Alright.. Let me backdate a little to half a month back.. Qi's birthday chalet..

Not tat i didn't want to blog abt it.. Jus bcos when i thought abt wat happened tat nite, it jus still upset me a little..

It lasted 3 days for me.. was there to help her do a little of deco n stuff on fri afternoon..
Sat, as more n more people arrived.. the place got a little over crowded..
Of cos, majority of JMD n ex-JMD people were there except for those who were either not free or not in town.. So as per usual, we did some catchin up n oso, cam-whoring... takin a whole lots of pics.. I'm still waiting to get pics from people as i didn't bring my cam.. *Waiting anxiously..*

It was a enjoyable nite for all... Had real fun catchin up n takin pics..
Before I forget again!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Lue Song!!!

Hope u like the present... Kekez..
Met Zuzz @ Spinelli for chillin out today after dinner wif the gurls n chingay pract @ JAS.. We basically did alot of talkin n talkin abt how coincidence it was to bump into so many people in 1 day n many others...
Something i usually look forward to.. But this year, somehow, somewhat.. it is different..
I oso dunno why.. but jus feel tat it's different..

At office, we did alittle gift exchange.. I got wat i wanted!! Eeyore.. Hahaha..
When I reached office, rec'd a gift from Allan n Wern Ming.. Thanks guys.. Kekez.. I love the present lots..
Then, there was meltykiss from Jesslynn.. Eeyore cup from Rena & Chcolates from Ai Cheng.. Thanks alot..
After work, I met up wif Aileen, Zuzz & Xx for dinner n to spend christmas..
We exchanged gifts during dinner..
Dinner was not fantastic but we enjoyed the chit chat session..

N the random activity for the year: BOWLING!

We decided to do something random so we choose bowling..
We shared lane wif 2 guys who were quite pro..
We entertained ourselves wif endless laughter n jokes..

N the event of the day was Xx's back flunk.. where she flunk the ball backwards.. Even the guy in the next lane was shocked.. (his expression was the best of the day..)

Another thing worth mention is tat Aileen always get 3 tries for her turn (N i mean everytime) which we dun understand why..

The 4 bowlers..
After bowling, we headed to Starbucks at Suntec for chit chat, unwrapping of presents, counting down n some games of Uno with Aileen's Doreamon Uno.. It's so cute.. N our games were super entertaining..
*Let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snowww..* Hahahaha..

My fav -> Chocolate Cream Chip!!

I had a wonderful christmas thanks to the 3 of them... =)
Gathering is something tat everyone love.. N of cos, I love it too..

Last weekend, 22nd of dec, we had a little gathering over at Zuzz's place..

Things started for me, ard 1plus.. when i arrived at Zuzz's place.. Xx n him started bakin already when i arrived.. My main role tat day was as the dish washer for Xx.. Haha.. Not tat i mind thou.. After which, I did the deco-ing for the cupcakes.. Below are the products.. Zuzz's Cupcakes...

We love the cupcakes~~
At ard 7plus, when Van arrived, dinner started..
Bcos of e weather n the food (we were super full from the food), we felt sleepy..
Me, Xx n Zuzz entertained ourselves wif some talkin, surfin of facebook & listenin to hse music..
Xx n me left at abt 10plus.. We shared a cab, droppin her off first before I went home..

Dinner was good.. We had most things baked n lots of dessert...

Cupcakes, Nuggets, Potato fish bake, Brownies, Lasagne, Tiramisu & Curry..
(*Proudly: The curry chicken is done by my mum!! n comments were good!!)
Last week does w/o much events.. Sat, met Zuzz for a little shoppin.. Then we met Edmund at Spinelli for a little drink before continuing our shoppin trip.. didn't buy much things though..

This week, worked 4 days out of 5.. Meetin Qiqi later...
Out of 4 workin days.. I met Jae, Elmo & DaN for lunch @ China Square.. One of the days Jessica joined us.. It was fun to have lunch wif them.. We had lots of laughter.. Ard the jokes & all..

Ytd, after lunch, me & cynthia were chatting abt Manual FF, what BBM can sign, wat they can't.. horoscope & christmas..

We decided to hav a gift exchange where each of us were suppose to write 3 wished (w/ the budget of $25) and put it on the christmas tree (not the real de.. jus an outline..) Then we will each hav to pick a name & choose out of the 3 wishes, buy one of it for the person...

So me & wern ming went to buy the deco for x'mas.. N the final thing is up.. Kekez... Will post the pic when i'm back...
This weekend is goanna be busy.. I will be Qiqi's chalet till sun.. then sun evenin, goin for Yvonne's birthday... Will update when everything is over wif photos..

Got to run.. byeZ people...
Gone the old, come the new..

2 yrs ago, i brought a book (on the right) to write down thoughts, to draw.. 2 yrs later, the book is almost full.. so i brought a new one (on e left) for a new start..

Mine is full already.. how abt urs? we started writing a book almost at the same time.. hav u changed urs?

For the 1st time 3 yrs.. I took a pic with my bro..
Thinkin back, i tink we became closer over e years.. which is good.. Kekez..
02 Dec, a busy day..

Woke up ard 730.. cos had a appt wif Qiqi at 9.15 to go cut hair at Compass Point's Supercut..
After breakfast, we went for the appt..

Had a hair cut & dye my hair..

Before & After...

While waitin for her to finish, I walk ard n took some random pics...

Tigger & Mini Cooper..

Left Compass Point ard 2.30pm to head to amk & J8 for a little shoppin..

After parting wif Qiqi.. I met up wif Zuzz, Leeny & Xx for dinner.. We met up at amk...

We headed for dinner @ Chomp Chomp...

After dinner, we headed to Coffee Beans @ Serangoon Gardens to chill out...

At Coffee beans, we had cupcakes, drinks & Taboo to keep us company through the night before heading home... with a smile =)

The baker's note... N the baker himselft...

The cookie & cream cupcakes..

Drinks & Taboo...