This week has been more or less the same..
like wat xx mentioned today..
"I'm contented and satisfied with my life.. But something seems to be missing.."

This weekend has been quite a busy one..

Went K wif Qiqi on Sat at AMK.. Sang from 2 to 7pm.. After tat, we went amk hub, to find something to eat.. Settled at Mos Burger in the end.. We chat quite a while there before went walkin around for awhile then headed home.. We chatted all e way till I took 27 home from SengKang..

Started wif the usual routine every sun.. Went gym in e afternoon.
Met up wif Zuzz after tat to walk around town..
Went Esprit, Topshop, etc etc.. Settled at Cine's Subway for dinner, chatted for awhile before headin to Kino to take a look at the notebooks available there before comin home..
Topic was abt BGR this weekend.. Lots of opinions were exchanged n we all know wat are the factors that matter to us most.. I believe we got to know each other better... =)
I told them both.. That even thou I am not satisfied with wat I'm earning now, I'm contented with the frenz n things that I have.. And I thank them for being my frenz.. especially that few tat I mentioned to Zuzz.. Haha..

Gd Nite....
I need a bit of help here.. Thinkin of buyin a PSP.. below is one of the deals from one friend.. Tell me whether izzit worth it or not..
- 3.10oea standard pack
- 4GB memory stick
- PSP style pouch
- screen protector
- 2 download games
Price: $400
Any comments???
Proper update..
I brought Cleo magazine.. and the price has increased to $4.40.. I brought my favourite Yogurt drink.. and e price has increased to $2.80.. OMG!! GST is not even up yet, prices are already goin up.. Haiz..
Lucy left last friday.. I was pretty upset that she is leavin as she was with us, not even 2 months yet.. put that aside, I feel happy for her as she is not able to adapt into the culture in my company.. a change of environment for her would be good.. All e best to her..
Celebrated Xx's birthday for her at TCC.. after tat, we went Kandi bar for a drink... Lots of photos were taken.. Below are a few...

It has been a week of ups and downs..
I got a job offer on mon afternoon.. I was realli excited abt it.. A new workin place.. higher pay.. better than my pay now.. BUT.. I couldn't decide whether shld i leave or not.. 1st, I dun realli hate this job and this place.. instead, i kind of like it.. although i always complain abt how much there is to be done, how horrible the people are.. but wat DK said does make sense.. "Which place don't have horrible people, and tons of things to be done??" So, I officially made up my mind and rejected the job offer today..
Wanted to go on leave on today.. But bcos there was this Artwork Painting session goin on in the morning.. N I happen to be in charge, I cannot go on full day leave.. So the decision was half-day.. BuT my boss dun even wanna let me go half day at first cos she say I haven't finished her reports.. In the end, I stayed till almost 11 to finish up the reports.. The next day, she told me she was jokin onli.. -_-"...... Anyway.. I fnished all the reports she wanted and send it to her..
Met up with Emily, Lifeng, Yvonne. Selphie, Cindy, Jas, XM, DK, Shu Herng, Jae, Jessica and Steve for steamboat at Marina Bay.. It was realli a great time spend together, eating, talkin, laughing n playin games.. Muz realli meet up more often..

*I finally received Hong's wedding photos.. (Dunno y, ytd e internet speed was super slow.. I fell asleep at least 3 times while receiving the file from DK.. It took an hour plus lorz..)
Slept onli at 3plus last night.. so i woke up veri veri late today.. Almost was late for work.. As mention above, there is a Artwork Painting session today.. it was quite fun painting on those cups.. alot of us painted.. out of those that I saw, jus to mention a few..
- PJ's painting of those paws were cute..
- Fay's suns was realli nice..
- Queck n KE have the same idea.. (Spider n spider web)
- AC drew Mahjong (清一色, 索子)
- HF n JM's were a pair (Tadpoles n Frogs..)
- JK's painting was my favourite..
- Of all, I love Rahayu's painting the most.. (I wish i could hav it..)

Went on half day today.. Went shoppin wif mummy.. brought myself a new wallet.. n a game..
I met this ah gong on the train, tellin me not to fall asleep cos I will might miss my stop.. Replied that my stop is veri far away, so not to worry.. (I was travelling back home from Boon Lay) .. cos i was too tired, I fell asleep again.. It was quite a good day today..
Tml, havin movie marathon in office.. got quite alot of things to be prepared.. Hope it will be sucessful.. Hehe..
Sat, might be goin for jmd.. see if i can wake up..
Before i end, jus wanna thanks all those people who hav given me advise on whether i shld take up the offer / the new job.. Fay, PJ, KE, Serene, Lucy, HM and Romans... Realli thanks... I've considered seriously tat I was stay till the end of my contract and see wat happens.. Thanks for all the concern.. U guys are realli good friends n colleagues...
Do u ever wonder wat happens to the presents that was given to others?
Izzit sitting aside in one corner of the room, collecting dust?
Or izzit being worn everyday?
Or has it been given to someone else as a present?
Or maybe it has been sold to Cash Converter?
Haha.... I think besides her, no one will do this thing.. Even if will do, oso will not tell e person who give u e present right?
It's Prisca's birthday tml.. Happy 21st Birthday to her.. Hope all is well for her in HK.. =]
The weekend that jus past was great.. It was the best weekend that I had ever since.. I tink September...

Fri started with me, trying to figure out what shld I wear.. Ended up, took cab to work cos I was too late to take MRT.. Work was alright, with people askin why am I wearin so nice and what's with the super high heels.. Work was realli busy.. Meetings, paper work, phone calls... Had lunch with PJ, Fay, Sharon, Queck, Nelson, Alex and Joshua @ Cafe Cartel.. The service was lousy, the food was not good.. but we still enjoyed ourselves, laughin n talkin..

Left office at around 6... Met up with qiqi and ah long at PS.. After which, met up with Yvonne cos she took e wrong train.. Reached River view at around 8... Not many people was there.. at least not those that I know.. Well, saw Eileen, Ari and Suya.. didn't talk much.. Jus said hi.. n things like tat.. No catchin up done as it was quite crowded there.. As soon as we were walkin in, Dan n e rest came.. Our table had 11 of us.. Zat, XM, DK, Jas, Cindy, Long, Qi, me, Yvonne, Gin, Emily n Li Feng..We had a fun time, talkin n laughin.. After dinner, we went Fashion Bar for drinks.. More catchin up was done there.. Reached home at around 4am..
Sat mornin was the farm tour.. Went a total of 5 farms.. it was a great time spend with them.. Met up with DK, Cindy, Yvonne, XM, Emily, Daniel and Steve for dinner.. Jas came n join us after her work.. as usual, we chat as if it was still veri early.. we walk to taka, wanted to find zat.. but ended up, he got something on.. so we left for dhoby ghaut.. We chatted there still.. but it was jus the girls... it was alot of conversions made.. We got to know lot of things.. Ended up, I caught e last train.. but emily n cindy didn't...
We met up again on sun.. but lesser people this time.. XM, DK, OZ, Jae, Jessica, me and Emily.. We sat at Mos for a drink and chat all e way till 8plus before heading to Cine's food court for dinner.. Zat came n join us after dinner.. Then, went to fetch his gurl while we head to PS's mac to sit.. He introduced Kelly to us all.. she is quite friendly.. Good for u Zat.. All e best..
After note: It was a realli great weekend.. I hope to hav more of such weekends.. It was a great catchin up sessions with all.. It re-glow my passion for dance.. I will try n make an effort to go for JMD if i can.. All e best to Zat n Kelly.. May all be well for the 2 of u.. all the best to DK too.. in whatever that he wants to do.. As for Jae n Jessica.. all e best for ur relationship... GOod day!