E new year has been peaceful so far.. AFter the huge change in workplace and in everything, things are finally beginning to settle..

Things at work are progressing at SnaiL pace.. I have been there for a month plus already. YET access to systems are still unavailable! Can u believe it??

The struggle in me has been whether should I be moving on to something else already after 2 whole years here?? Yes, I'm lookin around and if you do have any suitable jobs to recommend, do let me know.
I'm sure if you are reading this, you would definitely have my contact number. LOL..
Drop me a comment if you have a job to recommend yet, can't remember where u "throw" my contact number.. =)

Every other thing in my mind now is beginning to take form.. I've already accepted the fact that I would have to move out of this house soon.. Venue, as per mentioned in the recent posts that I had, is still undecided.. I'm hoping that M's hse will be done soon so that I've an option of moving there too.. (P.S: As a tenant)

School is starting in May! So there is nothing much to worry for that portion for now.. AND YESH!!! I pass the previous 2 modules that I took!!!!! Praise GOD!!

E next module would be my final module and after which, I would be done with school for the time being!! That is till I decide if I wan to take on another degree or advance diploma or certificate in an area which I always wanted to do ------ Early Childhood Education or Events Mgmt or Casino Mgmt or whatever it is that attract me... =D

I haven't been in touch with alot of pple.. Haven't met up with alot of pple for a LONGGGGGG TIME!!! 3 gatherings have been fixed so far and 1 more is in the midst of planning!!
I know alot of pple are having their own issues in relationship, family, work and whatever it is that is disturbing you, You and YOU..

I am not someone whom can give you solutions and wonderful advise BUT, I can be a good listener.. Do let me know if u need my ears N I will gladly borrow them to u.. And you know I don't mean cutting them off for u.. HAhahaaaa...

Anyway, more plans are coming up!!
- Esmond's full month bash..
- Gin's birthday party
- Blackout by NUS (No, I haven't decide if i wanna go..)
- Dinner with Maryanne, Christina, Jeslin, Winnie & Rena..
- Ktv with Rei and others..

Planning stage!
- Shopping with Leen.. -> SOOON!!
- HK trip with Zuzz & JErvin.. Not sure if there is any others joining us yet.. -> Schedule in late May..
- Taiwan trip with Annie & LC.. -> Schedule in Oct / Nov
- Dinner with Shenna, Damon & Sarah -> Unknown..
- Meet up with JX & HR.. -> Unknown..
- My Birthday Bash! (I need help for this.. Do let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions or recommendations.. Or U can offer your help, I'll love it!) -> When else?! JUNE lah!

WOOHOOO!!!! I love gatherings & meet ups!!! =D
While talkin to HR and David yesterday, the topic landed onto you again.. HR was sayin how much u have change.. N on my side, i was actually defending u.. Depsite the fact on how much u hav hurt me deep inside... Maybe after so much, I've not actually forgotten abt u..

As I was thinking abt the things that u hav done for me - the stars, the bear, the box, the diy clay flower and bear... E first time u held my hand, the first time u call me, the first time u said u were serious abt being with me.. I realise that maybe... maybe... U still stand a place in my heart and that so far, no one has taken over that place.. Not even the 2 that i had after u..

Is the first one so hard to get over?? Even after spenting 9yrs of my life without u.. The wound is still so fresh and hurting.. Even to the fact tat I avoid takin 28, avoid goin to heerens, avoid suntec's food court, avoid shaw centre's mac... Avoid everything that will make me think of u, even avoid meeting HR..

Whatever it is, it was me, who made the mistake.. hopin tat i could see u once again.. N yet, i make a mess out of it.. After so much, I found out tat u still stand a place in there..

I know u wouldn't hav a chance to read this..
Cos in the first place, you don't even know i blog.
I'm Sorry JX... N...