Today was great.. At least the show and company was.. It all started with me, receiving an invite from Zat to watch his sister's performance @ TP.. Although i didn't know what it was abt, I agreed, to show support la.. Like how others showed support for performances that I took part in lo..

The show was happening every min.. I would say, it is a great production.. The actors were good and the show was good too.. (PS: Martini & Muffins can be deadly too..) I've never really been to a play before but after this, i will be yearning for more i believe.. N i like Roger Millard.. His voice is very good.. (I'm sure Gerry would agree with me on this..)

Applause to all the crews and casts for putting up such a great show.. N they were already acting when we stepped into the Audi..
After which was dinner as most of were already hungry before the show even started.. Then was chatting till we headed home~

Tml would be a day staying at home, waiting for them to send me their part for the group assignment as deadline is on MONDAY!!!!!!!

Updating my blog has been the last thing on my mind these few weeks as other things have been taking up tat space.. Things, issues and events like assignments, work, exams, birthdays, dinners, baby full-month and many more.. Not updating doesn't mean nothing is happening.. but i guess not many pple are interested to know wat is goin on wif my life thou.. Anyway, it's almost a month since i last updated..

I attended Ah Mei's concert wif Zuzz and Xx.. and it's simply one of the best I've attended so far.. And images of the concert is still kind of fresh in my brain.. Lol.. Pics are up on facebook, posted by Zuzz...

For school, 2 assignments and 2 exams to go before ending of this sem.. Assignments are due this month and exams are on 9 n 10 of Dec.. Things are more or less the usual for studying except that more and more deadlines are coming..

Work wise, for pple who know wat company i'm workin for would know tat they have been in the limelight for the pass weeks, everyday, with both good and bad publicity.. I've been busy at work, doing MORE n MORE overtime.. Prayin hard tat this whole event will end soon.. (*but wouldn't be soon i guess..*)

Among others, i met up with James and pearlyn for dinner, Stella for lunch, Jesslynn for lunches -> this mummy is giving birth soon... Put away time for mahjong session wif Max, Zuzz and a fren of theirs.. Also, there was Livone's farewell lunch -> she transferred out from my dept...

Also, we had a movie marathon again.. This time, we had Jervin joining me, Zuzz, Xx and Aileen..
PS: Suprino's pizza taste delicious~~

Events are for sure enjoyable.. i'm looking forward to more such events where frenz can gather together and talk.. it has been long since i talk to frenz like Qiqi, Jasmine, Gerry, Yvonne, DaN and XM...

Tat's all for now.. will update more soon... need to sleep liao.. Nitez~