NEW BLOG POST!! Hahaa.. After a month of lapse!
I doubted many people read this blog.. HAha..

My 24th Birthday came n left.. =(
Officially 24! HAhaa

Had a fun-filled e day before and on e day itself.. =D
Other than dance pract that sat, met Zuzzy, JErvin, Leen, Xx n Gem for dinner n after dinner activities... =D

No photos to share as we didn't take any..
Jus wanna say thanks to Dan, Trix, Jo, XM, Jas n Steve for the b'dae pressie and all that were there to sing e "speedy" birthday song to me n Jas.. =D

Dinner @ Haji Lane was disappointing as e weather was hot and food standards drop! After dinner activities @ Coffee Nations was definitely enjoyable to all that were there.. We had a fun time jus playing bingo! Thanks Zuzzy, Jervin, Leen, Xx, Gem n Max for the pressie n card!
Days before my bdae, my bro n max were admitted to hospital on separate occasions due to different reason. Was encouraging max to recover by tempting him with clubbing! LOL.. So, the plan was made for my birthday to go club.. =)

Suppose to meet them for dinner @ 730 but e 1st (Max) only arrived at 745.. Therefore dinner was pushed to 8 instead..
PARTYTIME!! Entered at near 1200.. Drank probably the most no. of different cocktails in my whole life that night, thanks to those guys that were there..
N by now, most people would have know that the most embrassing thing happened with me vomiting.. LOL..
In anyway, although most embrassing, it was also one of the most fun ones..
Want to thank all those who took time to come down, brought e drinks n took care of me.. MUCH APPRECIATED =D

I'm waiting for Max to upload the pics and sent me!!!
Birthday presents are not exactly opened yet, except for the one that Dan they all gave (cos I used it on that day) Cards have all been read!!

Thanks to all those who remembered, thanks for all e presents, cards as well as the well wishes via fb (yes, my fb's well is flooded), sms and verbally (I bump into Ashley @ Suntec!!) .. =D

This year's birthday was a pretty wonderful one I would say.. Let's hope that next year, I will have a love one to celebrate with me.. Whahahahahha =P