I went to NYP Open Hse today.. Watch Albin's performance.. He realli improve alot compared the last I saw him.. Proud of him.. Haha.. He looks realli good today.. Dunno is bcos I veri long never see him le.. I told Qiqi tat I found him veri good lookin today.. Haha.. FB's performance was great.. The Hip Hop Hunt Competition was alright.. Nothin realli fantastic.. except one.. But they onli got in 3rd.. I realli dun understand.. To me, they are great.. I guess its jus a difference in opinion..

人与人之间的感情是脆弱还是坚硬?只有你和他知道。今天所发生的事情,完全不在我预料之中。我们都知道, 我们将会是永远的朋友。因为在你和我心中,不管是你,我还是他,我们都想要对方开心,快乐。我从来没发现,原来我们的友情是那么不堪一击。久为了一个你我和他都关心的朋友而吵成这个样子。你们可知道我有多么的伤心吗?这是我完全不想看到的情形。两个很好,很好的朋友,因为他而吵成这个样子。值得吗?就因为两个人的看心别人的方式不一样,就因为对方说的话语其重了一点,就因为意见的不同, 就因为你以为它不再当他是朋友,就因为你以为他在袒护他,就因为你们之间没把话说清楚,就因为你们之间的哪一个小误会,把你们之间,用好几年的时间建立起的友情,毁掉。。值得吗?你们就捕捉下来,把话说清楚吗? 明明就是向关心对方,明明就像跟对方说话,却因为这个误会, 变得漠不关心对方。遗憾可是一生的。友情一没了, 就很难找回来。。 我不想看到你们之间的友情,就这么没了。你们是我要好的朋友。希望你们会合好。这是我的愿望。。如果你们不会和好,我相信我会怪她一辈子。这个她是谁,你们应该知道。怪她因为他让你们两个人闹翻。因为她的工作,因为她的选择, 引起了我们的不爽,我们想她停止。可是她却不听。就因为这样,你们两个人的意见不和,就因为这样,两个好朋友,变成了敌人。。 伤心,难过。。。haiz..
Do Wishes come true when wish upon the stars? If it does, can I make a wish? For the 2 of you to become good frenz again. For a 2nd, I wish to hav a wonderful 21st birthday..
Ytd was e most terrible day in my life.. I felt as if I was dying.. I couldn't even move.. Thank God, my bro came back in time.. He help me masssage.. So did my dad.. Thanks to them.. I'm still alive and can blog..
My hands turned white ytd at office.. Went to see e doc and went home.. vomited twice before I finally fell asleep.. Awoke when I felt hungry.. Lie back on my bed after dinner.. Tat was when the numbness set in.. I was so frighten.. feeling tat I might not see them again.. After my bro and dad help me relieve e numbness, I went back to sleep.. And e headache set in.. I slept n woke up, slept n woke up.. at least 3 times last night.. Went to see my usual doc this morning cos the company doc can't cure me.. Came back from my doc, vomited again after takin my medicine.. then went to sleep.. Woke up feeling much better.. Hope I will get better tml..
I am waiting... waiting for it to happen... Waiting for wat to happen?? Tat's for me to know, for you to find out... Good day!!
Hi people.. Long never update le.. As been pretty busy with work and other stuff.. hmm.. I hav been fine, for people whom I haven't been contacting.. I hav been hanging out, more or less with the same people.. XX, Zuzz, Zati, Qiqi n my colleagues..

I was in town ytd, shopping n walkin ard with XX n Zuzz, with my nephew.. We were havin lots of fun, eating, walkin n chasin after tat kid. haha... Fun was e onli word to describe..

Updated my friendster too.. Do take a look when you free.. I finally managed to give to him, e present tat I hav been keepin for a month plus.. And e most important thing is tat he actually like it.. =).. Tat's what I hav been worried abt-- tat he doesn't like e present.. =)

New Year day was spend at Hsiao Ling's wedding n eating steamboat with Han Rong n Joyce...


New Year's eve was spend with Phally, Evelyn, Karen n Zati.. had dinner at a Japanese restaurant at Citylink.. Counted down at Shin Bar.. Proceeded to Kandi Bar for a drink.. It was fun and a veri late nite..

Christmas, was spend with Jun Xian, Han Rong n Joyce.. Hope JX n Joyce like e presents tat I gave them...

Christmas eve was spend with Zuzz n XX.. Took neoprints.. for prints, pls visit Zuzz's blog..Counted down at Boat Quay... Ended e day at Kandi bar too...
look below for a photo slideshow...