Saw an Anonymous posted a comment on my blogpost of 2006 and was back reading all my posts.. I was wondering how I can be start from sharing my thoughts and words to jus simply updating my daily life..

Let the below extracted passage be a reminder to the real reasons as to why we are attending church..
Below is something I extracted, a 2006 blogpost, from my leader of the cell group which I use to attend:

"We will not settle for the basic need and what is necessary but rather going for things that are MORE then basic. SO this question came to mind, Is the bread of life enough for me? Or I need something more to make it more effective or special? Like the beauty of the Church building? the warm fellowship of the churchmates? Or the nice music? Or even the interesting activities we organise. We no long focus on the BREAD, but the jams and the butter. To my horror, some may even forsake the bread and eat just the butter and the jams and make it their basic need. That means Christian now a days will focus on the churh building, the fellowship of the people, the music and the speculations and not the BREAD, not their relationship with Jesus anymore. LEt's keep praying for ourselves and for one another that we will not end up forsaking the BREAD of life and settle for the Butter and jams."

A lot of times, we tend to forget the original intention of the activity after a prolong period of time and focus on something else instead and I wondered how often do we get back onto the right tracks..
Was out with D^boy on the weekend and happened to comment on our "suayness" with down riding escalators brought us to this topic..
We should not blame God for things that he doesnt give to us but instead praise him for the things that he had given instead. Praise him that the up riding escalators are working well and not blame him why the down riding escalators broke down.
There's always 2 sides to a coin and to all things that happened. Look on the positive side and you will see joy in everything that is happening in your life. =D
As what D^Boy shared during Xmas celebration, "May this festive season be a time for all to forgive and to learn to forget all bad and mean things that others have done unto you" Forgiving is easy, forgetting is hard but let's all try. =)
And as a common phase that everyone quote: "God never promise life would be easy. He promise that it will be worth it" God has pre-planned all our life, what we will do, how much we will earn, who will be our life partner and blah blah blah.. So remember, my favourite saying "Everything happens for a reason and everything is in God's hand!"
N I know, there is just this issue that I must fix this year. I will learn to fix the issue.
CNY is drawing closer. Let's take this festive time, to gather family friends and spend some quality time together. Have a great week ahead!! N to all who havent shop for their CNY clothes, Me neither!!! Will do it this weekend.. LOL!
 N also, if u haven't make ur new year resolutions, it's still not too late!!
I'll update my resolutions for the new year soon!! Once I ponder n sleep over it this weekend!

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