Regular blog posting have been one of the rarest things that I do.. From daily updating when I first started to 2 to 3 times a week, to once a month to now, once in a few few months.. Life has been up and down for me these few months.. From transferring to a new dept to moving into someone else's house.. I haven't been having enough sleep.. Was mentally stress up.. Which lead to a couple of emotional breakdowns.. Not in front of pple thou..

My colleague Rei was saying that I have never looked stressed before.. I told her, that's bcos I am good at hiding it.. I hardly cry in front of people these days.. Not even my mum.. Alot of things, it doesn't makes a difference to you, may make a difference to me..

Taking too much things to heart would only make life harder for myself.. N for other people..

These days, I don't have much time to myself.. Weekdays would be busy working.. (Have been working till 8 almost everyday..)
Weekends, usually will be spent catching up with my bunch of close friends.. and try to catch up on my sleep.. N times like these, to update my blog..

I'm trying to make time for myself.. But most of the time, I end up sleeping.. Hahahaa...
Living so far from office, of cos alot of time are spent on travelling..
Office is moving thou.. Not closer to home but further from home..

My office is moving to Changi Business Park on 7th May.. Travelling time will increase by half an hour.. =((

Job scope at work has change.. Increase in work load, increase in portfolio...
Hopefully things will be get better SOOONNN.. If not, my dark circles will only get deeper and deeper..
My trip is more or less finalize.. Hopefully, there wouldn't be much changes..
Things left to settle for the trip:
- Travel insurance
- Leave
- $$
- Itinerary (More or less finalize but it's not with me..)

First time going on a trip with them.. May it be a smooth trip.. =)
Haven't recd confirmation from school yet..
Still don't know which day will class be..
School shld be having exams now..
All the best to Shenna, Qiqi & Sarah (not sure if she is taking any module this sem thou...)
Alright, me goin to sleep!!!! NITEZ!
This place feels kind of abandon now.. Ever since i started tweeting, my blog lost updates.. For friends who only reads my blog, my apologies..

It have been 2 months plus since I move to e other end of SG.. I know there are still some people who still link me to be staying in bedok.. Kekez.. Normal afterall since i stayed there 23 years of my life..

Work wise is nothing interesting other then getting more n more stressed up.. N yes, STRESS LEVEL IS STILL INCREASING...

I feel like leaving by somehow, something is making me stay.. (Yes, my study loan is part of it..)
School is starting soon, i'm hoping that i can clear this last module smoothly n grad!

It's late already so i'm heading to sleep.. NITEZ!