Sometimes, I wish I never did choose to be transferred here.. Seriously.. Although the people here are nice in general, there are some whom I will never, in my life, be able to work with them peacefully without arguments or disagreement. There are times, when I feel that I have to let them know that they do not rule the place, will be treated by others as showing that I'm still a kid, that I'm throwing my temper. I'm not. Yes, I'm pissed but I'm not showing my temper. P.S: If I were to throw temper, it's 100 times worse then raising my voice.

By not arguing with you, I'm telling you that you have my basic respect, not that you are good in your work or that you have alot of knowledge of the work but because you are older than me. But by acting like a kid, complaining to an adult everytime someone do something that is not to your benefit, will let you lose the basic and little respect that I have for you, in no time. And believe me when I say that once I lost my respect to you as an elder, don't expect me to be nice cos I wouldn't be.

I always believe that everyone in the world should be treated with respect and I deeply believed that respect has to be earn and not given naturally.

Couple of weeks ago,  someone ask, why is life so unfair. Couple of years ago, a close friend ask me that question too. My answer was that God is fair. Everyone will have something attractive and something not so attractive. And that if God takes something away from you and it costs you huge pain and all other feelings, he is doing it for your own good and he for sure, would be giving something / someone even better, and it's jus a matter of time.

These few weeks, I've alot of thoughts, regarding stuff at work, regarding life, regarding alot alot of stuff.. I jus hope that everything will carry on fine. =)

NITEZ people!
Wow! Been 4 months since I last blogged... After using twitter where random thought of mine are posted, my blog became neglected.. This place will soon become will place for me to share with my closer friends (who knows the address), my thoughts and more into what have been happening with my life.

It have been 3yrs plus since I joined my current company - a time long enough that I shld be moving on to somewhere is what many friends have told me.. But the question is, "Do I really want to move or am I getting too comfortable here that I don't wish to move?" I can't even answer it myself. No doubt, after taking on this job, my expense grew.. by almost double.. Due to the amt of cab rides I hav been taking and trust me, I have been making the effort to lessen it. (Yes, I'm guilty abt giving in to taking cabs every morning and see my $$ flowing away..) And I'm really hoping to change this bad habit of mine... It's freaking expensive to cab from where I live to where I work.. =(

I'm thinking / considering / contemplating to either change a dept (with no links to current one) or to leave and find a new job, in a new company or totally change an industry for new experience.. But all, would have to wait till I get bonus at next year March. Considering that I'm already at year end, no point throwing away my bonus jus because I wish to change job.

YES, for people who still do not know, I've graduated! I'm officially a graduate!! I wouldn't have done it, without alot of support from friends, colleagues and of cos, Xx - who encourage me to sign up, Kim - who approve my staff study loan, Qiqi, Shenna, Damon & Sarah, who helped me through my studies and of cos family especially my mum, who understood my short temper during projects deadline and exam period..
Enough of the long story, looking at the date, CHRISTMAS, the season of giving is coming again!! Have you started preparing for it? I have.. Hopefully, this years Xmas will be as fun as last years!!

Looking at the time, I need to sleep soon if not, tml I will give in to cab again!! LOL!!

Alright friends, hope you guys had a great weekend, I had fun in mine!! And NO monday blues for all!!