal... No change no change no change.. Hahaa..

While talking to YH last night, he decided to get me Krispy Kreme from KL over the weekend when he goes back.. WOoHOOO... YEAH!!!

N, Jus to share a little, the things i wan n wish for..
1) Iphone!
2) Hongkong trip
3) Crumpler bag..
4) New wallet
5) More time with frenz
6) Passing the last 3 modules to my degree!

LOL.. Tat's all for now.. Bye n take care my friends!