To start it off...

Ardorythmatics n JMD, u guys ROCKS!!!

N we did ROCK the stage last night with our performance!!!!
Well, we came through alot for this performance.. From being strangers, to friends... From completely unable to catch the steps to movin wif the music without havin to think abt steps.. From scoldings, to encouragement n rockin the stage, we've been thru it..

We came a very long way.. It's been 3mths.. n everythin is doin well.. Let's hope tat as we continue to dance together.. (both Ardorythmatics n JMD), we'll rock even more stages.. Hahaha..

It was tiring last nite.. Met up wif my di (LS), Bryan, BT, Hamtaro for breakfast.. after which, met XM n Elmo there too.. Warm up started ard 9plus after which was runnin before more warm up exercises.. Then was full runs..

After reachin JAS, we had our rehearsal before the final show.. N i broke my watch durin the final show... N i guess it did cause some trouble to some of them.. *Apologies.. I didn't know it will break tat easily.. *

Then it was Bon odori.. followed by photo takin.. before headin home..

N I enjoyed myself to the fullest n I had great time!!
Alright, pls send me pics from Natsu if u hav.. Thanks...
will post it here when I've selected the nicer ones.. kekez..
Upset is for me, happy is for u..

Jia you wor.. I'll miss the days tat u brought breakfast for me..

It was sweet.. But it will not happen anymore..

Thanks is all I can say now..

May u be with the girl tat u like.. =)
I went my bro's hse ytd, with the intention to take some pics of my nephew, Beckham..
He's onli 4 and already standing at 1.11m.. Tall sia..

P.S: Nat thought tat he's 6 when she saw the pics..

The 'ah beng' of 2007.. Hahaha..

His 'modelling' shots...

Met up with Zuzz n Daryl after dance practise on Sat.. We went Mad Jack's for dinner.. They ate the 'no fishy smell' Fish n Chips while I ate Grilled Chicken bcos Zuzz said I shldn't be eating fried food as I'm havin sore throat, cough n horrible flu...

After which, we went Island Creamery........ for Ice Cream..
Ate Very Berry n Cookies n Cream.. Nice nice.. =)

This is the place where they allow people to print one of their photo, draw on it before pasting it on the wall..
Being e usual camwhore, we printed 3 (one free, subsequent shots - $0.50 each) See below:

Also, we took quite a number of shots....
Hav been busy wif events in company n wif my frenz..

We had a visit to the Children's Home on 3rd Aug.. I believe to us, the event was a successful one..

Celebrated Zuzz's birthday.. 4th Aug

SatComS day cum National Day celebration.. 8th Aug


The Home Visit was a stressful one.. We started plannin almost 2mths back.. from sourcing of blankets, craftwork to purchasing them, from drafting of broacasts n posters to collection of donations, etc etc.. To final preparation..

I was on leave on tat day.. So I met them at the venue itself.. Seeing so many volunteers there is great. =)

The craft session was good, so was the games.. Everything ended at ard 10plus.. All of us felt exhasted by then.. will post pics to let u guys see when I lay my hands on them..


Back at chalet, didn't helped out much as I was away for dance practise.. by the time I was back, quite a number of people already came n go.. No matter what, I guess it will still be a memorable birthday for him..

Pics will be up once I'm done wif what I wanna do wif them...


Went Marina South for steamboat wif DK, Jas, Shu Herng, Bryan, Daniel, Jae and his sis, Jessica. We had a fun time cookin, eatin n laughing.. It has been long since I ate steamboat wif them..

The long awaited event is here... SatComS Day cum National Day Celebration..
Received an sms early in the mornin at 6plus am, reminding me to wear Red color.. A color I never ever wore since I start choosin wat to wear.. Anyway, I still packed a red polo into my bag..

It has been a long wait for this event to happened.. 415pm, we gathered downstairs to set up the tables n chairs, labtop, presentations, etc etc... Event started ard 600pm.. It went according to plan, the signing of pledges, quiz, videos n food.. After which came the most fun part, KTV.. we hired a professional for that event... We sang all the way till 11pm... It was great fun.. Although exhasted, we jus feel satisfied.. 3 cheers for 0808 Committee... =)
Will upload pics when they are done...